My Demon Drama Review, Cast, Story, Trailer, Timing, and Release Date

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My Demon Drama Review

My Demon is a South Korean TV show featuring Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-yi, and Kim Hae-sook. It started on SBS TV and Netflix on November 24, 2023. It is shown every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m.

My Demon Drama Review

Drama My Demon 마이 데몬
Channel SBS TV


Director Kim Jang-han

Kwon Da-som

Producers Lee Jae-woo

Yoon Geon-hee

Ahn Young-in

Starring Kim Yoo-jung

Song Kang

Lee Sang-yi

Kim Hae-sook

Writer Choi Ah-il
Timing Friday and Saturday at 22:00 
Country of origin South Korea
Release date November 24, 2023
IMDB rating 8.3/10
Total episodes 16
First episode’s airing date November 24, 2023
Average episode length 70 minutes
Language Korean
Genre Korean, Fantasy, Romantic TV Comedies
This show is Intimate, Romantic

My Demon Drama Cast

Actor Role
Kim Yoo-jung Do Do-hee
Song Kang Jeong Gu-won
Lee Sang-yi Joo Seok-hoon
Kim Hae-sook Joo Cheon-sook
Kim Tae-hoon Noh Seok-min
Lee Yoon-ji  Noh Soo-an
Jo Yeon-hee Kim Se-ra
Kang Seung-ho Noh Do-gyeong
Park Do-yoon  Austin
Kang Da-on Justin
Jo Hye-joo Jin Ga-young
Heo Jeong-do Park Bok-gyu
Seo Jeong-yeon Secretary Shin Da-jeong
Park Jin-woo Han Min-soo
Lee Ji-won Choi Jung-mi
Hong Jin-ki  Lee Han-seong
Cha Chung-hwa homeless woman
Kim Young-jae Do-hee’s father
Woo Hee-jin Do-hee’s mother
Kim Seol-jin Gi Gwang-chol
Kim Beop-rae  a boss
Jung Soon-won number two
Lim Cheol-hyung Detective Park
Jeon Sok-chan  Detective Oh
Seo Sang-won Pastor Michael
Joo Suk-tae  Cha Tae-jun
Lee Kang-wook Do-hee’s blind date

My Demon Episodes List

Episode Release Date
E01 · Living in the Mist 24 November 2023
E02 · Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart 25 November 2023
E03 · Episode 3 1st December 2023
E04 · Episode 4 2nd December 2023
E05 · Episode 5 8 December 2023
E06 · Episode 6 9 December 2023
E07 · Episode 7 15 December 2023
E08 · Episode 8 16 December 2023
E09 · Episode 9 22 December 2023
E10 · Episode 10 23 December 2023
E11 · Episode 11 5 January 2024
E12 · Episode 12 6 January 2024
E13 · Episode 13 12 January 2024
E14 · Episode 14 13 January 2024
E15 · Episode 15 19 January 2024
E16 · Episode 16 20 January 2024

Average TV Viewership Ratings

Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
Nielsen Korea TNmS
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
1 November 24, 2023 4.5% (11th) 5.1% (8th) N/A
2 November 25, 2023 3.4% (20th) 3.4% (19th) 2.9% (20th)
3 December 1, 2023 4.2% (13th) 4.4% (11th) 3.5% (18th)
4 December 2, 2023 4.0% (14th) 4.0% (16th) 3.5% (18th)
5 December 8, 2023 3.4% (19th) 3.6% (17th) N/A
6 December 9, 2023 4.7% (9th) 5.1% (5th)
7 December 15, 2023 4.5% (11th) 5.2% (8th) 3.8% (19th)
8 December 16, 2023 4.7% (13th) 5.0% (12th) N/A

Do-hee is looking around Gu-won's office - My Demon Ep 5

My Demon Drama Overview

My Demon, a South Korean TV drama, masterfully blends fantasy and romance. It centers on Do Do-hee, a committed CEO played by Kim Yoo-jung. Her life, primarily focused on her career, dramatically changes when she encounters Jeong Gu-won, a demon Song Kang portrays. Gu-won, having temporarily lost his powers, forms a contract with Do-hee. They agree to keep their relationship business-like, with no romantic feelings, as Gu-won strives to regain his powers.

This series skillfully mixes comedy with fantasy, spotlighting the dynamic between Do-hee and Gu-won. Do-hee is portrayed as a strong, independent woman, while Gu-won is a cunning yet charming demon. Their connection, initially contractual, gradually deepens, hinting at possible romance. The show features a talented ensemble, enhancing the story’s depth. Known for its well-paced narrative, “My Demon” balances past and present scenes without overemphasizing the backstory. It adeptly interweaves serious and light-hearted moments, keeping viewers engaged. The leads’ chemistry and the compelling plot make it a hit among genre enthusiasts. “My Demon” airs on SBS TV and streams on Netflix in select regions.

