Designer Fahad Hussain announces closure of its fashion brand

Designer Fahad Hussain announces closure of its fashion brand

Posted on Feb 11, 2020

Fahad Hussain, a successful designer from the Pakistani fashion industry, announced the closure of his fashion brand.

This was announced by Fahad Hussain on social networking site Instagram.

In his post, Fahad Hussain shared the news with great sadness: "As far as I can remember, I have been wanting to work only on art and fashion all my life. For more than a decade I have pursued this art. Learning and building my brand but in the meantime, I overlooked some shortcomings, (as an artist) I didn't have the ability to do business'.

He further wrote, "I thought time and resources would make my thinking a success, but sadly not always the way you want it, maybe I didn't want to do business, I just wanted to work on art.

According to the designer, "I am thankful for everyone who spent such beautiful moments with me, my brand is proud that she has spent so many successful years and created excellent links and worked with many beautiful brides".

Fahad Hussain said that his fashion brand has gone bankrupt and he is closing in now, adding that he is closing his business while he is once again grateful to everyone.

It may be noted that Fahad Hussain has been regarded as one of the successful designers of Pakistan, but his decision must have surprised many people in the fashion world.

Many of Pakistan's major models were always ready to work with Fahad Hussain's brand, but now where he announced the closure of the brand, he also said in an interview that he had returned to the fashion world. Haven't thought about it yet


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