Agha Ali Apologized for the Statement Regarding the Pashto Language

Agha Ali Apologized for the Statement Regarding the Pashto Language

Leading Pakistani actor Agha Ali has apologized for criticizing comments on the Pashto language on a show. It may be recalled that recently actor Agha Ali and actress Hina Altaf were criticized on social media after talking about weight in the morning show, after which the actor took to his Instagram post about his promise not to gain weight from his wife.

After which an old video of Agha Ali went viral on social media recently and he is also facing criticism on this. The video, which went viral on social media, featured Agha Ali, Faisal Qureshi, and Neelam Muneer in a show. Speaking about Neelam Muneer in the viral video clip, Agha Ali had said that we are sitting during the shoot. There is talk in Urdu that suddenly someone starts talking in Pashto.

Agha Ali added that when you look around after hearing Pashto, my heroine, which makes you feel sensitive, is speaking in Pashto. During the shooting of the video, Neelam Munir spoke on the phone in Pashto on the set in a humorous manner and other participants including the host Faisal Qureshi were seen laughing at Agha Ali's talk.

However, when the video went viral recently, Agha Ali was sharply criticized by some users for making fun of Pakistan's regional language, Pashto, during the show. After which, in a tweet made on the social networking website Twitter, Agha Ali apologized and wrote that if anyone has shown his heart after watching the 5-year-old video clip, then I apologize. Agha Ali wrote that the Pathan friend he was joking with (Neelam Munir) was laughing out loud because she knew my intention but still if anyone was hurt, I apologize.

He wrote in a separate tweet that I have said in many shows that 'Pathan is the hardest working nation of Pakistan', unfortunately, such things do not go viral. Agha Ali wrote that I have voted for a Pathan Prime Minister because I consider Pathans so worthy.


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