Motorway Rape Case: Neelam Muneer Demands Judicial Reform in the Country

Motorway Rape Case: Neelam Muneer Demands Judicial Reform in the Country

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Between Tuesday and Wednesday night (September 9), two gunmen allegedly gang-raped a woman on her way to Gujranwala from Lahore, the capital of Punjab, while she was waiting for help. According to the information available so far, a woman over 30 years of age, a resident of Defense Housing Society, Lahore, along with her two children, got stuck on the motorway at around 1 am when her car ran out of petrol.

While she was trying to help, two men came and took her and her children (under the age of 8) to a nearby field at gunpoint. The assailants later raped the woman in front of the children, shortly after which police and a relative of the woman, who had been called earlier, arrived at the scene, but by then the assailants had fled and seized cash and cash from the woman. Other valuables were also taken away.

After the incident, the outrage was expressed across the country. While there is the outrage among political, social and government figures over the rape of the woman, showbiz personalities have demanded the arrest of the accused. Like other showbiz personalities, actress Neelam Muneer expressed her anger over the incident in a post on Instagram.

He wrote in his post that criminals, rapists and all those who commit these heinous crimes act as if they have immunity because they know they will not be punished. Neelam Muneer further said in her post that delay injustice does not bring justice. The actress demanded that judicial reform is needed in our country which was promised by Prime Minister Imran Khan but so far nothing has been done in this regard.

Regarding the controversial statement of Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Omar Sheikh, Neelam Muneer said, "I was bleeding when I heard the statement of the CCPO regarding the allegation against the victim." He said that only a sick-minded person can make such a statement but Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar is saying give time to CCO and things will get better.

Neelam Muneer expressed her anger that what kind of people are these, isn't she ashamed? After the incident, a controversial statement was made by CCPO Omar Sheikh in which it was said that the woman should leave Defense at 12:30 pm to go to Gujranwala. I am surprised that she is the mother of three children and a single driver. "If you're out of Defense, take the straight GT Road and go home, and if you're out of the motorway, check your petrol."

The CCPO's remarks were strongly condemned by the public and demanded to be removed.


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