Countries of civil war and Disease, Yemen and Libya are still safe from the corona

Countries of civil war and Disease, Yemen and Libya are still safe from the corona

Posted on Mar 25, 2020

The Coronavirus, which began in mid-December 2019 from China, reached more than 180 countries around the world by the evening of March 24, when the number of people with the disease increased to 392,000.

Although the Coronavirus has not yet reached all the countries of the world, the outbreak is spreading rapidly from one country to another and it is believed that the Coronavirus is spread over the next one and a half months to more than 250 countries, states and reach the island.

While the Coronavirus did not reach many of the world's smallest islands and smaller states at the time, corona-infected countries such as China, Kazakhstan, and Russia have borders with Mongolia and Myanmar, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Even Laos, which has land borders with countries, did not reach Corona until the evening of March 24.

In countries such as Mongolia and Laos, however, many countries and global health experts expressed concern when the Coronavirus was not reported and said it was possible that the government there was either keeping the facts confidential or diagnosing the epidemic there. There is no way to do it.

However, many other countries, such as Mongolia and Laos, have not yet reported any cases of the Coronavirus, and countries that suffer from civil war, famine, starvation and many diseases are Yemen and Libya, where 24 Not a single case was reported until the evening of March.

Civil war has caused many diseases in Yemen, including cholera, fever, stroke, and colds in the past, and millions of Yemenis have died in these diseases.




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