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There are men’s perfumes that smell better than women’s perfumes. This is why some ladies use perfumes for men instead of perfumes for women. Among perfume fanatics, there are debates or topics about Can A Woman Wear A Men’s Fragrance? That said, this article will try to explain and put a halt on this issue.

 The liberty to wear a specific type of perfume isn’t gender exclusive. That said, it’s fine if a woman wears a men’s perfume for work, dates, and other engagements Nevertheless, the decision of a woman to wear a perfume for men is subject to a lot of ifs. Such “ifs” might be related to culture, financial or economic freedom, gender orientation, etc.

Gender-Related Reasons:

A woman can wear men’s fragrances due to gender-related reasons. That said, you shouldn’t expect a lesbian woman to wear a lady’s perfume. For lesbian women, wearing men’s perfume is their way of making themselves look more manly or masculine.

So it’s not strange for a lesbian woman to wear Savage perfume for parties. Doing so is her way of masking her female qualities and look more manly instead. Perfumes have the ability to give people character. This is why they’re great for people who want to showcase a different gender orientation.

Culture Related Concerns:

A woman can wear a men’s fragrance if the culture or society where she belongs allows it. In countries that are very serious about the dichotomy between male rights and female rights, females wearing perfume for males might be a taboo. It’s even possible that markets don’t allow females to buy perfumes for males.

On the other hand, democratic and highly liberated countries don’t care about whether or not women should wear men’s fragrances. For example, there are countries like the Philippines where the husband and wife use the same perfume.

The decision about can a woman wear a men’s fragrance might be affected by culture-related concerns about gender equality. In my opinion, being male or female shouldn’t define what kind of perfume to wear. It’s because perfumes don’t have gender after all.

Financial and Economic Freedom:

Women also opt to wear men’s perfume due to their financial or economic status. There are cheap men’s fragrances that work as well as expensive women’s fragrances. So why buy expensive perfume when there’s a cheaper option that’s equally good? Simply put, a woman is always welcome to try men’s fragrances if they’re the only items that she can afford at the moment.

Romantic Preference:

Women may also opt to wear men’s fragrances due to romantic preference. This means that they can wear men’s perfume to remind themselves of the scent of a lover or a partner in life. Wearing the perfume of a loved one makes women feel comfortable, protected, and secure. After all, a woman gets attracted and remembers a man not only by his face but through his smell as well.

So the next time that you see a woman wearing men’s perfume. don’t conclude that she’s a lesbian. She might be wearing that specific fragrance to make herself feel that the person she loves is near.

Smell Related Concerns:

A woman may choose to wear a men’s fragrance if she doesn’t like the smell of women’s fragrance. Some ladies don’t love floral smells and prefer the leathery and deep scent of men’s perfume instead. That said, women are welcome to try men’s perfume if they feel that it smells better and they’re more comfortable using it.

Also, men’s fragrances last longer than women’s fragrances. It’s because most use woody bass notes that linger for long. Some women prefer fragrances like this and put more emphasis on the bass note than the top note or middle note. The downside with women’s fragrances is that they have good top and middle notes but rarely have excellent bass notes.

Some Important Points to Remember:

  • The main tip does not wear perfume overly. Less will be a way better one to two possibly 3 sprays based on the scent of the perfume and the strength and the way that it interacts with you personally will be plenty.
  • Still another thing you have to be aware of could be that the mist technique isn’t a suitable and productive means to spray or employ your Cologne Most individuals did it they spray the cologne and get under it gentlemen that this is a no-go.
  • You have to make sure you are spraying your cologne three to six inches off from the pulse points also on your fabric as the oils at the Cologne actually can damage your clothes the other dilemma together with spraying it in your clothes which it’s perhaps not having the capacity to warm up.
  • Don’t keep your perfume in the bathroom Heating and humidity Tends to Crackdown the Cologne and Decrease the quality and intensity of the scent.
  • Try to spray your fragrance on your hair comb or brush it can help your hair smell fantastic.
  • Try to mix your perfume with the lotion of less fragrance it can help your perfume last longer on your skin.
  • The best time to use perfume is right after taking the shower because the moisture on your skin after shower encourages the scent of the perfume to absorb.
  • Last, not the least always spray your perfume on the backside of your ear because it will keep your fragrance long-lasting.

The Bottomline: Can A Woman Wear A Men’s Fragrance?

The answer is an absolute yes. A woman wearing a men’s fragrance isn’t an issue. In fact, it’s a trend for women nowadays to use men’s scents. The things above explain why. If you’re afraid of trying using men’s fragrance yourself, I suggest that you shouldn’t be. Your choice is yours and only yours alone. Don’t let people’s opinions influence you. By doing so, you’ll get to enjoy the good things that life has to offer. One of these is the men’s perfume that also suitable for women.

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