Pakistanis Favorite and Most Liked Dramas in 2020

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It is undeniable that dramas always show saas-bahu tales, conspiracies, love stories, and hatred. Therefore, if you look at the positive aspect of Pakistani dramas, you’ll discover some meaningful content concealed under the male-dominant stories. There is no inappropriate content in Pakistani Dramas, but society’s sensible and realistic face is shown.

As Pakistani Dramas are getting fame day-by-day, there are many dramas in the year 2020 that were top-ranked and most-liked in Pakistan.

We have listed down some dramas just for you!

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The Drama Serial ‘Alif‘ was the most-watched, most liked the drama of 2020 as this drama serial was entirely based on Spirituality. Also, This Drama converted Umera Ahmed’s written novel ‘Alif’ into a visual performance. The cast of the drama was full of talented and skillful artists. The cast is what makes the drama best. Sajal Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi played the main leading roles as Momin and Momina.

So, the drama’s plot is that the character ‘Momin’ (Hamza Ali Abbasi) has all the things in his life, i.e., money, fame, and luxurious life. However, sometimes he feels like he is a prisoner of a dark dungeon, and no fame, money, and luxuries can make him get rid of his darkness.

Moreover, his father and grandfather were great painters. They used to paint Quranic verses. But he chose to be an actor. One day, he started questioning his mother (Kubra Khan). The actuality was his mother was a dancer, and from there, the new phase of his life began.

Sajal Aly plays the lead role in Alif, and as always, she became the center of attraction for the audience because of her realistic acting. Furthermore, this drama also strengthens your relationship with Allah Almighty.



Ehd e Wafa

The drama serial ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ was a much-hyped drama in 2020. It was based upon friendship. This drama serial was the most acknowledged drama, as it revolved around four friends having different backgrounds and plans.

Ehd e Wafa was an ISPR production. The story was based on four college friends, namely, Saad, Shahzain, Shehryaar, and Shariq, who call themselves SSG – Special S Gang. They used to eat, play, pray and study together. However, they never miss a chance to tease one another. After passing out from college, they walked into their practical life to pursue their careers. Eventually, their friendship bond started losing its strength. The four friends stopped trusting each other and started suspecting each other.

The characters of four friends were played by;

After going through all the misunderstandings and hurdles, the four friends stayed together. This drama serial portrays real friends who wanted to be with each other till the last breath.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb

This drama serial ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’ was the most acknowledged drama of 2020. Significantly, the OST of this drama was the best; still, no one can beat its OST. This drama serial was an informative drama, as it was based on Mental Health.

Have you ever heard about Dual Personality Disorder or Split Personality Disorder? It is a condition in which a person experiences a dual personality state. The main leading role, ‘Sameer’, was played by the very talented ‘Zahid Ahmed,’ who had a dual personality disorder and could not live a happy and stable life.

However, the main female leading role ‘Gohar’ was played by the very gorgeous ‘Sonya Hussyn‘, who was Sameer’s mother’s assistant. The story takes a curve when this Egotist or mentally ill character gets married to Gohar. There are very few Pakistani dramas that cover these mental health issues. However, Ishq Zahe Naseeb will also be the top-ranked drama.


This drama serial ‘Sabaat‘ was the most liked and appreciated drama of 2020. This drama serial depicted Life Lessons. It is a story of a self-centered and Egotist girl who doesn’t want to share her relationship with anyone. She wants to rule her brother’s life, for her winning was everything no matter what.

As she was self-obsessed, so she wanted everything to be in her way. This attitude destroyed his brother’s life and even his husband’s life too. Also, she hurt her grandmother because of her rude and prideful attitude. This character was played by the charming lady of Pakistan, ‘Sarah Khan.’ She got much acknowledgment because of her acting and dressing in the drama Sabaat.

Ye Dill Mera

When it comes to dramas full of thrill and suspense, Ye Dill Mera will be top-ranked among them. Yeh Dill Mera is a story of a girl named Noor ul Ain Zaman, the daughter of the business tycoon Mir Farooque Zaman. Her nightmares haunted Noor ul ain regarding her past. However, she loves her father so much that she can’t even imagine his father’s evil side. Her father was a murderer of Aman’s family.

Amanullah was just 11 when he saw his parents being murdered by Mir Farooque. He was devastated by mental trauma, so he decided to take revenge on Mir Farooque. Moreover, Noor ul ain was unaware of her father’s evil side. Slowly and gradually, she fell for Amanullah, and both were married. Somehow, Noor ul ain was still disturbed because of her past trauma. This drama portrays how your bad memories and past trauma can badly affect your mental health and take the relaxation and pleasure out of your life.

The cast of the story was so talented. Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir played the main female and male leading roles, ‘Amanullah’ and ‘Noor ul Ain.’ However, Adnan Siddiqui acted as Mir Farooque Zaman.

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