In Saudi Arabia, for the first time ever allowed to participate in women's cards competition

In Saudi Arabia, for the first time ever allowed to participate in women's cards competition

In Saudi Arabia, where women have been allowed to work in dramas and films for the past few years, they are also allowed to travel abroad without the permission of a male guardian.

In Saudi Arabia, where women are now free to drive, they can now work with unmarried men, and they are allowed to participate in politics.

Now women in Saudi Arabia appear to be working with men in public places, where they appear on the playground.

And now the Saudi government has allowed women to participate in card-raising competitions for the first time.

According to Saudi Arabia's Entertainment Authority, for the first time every year, women are allowed to compete against the cards.

There is a cardboard tournament held every year in Saudi Arabia, in which young people, including older people from all over the country, participate and showcase their skills.

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Saudi women have been given independence over the past few years — File Photo: AFP
This time also, the first week of February next month will begin with a card-playing tournament in which female players are also allowed to participate for the first time.

In Saudi Arabia, women have generally been seen playing with cards but were previously allowed to play cards at home or at women's conferences.

According to the Saudi Entertainment Authority, the championship of cards will begin on February 6, which will continue till February 15 and women will be involved in the tournament for the first time.

It is unclear whether female players will compete with male players or men's and women's combined teams will be formed in the tournament.

It is possible that there will be separate teams for women in the tournament and they will be contested by women. However, the authority has not clarified in this regard but has confirmed that for the first time women will participate in the championship.

According to the Saudi Entertainment Authority this year, 16,384 players from all over the country will participate in the championships of cards and 8 thousand 192 games will be presented in competitions that last more than a week.

The age limit for players participating in the competition is over 18, but there is no last age limit for the players.

More than 2 million rials will be distributed among the winners this time during the tournament.


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