HUM TV Drama serial Qurbatain Full cast, Timings, OST, Teasers, Story and Reviews

HUM TV Drama serial Qurbatain Full cast, Timings, OST, Teasers, Story and Reviews

Qurbatain Drama Review

Qurbatain Drama Writer:

Drama serial Qurbatain is written by Rizwan Ahmed.

Qurbatain Drama Director:

Qurbatian is directed by Kamran Akbar Khan.

Qurbatain Drama Producer:

Drama serial Qurbatain is produced by Moomal Production also, Momina Duraid Production.

Qurbatain Drama Timing:

You can watch Qurbatain Drama on Hum TV every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 PM. Also, on HUM TV YouTube Channel.

Qurbatain OST:

OST: Hum Se Kya Bhool Huyi

Lyrics: Qamar Nashad

Singer: Hassan Ali

Composer: Naveed Nashad

D.O.P: Umar Bilal

Qurbatain Drama full Cast

  • Anmol Baloch (Areeba)
  • Komal Meer (Zamal)
  • Shahbaz Shigri
  • Ahmad Taha Gillani
  • Areej Mohyudin
  • Kashif Mehmood
  • Munazzah Arif
  • Laiba Sarfaraz
  • Abbas Ashraf Awan
  • Ahmed Taha Ghani
  • Kamran Hussain
  • Leyla Zubari

Qurbatain Drama Story

Drama is set to air on HUM TV each Monday and Tuesday at 9 pm. The drama serial produced by Rizwan Ahmed, Qurbatain is organized by Kamran Akbar Khan. Its main cast involving Anmol Baloch, Shehbaz Hamid Shigri, Komal Sajid, Arij Moheuddin, Kashif Mahmood, Munazzah Arif, Tahira Imam, Abbas Ashraf Awan, Laiba Sarfaraz, Leyla Zuberi, Ahmed Taha Ghani, Kamran Hussain, Halima, Zain Afzal, and others. Produced by MD Productions, Pakistani drama serial Qurbatain is HUM TV most up to date introduction that revolves around friendship, desire and misleading. Qurabatain is a romantic drama serial throwing exceptionally delightful and innocent Anmol Balooch and extremely attractive Shahbaz Shigri. 

Anmol Baloch was attached to acting since adolescence, in the wake of finishing her studies she began her vocation as a model. Beautiful face and extraordinary aptitudes made her effective in the displaying field. She has worked for acclaimed style architects and prestigious brands. In the wake of getting fruitful in the displaying scene, she began her acting profession with a lead job in Mai Aik Aam Si Larki. 

The story revolves around two companions Zamal (Komal Meer) and Areeba (Anmol Baloch). What's more, Zamal belongs to a wealthy family, and Areeba belongs to a white-collar class family. Areeba and Zamal are dear friends until an attractive person turns into the explanation of their conflicts. Attractive person Shahbaz Shigri experiences passionate feelings for Areeba, yet Zamal cherishes him covertly. Besides, HUM TV Drama serial Qurbatain is a sort of affection triangle. It has a ton of suspense for fans. It's the first-since forever show of Shahbaz Shigri. Before this drama, Shahbaz has worked in motion pictures Verna, Parey Hut love, and a couple more.

According to Drama Reviews, the cinematography looks fantastic with the lead couple connected at the side in the stupendously green peaks. In any case, another young lady is seen continually between the two characters, causing it to appear as though the story will have an affection triangle. Since its five episodes, has got a huge fan base for the storyline. Let’s see what will come up with the next episode.

Qurbatain Drama Teasers


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