Pakistan Election Commission Announces SMS Service for Voter Information

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Pakistan Election Commission Announces SMS Service for Voter Information

The Election Commission of Pakistan has made a significant announcement regarding voter information for National and Provincial Assembly constituencies. This development aims to enhance the ease and accessibility of crucial electoral information for voters nationwide.

Press Release: 10 January 2024

Major Update from the Election Commission of Pakistan

In a recent move by the Election Commission of Pakistan, a comprehensive set of voter-related information has been made available via the SMS service on 8300. This initiative is pivotal in ensuring voters have immediate access to vital information.

Accessing Voter Information through SMS 8300

Voters can now obtain the following details by sending an SMS to 8300:

  • Statistical Block Code: This code will help voters identify their specific electoral area.
  • Serial Number in Electoral Roll: This number is crucial for voters to confirm their registration in the electoral list.
  • Household Number: A unique identifier for each household within the electoral list.
  • National Assembly Constituency Number and District Name: Information about the voter’s specific constituency for the National Assembly and the corresponding district.
  • Provincial Assembly Constituency Number and District Name: Similar information as above but for the Provincial Assembly.
  • Name of Electoral Area: The specific name of the area where the voter is registered.
  • Contact Number of Relevant District Election Commissioner: Essential for direct communication and inquiries.
  • Helpline Number: For additional support and assistance.
  • ECP Website: A resource for comprehensive information and updates.
  • Send ID Card No: Send your ID card no on 8300.


This innovative step by the Election Commission of Pakistan is a testament to their commitment to facilitating voters and ensuring a smooth electoral process. The availability of such information at the fingertips of voters is bound to impact the overall electoral experience in Pakistan positively.

Contact Information

For further details and inquiries, please refer to the Election Commission’s spokesperson or visit the official Election Commission of Pakistan website.

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