Top 10 Best and famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan

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Jeans are the most commonly used dress in Pakistan. That is why many people or companies start their best jeans brands in the country. let’s have a discussion on famous jeans brands.


Breakout has been speaking to style and quality since 2010. Breakout takes a shot at a premise of inventiveness and duty. Relaxed style, credibility, and beautiful living are at the core of the brand’s way of thinking. These positive qualities radiate through at each level, from the laid-back fitting to the made-to-last quality, utilization of standard materials, and dependable creation.

Breakout’s goal is to be the best easygoing design brand with an exceptional value incentive: Catching business sector patterns and freshness in color our own, quality textures and shapes, and communicating them in the natural, loose and agreeable style. For each piece of clothing, Breakout gives the most extreme consideration to texture choice, fitting, and immaculate quality.

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Outfitters is a name that is interchangeable with designs and patterns in Pakistan. Set up in 2003, this is an organization birthed out of a yearning interest in the style business by the visionary group.

Pioneers of giving the most popular trend attire to the Pakistani shoppers, Suppliers have been at the bleeding edge of presenting the newest and trendiest garments for the general population. With the massive love and backing of the steadfast clients in the course of the most recent 13 years, Suppliers have had the option to venture into further brands with 60+ stores all through Pakistan.

Suppliers began as in vogue road brilliant design for people. In 2008, Suppliers presented a brand for kids, as Suppliers Junior, concentrating on children’s design. The organization is consistently developing and has gone to the universal market, with plans to raise the brand into a genuine worldwide player.


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Wrangler is an American producer of famous jeans and other apparel brands in Pakistan and other many countries (particularly work wear). The brand is claimed by Kontoor Brands Inc., which likewise owns Lee. Its central command is in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, in the United States, with creation plants in an assortment of areas worldwide. Wrangler has banded together with Better Cotton Activity (BCI) to guarantee all attire is made possible and morally.

Wrangler Pants were first made by the Blue Ringer Generally speaking organization, which had procured the brand when it took over Casey Jones in the mid-1940s. Blue Chime utilized Bernard Lichtenstein (“Rodeo Ben”), a Polish tailor from Lodz who worked intently with cowboys, to help structure pants reasonable for rodeo use. He persuaded a few notable rodeo riders of an opportunity to embrace the new plan.



We need to upgrade your one of a kind and individual style with our design assortments in steady remodel. Thirty years after our introduction to the world, we save our underlying foundations and character, developing the embodiment that permits us to accomplish our best form. Accordingly, we regard the substance of Mediterranean style that describes us, adding the vital touch to keep us on the vanguard.

Our Lady, Man, Children, and Hefty Size assortments reflect, dealing with textures and subtleties, the Mediterranean style’s embodiment with a contemporary contort. Our varieties dress one of a kind and female lady. The pieces grandstand a timeless style, however remembering design feel and trends. From customary fitting to the most laid-back pieces. Our MANGO Man assortments get the most recent patterns with the greatest solace.


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The guess is a famous American clothing brand and retailer. Notwithstanding dress for the two people, Estimate markets other fashion accessories such as watches, jewelry, scents, packs, and shoes. Conjecture items past extravagance retail outlets, and various partnerships shaped inside the organization. Georges suddenly offered his stake in the organization to his siblings in September 1993 for $214.2 million.

To back the buy, the staying three siblings needed to acquire $210 million, and $105 million was all the while extraordinary three years after the fact. To fund-raise, the siblings chose to speculate openly. During the 1980s, Theory was one of the most well-known brands of denim famous jeans. The organization was one of the leading organizations to create designer jeans. While the principal jeans were for ladies and a men’s line appeared in 1983. The range is also currently joined with dresses for babies and children called GUESS kids.



At the Crossroads we endeavor to cause ladies wherever they look great and to feel extraordinary by offering on-pattern outfits for each event without the high sticker price. Crossroads are the style goal for ladies, everything being equal, sizes, and ways of life.

They perceive the obligation to completely comprehend the effects of their association from working conditions in the graceful chain, to the ecological impact of their packaging. They are focused on satisfying social and natural duties and now it became the most famous jeans brand for ladies in all over the world.



Our style might be as new as tomorrow, yet we go the route back to 1853. That is when Levi Strauss and Co. started. Later in 1873, Levi Strauss, the man, banded together with Jacob Davis to create the blue jeans. What’s more, we’ve been developing from that point forward. Over progressive ages, Levi’s jeans have caught the consideration, creative mind, and unwillingness of various people.