Original Soundtrack

Part 1​

Released on November 24, 2023

No Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1 Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day (우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다) Bae Young-jun Bae Young-jun NewJeans 3:12
2 Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day (우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다; Inst.) Bae Young-jun 3:12
Total Length 6:24

Part 2​

Released on  December 1, 2023

No Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1 Whenever, Wherever (그대가 있는 곳, 언제 어디든) Lee Ki-hwan More Lee Ki-hwan More Go Hyeong-eun Roy Kim 3:41
2 Whenever, Wherever (그대가 있는 곳, 언제 어디든; Inst.) Lee Ki-hwan More Go Hyeong-eun 3:41
Total Length 7:22

Part 3​

Released on  December 8, 2023

No Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1 With You Hana Tom and Jerry Winter 4:15
2 With You (Inst.) Tom and Jerry 4:15
Total Length 8:30

Part 4

Released on December 9, 2023

No Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1 Even If We Disappear (우리 사라져도) Kim Woon-jinLee Seong-geun Kim Woon-jinLee Seong-geun Dawn 3:57
2 Even If We Disappear (우리 사라져도; Inst.) Kim Woon-jinLee Seong-geun 3:57
Total Length 7:54

Do-hee's life is in danger, Gu-won (Demon) saves her - My Demon Ep 6

My Demon Story Line

My Demon is a Korean drama that tells the story of Do Do-hee, an heiress with a devilish attitude, and Jung Gu-won, a demon who has temporarily lost his supernatural powers. The drama follows their journey as they enter into a contract marriage. Do Do-hee, as the successor of a major conglomerate, is known for her cool-headed arrogance and trust issues, making her skeptical about love. Jung Gu-won, on the other hand, has been the apex predator in the human world for over two centuries, making deals with humans while looking down on them.

The plot turns unexpectedly when Jung Gu-won loses his demonic powers and ends up in a contract marriage with Do Do-hee. This unusual pairing leads to various challenges and changes in both their lives. The drama unfolds as they navigate this complex relationship, blending elements of romance, danger, and the supernatural. This journey challenges their initial perceptions and leads them to discover unexpected aspects of life and love. This engaging storyline combines action, comedy, fantasy, and romance, making it an intriguing watch for those who enjoy a mix of supernatural elements and romantic drama​​.

Trailer and Teaser

Plot Summary

My Demon is a Korean drama that revolves around the story of Do Do-hee, a successful and somewhat prickly CEO deeply committed to her job. Her life turns unexpectedly when she becomes entangled with Jeong Gu-won, a demon who temporarily loses his powers. To handle this unusual situation, the two enter into a contract relationship with the understanding that they won’t develop feelings for each other. At the same time, Gu-won works to regain his powers. The drama blends elements of fantasy and romance, creating a unique narrative that explores their complex relationship and the challenges they face together​.

The plot delves into the dynamics between the icy heiress Do-hee and the demon Gu-won, highlighting the changes in their lives due to their unusual arrangement. As they navigate their contract marriage, both characters experience significant transformations, leading to an intriguing blend of drama and fantasy elements. This setup paves the way for various plot twists and turns, keeping viewers engaged with the evolving story and the development of the character’s relationships.​

My Demon Episode 4 Ending Tango Dance


The show chronicles the unconventional union of Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yoo-jung), a formidable and affluent heiress, and Jeong Gu-won (portrayed by Song Kang), a demon temporarily stripped of his powers. Their arrangement, initially based on a business-like contract, unexpectedly evolves. This twist of fate brings them a transient joy, but as the narrative unfolds, it ultimately steers them towards a tumultuous and challenging path.

Parents Guide

My Demon, a South Korean streaming TV series rated TV-14, is suitable for viewers over 14 years old. This recommendation is due to the show’s inclusion of fantasy violence, mature themes related to love and sacrifice, and intense plot twists. Parents should consider these aspects and their children’s sensitivities before allowing them to watch the series. The show, available on Wavve in South Korea and Netflix in selected regions, might require parental discretion for younger viewers​.

User Reviews

User reviews of the Korean drama My Demon offer a mixed but generally positive perspective:

Epic Romantic Fantasy: One user described My Demon as an epic romantic fantasy featuring a mischievous demon and a strong-minded young heiress. They praised the chemistry between the main leads, the visual appeal, and the mix of genres like romance, mystery, thriller, comedy, and magic. The cinematography was highlighted as exceptionally beautiful, making the drama iconic and a must-watch​​.

Impressive Acting and Style: Another review emphasized the sophisticated style of Kim Yoo Jung’s character and the impressive acting skills of both leads. The viewer noted the strong chemistry between the actors and appreciated the movie for its talented writing and the joy it brings. They also commended Song Kang for his talents and versatility as an actor​​.

Romcom with Fantasy Twists: A viewer expressed their obsession with the drama, highlighting its unique story involving a demon who loses power and the resulting humorous situations. They appreciated the mixed emotions portrayed in the drama, from humor to jealousy and even thrills. The protective nature of the leads towards each other was particularly admired​​.

Visual Appeal and Acting: The drama was noted for its stunning visuals and the captivating looks of the actors, especially when Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang shared scenes. Their on-screen performances were praised, with Kim Yoo Jung’s character blending an icy composure with clumsiness and Song Kang delivering an enigmatic portrayal. However, some criticism was aimed at the dialogue, overemphasizing visual appeal over narrative strength​​.

Intriguing Storylines and Mysteries: The drama had great romantic storylines intertwined with mystery, suspense, drama, and comedy. The actors were commended for playing their roles without over-exaggeration. The drama was noted for its engaging narrative involving a mix of intrigue and mystery, especially with the sudden death of a key character​​.


What is my demon about Korean drama?

My Demon is a captivating narrative centered on Jeong Gu-won, a demon stripped of his supernatural abilities, and Do Do-hee, a heiress mistakenly charged with murder. This tale unfolds with a quintessential enemies-to-lovers theme that has captured the hearts of many. Audiences eagerly await new episodes released on Fridays and Saturdays on SBS and Netflix.

Where can I watch my demon Korean drama?

My Demon is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Watch this Korean drama exclusively on Netflix.

How many episodes will my demon have?

The first episode of the television series 'My Demon' debuted on Netflix on November 24, and the second on November 25. This series comprises a total of 16 episodes.

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