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Wahaj Ali Biography

Real Name:                                         Wahaj Ali

Nickname:                                          Wahaj

Profession:                                         Model and Actor

Date of Birth:                                     6th of September, 1984

Age:                                                   36 Years

Birth Place:                                        Karachi, Pakistan

Nationality:                                       Pakistani

Zodiac sign:                                      Virgo

Hometown:                                      Karachi, Pakistan

Marital Status:                                  Married

Wife:                                                 Sana

Children:                                           Amira Wahaj Ali


Master’s                                           NCA, Lahore

Wahaj Ali Introduction:

Wahaj Ali, one of the very young, handsome looking actors of Pakistan showbiz with his versatile performance in many drama serials. He is a rising star in Pakistani drama industry and gets a lot of fan following after playing a lead role in Ehd-e-Wafa as Shariq. As well he worked as a model also in his career and walk on-ramp for many brands. For the last five years, he made his fame with his elegant performance. Wahaj Ali has been a hardworking, dedicated and professional actor for many years and now become a popular actor representing the youth and the essence of Pakistan

Wahaj Ali Said:

“I am really inspired by Noman Ijaz he’s a beautiful and effortless performer. I love Moin Akhtar; he was brilliant at his craft. At work, one learns a lot from people around one to become inspired in different ways.”

Wahaj Ali Personal life:

Wahaj Ali was born on the 6th of September, 1984 in Karachi. He is now 36 years old and still looking gorgeous. He lived in Karachi with his family and done his masters from NCA. His passion for the showbiz industry forces him to start his career as an actor. After completing his Masters, and joining the drama industry, in 2016, he married Sana Ali and both blessed with beautiful daughter Amirah Wahaj Ali. Wahaj Ali firstly met with Sana during his internship period at Samaa Tv and confessed to her and put a proposal for marrying him. Wahaj Ali is a very close friend of Famous Actress Maya Ali and the event is attended by close friends, Maya Ali and family members.

Wahaj Ali Career:

Wahaj Ali started his career in 2015, with the drama serial Ishq Ibadat. His successful drama serial Dil Nawaz with the leading role of Neelum Muneer makes them both rising stars of the industry with their powerful skills. He worked in Ahsaas of Urdu 1, Dil Nawaz with Neelam Muneer and Minal Khan, and Dil-e-Bereham aired on A-Plus TV, Gila, Hari Hari Churiyaan with Aiman Khan, Wafa with Babar Ali and Mansha Pasha, Zoya Sawleha & Naik Parveen aired on Geo Tv, Haiwan aired on ARY Digital.  Mah e Tamaan with Emmad Irfani, Naveen Waqar and Ramsha Khan was also another successful drama serial of his career list. All the drama serials, done by him, had a super hit record of successful drama story with acting skills.

Currently working on Ehd-e-Wafa with a main leading role as Shariq, one member of SSG boys. The SSG (Special Gang) group of Saad, Shariq, Shahzain, and Shehryar are students of intermediate at Prestigious Lawrence College in Ghora Gali of Muree. Wahaj has played versatile roles on screen but he is more famous for his romantic characters. He also nominated in the category of best male soap actor in 2015 for his performance in TV serial ‘Mera Dard Na Janay Koi’ of Hum TV. Wahaj Ali awarded Best Newcomer (Male) Because of his amazing performance in ‘Haiwaan’ by the ARY Social Media Awards 2018.

List of Wahaj Ali Dramas

Ishq Ibadat – 2015

Noor Jahan – 2015

Ahsas – 2016

Mohay Piya Rang Laaga – 2016

Wafa – 2016

Gila – 2017

Hari Hari Choriya – 2017

Dil Nawaz – 2017

Zoya Sawleha – 2017

Naik Parveen – 2017

Mah e Tamaam – 2018

Haiwan – 2018

Dil e Bereham – 2019

Bharam – 2019

Ehd e Wafa – 2019

Wahaj Ali Awards and Nominations:

2015- Nominated as Best Male soap Actor for TV serial “Mera Dard Na Janey Koi”

2018- Awarded as Best Newcomer on ARY Social Media Awards in “Haiwaan”

Wahaj Ali Social Media Handles

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