Jhooti Drama full cast, OST, full story, Reviews

Jhooti Drama full cast, OST, full story, Reviews

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

Jhooti Drama Review

Written by:                        Ali Moeen

Directed by:                       Syed Ramish Rizvi


Jhooti Drama Cast:

Iqra Aziz Hussain

Ahmed Ali Butt

Yasir Hussain

Asma Abbas

Tauqeer Nasir

Paras Masroor

Mariyam Nafees

Madiha Rizvi

Zahid Qureshi

Shaista Jabeen

Qasim Khan


Jhooti Drama Timings

Jhooti is starting from 1st February, Saturday at 8:00 PM only on ARY Digital.

Jhooti Drama OST

Jhooti Drama full Story

Jhooti communicates the division of a female, Nirma who has the insidious show of tricky to motivation at all she needs. She dishonesties with such influence that she by no means gets wedged. Iqra Aziz as Nirma could likewise be a pompous and self-intrigued young lady who be proper to an ordinary family. She desires to become rich and have a selective way of life.

Yasir Hussain is also a piece of this undertaking. this is regularly the prime time Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are getting the chance to share the screen. Besides, Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, and Ahmed Ali Butt – the three driving on-screen characters were likewise censured for assuming control over the content. up to this point, the entertainers and producers of Jhooti have abstained from explaining the backfire.

Ahmed Ali Butt as Nasir might be an elementary man who runs a little store underground the local where Nirma lives. he's bonce over mends in friendliness with Nirma. Nirma is pressurized by her family to encourage wedded to Nasir who is that the polar restricted of what she had longed for, as her life accomplice.

Qasim Khan as Majid is that the other oldest brother of Nirma and Mariyum Nafees as Saman is his momentous other. Majid is aware of Nirma's tendency and never bolsters her. His significant other on the contrary hand consistently favours Nirma. Zubia is that the eldest sister-in-law of Nirma. She remains detached from Nirma's diligent vilifications and misleading nature.

Tauqeer Nasir as Akbar is that the daddy of Nirma. He cherishes his little girl and has ruined her. He agrees with his girl's position in each circumstance. Zahid Qureshi as Manzoor and Shaista Jabeen as Zubaida is the oldsters of Nasir. they're guiltless individuals that are abused by Nirma's avaricious plans.


The story began by demonstrating a working-class family where there's a stood up adolescent young lady named Nirma, who is mannerless and exceptionally over the most elevated. She imagines about expecting and gaining cash, though, her personal simply requires her to ask conjugal. In that opinion there's Nasir, he claims a supermarket inside the county and has his own home. He's from a working-class family as well however apparently very much settled. Justly, he's a solemn drag who refuses Nirma at of any kind point she's fly-by-night by and lets one mid his acquaintances snap photos of her short of her approbation.

Jhooti shows according to the scene of that mutual that Iqra Aziz little girl of Shopkeeper who is utilized to despise retailers and Ahmed Ali Butt likewise runs a store who falls insane along with her, But Iqra doesn't care for him because of his work being a businessperson. He sends his proposition of union with her family. even though they wed then Iqra mind plays some fishy games she attempts to alligate on her significant other, Ahmed Ali Butt that he beats her and torcher her on excavator issues, in interim, she falls insane with another person whose job is played by Yasir Hussain and that is the thing that iqra Aziz plays the game as Jhooti larki called Jhooti show's name.


This show sequential gets a high lift because of Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz Marriage publicity over online life.

The fundamental hero, Nirma (Iqra Aziz) might be immature, with what is by all accounts a determined objective: to shape cash. All through the scenes, she over and over says, Mai paida ghareebon mei hogai thi, maroongi ghareeb nahi or Mai aik parchoonwalay k ghr paida hogai hu, aik parchoonwalay ki ghrwali nahi banoongi.

The show appears to be prepared for a couple of articles on Nirma's fundamental mental issues, aside from now there is no intelligent or empathic legitimization for a couple of her mystifying activities. On one occasion, she disruptions an exchange TV input that her improved half Nasir (Ahmad Ali Butt) consumptions, with none clear description at all. She appears to ornament with her own completed disorder.

Not just this, Nirma is demonstrated to be uncouth, who isn't just humiliated yet additionally looks downward on her hover of family members, who fundamentally haven't some other flaw separated from their bothersome financial foundation. because they're not well of monetarily doesn't recommend they're poor, using any means. It essentially implies they are not the kind of garish and too many rich individuals to which Nirma tries to have a place.

In one scene, she's demonstrated to be contending along with her mom (Asma Abbas) for authorization to enlist during a college, a sensible solicitation. In any case, her inspiration for training is that the longing to procure riches. While money related freedom can include inside the story, the visually impaired quest for money inside the show can either cause the occasion of all the more profound situated mental issues or the idea of a characteristically detestable lady. She appears to be solidly persuaded in her independent, nearsighted desire. At a certain point Samina (Iman Zaidi), Nirma's 'companion', the sole individual to whose guidance the hero appears to indiscriminately tune in, asks her what she'll do with such money, and she or he answers, "I don't have the foggiest idea, let me gather everything then I'll choose".

While Nirma's intellectual complications stay an underground, her dad (Touqeer Nasir) panders to her compulsions, to the point of the subsidiary, and permitting her sketchy events. It's practically similar to he is ignorant concerning Nirma's controls when the remainder of the family is doubtful.

According to Drama Reviews, So far in the story, Nirma has hitched Nasir upon her companion's recommendation, to make a brisk buck through her significant other's property and cash. This, in any case, ends up being more troublesome than Nirma had at first envisioned, and she before long beginnings plotting about approaches to escape the marriage. Yasir Hussain's personality hasn't completed it into the section yet, yet from what the preview commends, he power be Nirma's departure as an absolute rogue.


Generally, regardless of whether 'Jhooti' utilizes the clarification of mental issues to determine its plot, the heavenly acting of the cast compensates for the poor composition. Notwithstanding whether one gander at the arranged on-screen letterings or new arrival, everyone has their effect with persuasion. In just three passages, Aziz has presumed out how to style Nirma the charisma each person wants to hate. Such an enormous accomplishment was anticipated from her, as the youthful on-screen character has figured out how to give an extraordinary exhibition in every one of the jobs she has done as such far.

The Pakistani drama has just collected a lot of objection via web-based networking media after its first trailer was discharged demonstrating Iqra with counterfeit wounds while lying about the maltreatment she has endured on account of her significant other. The author is contingent on that the demonstration may have a superior point to go back and forth home, which may uncover itself later. One can anticipate that future scenes should manage the unwinding and potential fixing of Nirma's complexities and weaknesses. On the off chance that that is the situation, there might be some hidden technique to Nirma's frenzy, and it might fill in for instance of how individuals abuse the intense inquiry of abusive behavior at home.


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