Suggestions to Wear Floral Dresses Properly

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This spring, florals are all the rage. We know it’s groundbreaking, but we like to think outside the box here at White Stuff. Stylish and comfortable, our prints for grown-ups are clean and uncomplicated. Here, we’ve put up a guide to floral dresses ensembles that include suggestions on how to wear them.

When wearing floral dresses, these are six basic tips to keep in mind.

Less is More 

Maintaining a uniform aesthetic is essential. It doesn’t matter if you wear a floral one-piece or not; you’ve got your flair covered. To keep things simple, limit the number of extras you use.


Large prints provide the impression of a larger surface area than they are. Choose smaller designs to make yourself appear smaller; conversely, smaller use patterns if your frame is larger—flowers with no larger than your hand span.

Place It Smart 

To the eye, huge prints cover a larger area than they do. If you have a little print, the frame looks smaller to uninformed. Smaller patterns can be used to make you appear smaller; larger patterns can be used to make you appear larger. Floral dresses with blossoms a little larger than the span of your hand are best.

Avoid Oversized Garments With Oversized Prints 

Floral-print oversized clothes are not recommended unless you are an Olsen twin or a Tarot card reader from the 1990s. To put it another way, you’ll look chubby and gain at least 10 pounds. Make sure to show some leg or find a way to cinch the waist if this is your thing and you can’t stop yourself.

Stick To One Print 

You’ll know that mixing patterns with floral dresses requires bravery if you’re a true fashionista. A leather jacket or other edgy piece can be paired with your floral dresses, but don’t overdo it.

Avoid Wearing Colourful jewels.

A simple floral dress or top is all you need to instantly brighten up your clothing and make you appear more attractive. Don’t add too many accessories to your floral dress to avoid dominating the print since this will detract from the overall effect. Avoid flowery jewelry and accessories if you’re wearing floral clothing, as they’ll make you look like a bouquet.

The Right Footwear

Choose nude colors instead of print-free shoes or sandals for your flowery dress when you’re looking for shoes or sandals to wear. It’s okay to wear footwear in a lighter or more subtle color if your outfit doesn’t feature much of that shade. This look is all about simplicity to draw attention to your dress and print, not your jewelry or shoes. Our recommendation is for you to wear nude sandals, stilettos, ballet flats, and white and black sneakers with florals.

The Added Accessories

Adding a hat, scarf, or another hair accessory to your attire may make you stand out. The floral design on a nude hat is a fantastic match. Besides providing an iconic style, it also protects from the elements. You don’t want to overdo it with floral dresses, so opt for light and ivory-colored accessories. 

Floral Dresses Are Not Seasonal 

Florals can be worn all year long. Even if you can’t cultivate flowers year-round, you can still incorporate them into your style. It’s important to choose prints and colors appropriate for the season like you would with any print. Those are a few easy rules to follow when wearing floral patterns.

Florals in the sunshine

This time of year is the perfect time to show off your curves in various floral and vibrant clothing. If you’re looking to wear a floral dress on a rare sunny day, it’s crucial to think about your accessories and the weather.

Selecting the right materials is key to achieving the ideal summer look. It’s a great year to wear cotton, linen, and chiffon because they’re light and breathable. So make sure to use a lightweight fabric for your next project.

Floral dresses are ideal for hot weather when you want to look your best. If you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and comfortable, this is your outfit. Halter neck floral dresses are a great way to stay cool and stylish in the heat.

Spring into floral prints

Often, when we think of spring, pastel colors come to mind. Floral motifs would seem well at home in this setting as well. For smart yet casual spring attire that’s both stylish and comfortable, a flowery style is ideal.

Spring isn’t always pleasant. Short dresses and skirts are out of bounds. The milder days of spring call for an easy flower-patterned dress with long sleeves and a shawl-like collar—various ways to incorporate flower pattern design into your spring clothing.

Embrace Autumn with flowers

Flowers are not out of style even when the weather is cooler, and nature has begun to wither. Florals are a terrific way to transition into the cooler weather, even if you’re forced to cover up to stay warm.

A Nude Floral Wide Leg Jumpsuit looks great with a bright blazer or jacket in the fall. You’ll be able to keep yourself warm and fashionable simultaneously, and you’ll look great doing it.

Wrap up warm with a floral design

When it comes to wearing flowers in the winter, many of the same rules apply in the spring and summer. However, if you’re looking for a little extra warmth, you’ll have to pay more attention to your layering.

Choosing more subdued, abstract flower patterns can help tone down the outfit’s summery vibe. A basic, muted flower pattern is a great alternative to brightly colored blooms. For a colorful winter style, this Nude Floral Pleated High Neck Maxi Dress is a great choice. Adding a smart blazer jacket and a pair of cozy tights is all you need to look and feel great.


As crucial as understanding how and when to dress with florals is having some ideas on what you may wear them with. Floral prints can be added to your wardrobe all year round if you pay attention to the size of the print, the colors, and the temperature you’re wearing it.

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