HUM TV Drama Mohabbatain Chahatain Full Story, full Cast, Timing, OST, Teaser and Reviews

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Mohabbatain Chahatain Drama Reviews:


Mohabbatain Chahatain Full Cast:

  • Junaid Khan
  • Hira Mani
  • Armeena Rana Khan
  • Ibrahim Alavi
  • Tipu Shareef
  • Ghana Tahir
  • Saife Hasan
  • Sajida Syed
  • Saad Azhar
  • Fatima Malik
  • Noreen Mumtaz
  • Abdul Muqeet

Mohabbatain Chahatain Director and Production:

Samira Fazal

Ali Hassan

Momina Duraid Productions

Mohabbatain Chahatain Release Date:

3, Nov 2020

Mohabbatain Chahatain Timing:

Every Tuesday at 8 PM on Hum TV.

Mohabbatain Chahatain Promos: 


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