Most Disliked Pakistani Dramas of 2020

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Pakistani Drama Industry is getting success and achievements day by day. This is why more and more dramas are being produced, and yeah, almost all kinds of stuff have been shown on television with the intention that it will entertain the audience.

Just like every year, many dramas were produced in 2020. Although, many dramas got appreciation and acknowledgement because of the cast and the plot of the dramas. Therefore, some dramas lack in the storyline, cast, content, and acting.

In 2020, Pakistani television came across a lot of dramas that were the worst. We have jotted down some descriptions regarding the worst dramas of 2020 below.

Most Disliked Dramas of 2020


The drama serial ‘Jhooti‘ was based on a girl’s lies, hungry for wealth. This drama serial was produced by iDreams Entertainment and directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi. The drama series cast includes Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Butt, Asma Abbas, Maryam Nafees, Tauqeer Nasir, and Paras Masroor.

When Iqra Aziz disclosed that her new project would soon be aired on ARY Digital, everyone was quite excited as her drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was most acknowledged because of her acting skills. Therefore, Jhooti became a victim of extreme criticism when Nirma lied about being beaten by her husband to get a divorce easily.

The viewers found this worst because the writer made a joke about something as serious as domestic violence. Also, the conclusion of this drama was just as foolish as the basic storyline and the lines.


This drama serial proved that even the best cast couldn’t save a poorly written script. Ishqiya was directed by Badar Mehmood and produced by Big Bang Entertainment, while the writer of the drama was Mohsin Ali Shah. The drama cast includes Hania Aamir, Feroze Khan, Ramsha Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Shabbir Jan, and Seemi Pasha. This drama was neither logical nor entertaining.

Hamna, the role played by Ramsha Khan, has to be the most rigid, stiff, and strange character we saw in Pakistani dramas in 2020. Therefore, Hania Aamir was playing the character of Rumaisa; she was shown as jolly but stupid. No one knows what was happening to others as if everyone was living in their own spaces.

Hamza was the role of Feroze Khan, whose revenge strategy was just as absurd as the whole of the drama, and only the die-hard fans of Feroze Khan would have been able to stand through the stupidity!


Deewar e Shab was the most ignored and hated drama of 2020. As this drama was so lengthy, it felt like the writer was stretching it by showing unnecessary content. However, Deewar-e-Shab was produced by MD Productions and directed by Iqbal Hussain. The writer of Deewar e Shab was Aliya Bukhari. The cast of Deewar e Shab was full of talented actors including, Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas, Sarah Khan, Iqbal Hussain, Shahzad Sheikh, Shehroz Sabzwari, Kinza Hashmi, Nausheen Shah, and Zara Noor Abbas.

The last episode of Deewar e Shab was aired on March 21, 2020, and even after 8 months, we’re unable to figure out the objective of this drama serial and the meaning and the aim behind the story?

Isn’t it fantastic that the drama serial that had a good 40 episodes failed to deliver a meaningful lesson and could not create an influence through the million characters that the story was based on? If tackled correctly, there were so many characters that it could have been a pleasant journey, but the weak direction sank the boat.

The first five episodes of Deewar e Shab were indeed exciting, but when the daughters of Nagina grew up, the story lost the appealing sight. The story of two brothers and their children was so low that it made the viewers scratch their scalps.

The viewers were struggling to figure out what the author desired to show. The conclusion of this drama was so unexpected and rough. The leading role of Khayyam, played by Shehroz Sabzwari, still failed to find pleasure, although he got all that he was looking for. However, he was unable to figure out how to live life the way he wanted. Deewar e Shab’s story was based on Urdu literature’s finest works, but the execution was disastrous.

Jo Tu Chahy

The drama serial ‘Jo Tu Chahy’ received the most hatred. Qaisra Hayat wrote this drama. Therefore, this drama was produced by MD Productions and directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. The drama series cast includes Imran Abbas, Alizeh Shah, Naima Khan, Zarnish Khan, Ahmed Taha, Nargis Rasheed, and Areej Mohyudin.

Jo Tu Chahay was named ‘Kun Faya Kun’ first. The original title was so encouraging. Due to the drama title, the nation thought that the author must be bringing something super valuable as she kept such a significant title. However, it turned out that the writer was joking with the audience, and she, fortunately, misled the viewers out.

As the drama serial progressed, it became a lot more evident that it was just based on an unthankful, nagging girl who couldn’t find herself a cause to be thankful for although she had her grandmother’s back. Mashal was the bone of dispute between the whole family.

In simple terms, it was a ‘typical pyaar’ sort of content, where every cousin was trying to get engaged to one another. Therefore, the love cycle was that Arman loved and wanted to marry Mashal. Areesha loves and wants to marry Arman. Bisma loved and wanted to marry Hashir. Burhan loved and wanted to marry Mashal. Mashal loved and wanted to marry Hashir. The worst thing I must say was the conclusion, Hashir and Mashal, throughout the drama, repeatedly highlighted the reality that they were each other’s siblings. However, they ended up getting married. Wow! No wonder why!!

Moreover. in an Instagram Q&A session conducted by Imran Abbas. He called this project’ faarigh,’ and yeah, we agree with you, Imran!

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