The Levi’s brand keeps on characterizing the business with works of art like the 501 jeans, inventive assortments like Suburbanite, Levi’s Revel, and just the beginning. By the 1990s, Levi’s confronted rivalry from different brands and less expensive items from abroad. They started quickening the pace of its US manufacturing plant terminations and its utilization of seaward subcontracting understandings.

In 1991, Levi Strauss got trapped in an outrage including jeans made in the Northern Mariana Islands: some 3% of Levi’s pants sold yearly with the Made in the USA label were shown to have been made by Chinese workers under what the United States Division of Labor called “Slave like” conditions. Starting in 2016, most of Levi’s jeans are made outside the US. However, a couple of the better quality, increasingly costly styles are as yet made in the US.


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Dolce and Gabbana had two focal lines (D&G and Dolce Gabbana) until 2012 when the lines converged under the mark Dolce and Gabbana. Dolce&Gabbana spends significant time in extravagance, things propelled by high-plans and is progressively formal and ‘immortal,’ reacting to long haul slants just as occasional changes.

In February 2010, it was reported that American singer Madonna would structure an assortment of shades titled MDG, set to be discharged in May of that year. It additionally offers aromas for people. A model is ‘The One’ which is an aroma by Dolce&Gabbana. Dolce and Gabbana (Italian pronunciation is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The two met in Milan in 1980 and intended for a similar style house. In 1982, they set up a planner counseling studio in time, it developed to turn out to be “Dolce and Gabbana.” They introduced their first ladies’ assortment in 1985 in Milan, where after a year, their store would open its doors.

In 1988, they propelled a leotard line, and in 1989 they started planning clothing and swimming outfits. Dolce and Gabbana began to send out their items to Japan and different nations, including the US, where they established their showroom in 1990. In 1992, that year, they introduced their men’s assortment. They additionally propelled their first scent Dolce and Gabbana. Now it is also the most famous brand for jeans in all over the world.


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Diesel S.p.A. is an Italian retail apparel organization, found in Breganze, Italy. It sells denim and other garments, footwear, and embellishments. The attire line has two unique brands: Diesel and Diesel Dark Gold. There is additionally a line for kids, called Diesel Child. The organization is known for its surreal advertising campaigns all over the world. Diesel is the famous jeans brand in Pakistan for every age of people.

The Diesel marked luxury fragrance line is possessed and delivered by L’Oreal. Diesel founder Renzo Rosso began sewing pants on a sewing machine at fifteen years old. He utilized his mom’s sewing machine to create low-riding, ringer bottomed pants, which he would wear himself and offer to his companions for 3500 lire apiece. He later went to a mechanical material assembly secondary school in Padua.

In 1976 Rosso started working for a garments producer called Moltex, which was claimed by Adriano Goldschmied. After working with the organization for a long time, he utilized a credit from his dad to purchase a 40% holding in the organization, which changed its name to Diesel. He marketed jeans under the Diesel brand and numerous others.

Rosso purchased out Goldschmied’s enthusiasm for the Diesel brand name in 1985 for US$500,000, turning into the sole proprietor of the company. Rosso has said that he took in advertising from the US, innovativeness from Italy, and frameworks from Germany. Diesel organizer Rosso started buying new style organizations in 2002, under the parent organization Just The Bold, which Diesel was brought under.

Organizations bought by Just the Courageous included Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor and Rolf, Marni, and authorizing organization Staff International. In 2005 Diesel discharged the book “Fifty” upon Rosso’s fiftieth birthday celebration, a delineated history of the organization, with a print-run of ten thousand.


Next plc

Next plc (styled as Next) is a British multinational clothing, footwear, and home items retailer, headquartered in Enderby, Leicestershire. It has around 700 stores, about 500 are in the United Kingdom, and about 200 across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Next is the biggest garments retailer and the most famous jeans brand in Pakistan, overtaking Marks and Spencer in mid-2012 and 2014.

The organization was established by Joseph Hepworth in Leeds in 1864 as a tailor. All alone, Hepworth extended the organization quickly, turning into a pioneer for the advancement of chain stores in Britain. By 1884 the organization had 100 outlets. In 1981, the organization purchased womenswear retailer Kendall and Sons for £1.75 million from the retail aggregate Combined English Stores first Next, shops opened on 12 February 1982.

Kendall’s transformation finished before the finish of 1983. The organization purchased the adolescent brand Lipsy in 2008. In pre-winter 2009, Next propelled an online inventory for the United States offering apparel, shoes, and adornments for ladies, men, and youngsters.


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