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Raqeeb Se is a Pakistani romantic drama series aired on Hum TV from January 20, 2021, to May 26, 2021. It was produced by Momina Duraid, written by Bee Gul, and directed by Kashif Nisar. The story revolves around the complex repercussions of a long-standing love story affecting the lives of its characters. The drama stars Hadiqa Kiani, Nauman Ijaz, and Iqra Aziz, exploring themes of love, regret, and the impact of past decisions on present lives.

Raqeeb Se Drama Review

Drama Raqeeb se
Channel HUM TV
Director Kashif Nisar
Producer Momina Duraid
Starring Hadiqa Kiani, Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed
Writer Bee Gul
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 20 January 2021
IMDB rating N/A
Google Users 93% liked this TV show
Total episodes 23
First episode’s airing date 20 January 2021
Last episode’s date 26 May 2021
Average episode length approx. 35-40 minutes

Raqeeb Se Drama Cast

Actor Character
Faryal Mehmood Insha
Hamza Sohail Abdul Rahman
Hassan Mir Kashif
Saqib Sumeer Rafique
Hadiqa Kiani Sakina
Sania Saeed Hajra
Iqra Aziz Ameera
Salman Shahid Masood
Nauman Ijaz
Saba Faisal Aatqa
Ismat Iqbal Maasi Anaraan

HUM TV Drama Raqeeb Se Storyline

HUM TV Drama Raqeeb Se Storyline

Raqeeb Se is a drama about a woman named Sakina who runs away from her abusive husband and goes to Maqsood, a man who used to love her. Maqsood lives with his wife, Hajra, and their daughter. When Sakina comes to their home, it brings back old feelings and problems. The story shows how everyone’s life changes because of past loves and hurts. It is a tale of love, forgiveness, and the complex feelings between people.

Raqeeb Se Plot Summary

The TV show is about four women and the men in their lives. Sakina leaves her mean husband with her daughter. She goes to Maqsood Sahab’s house, a man she used to love. Their love story is sad but very interesting, and Maqsood’s wife, Hajra, and their daughter, Insha, know all about it. Hajra helps Sakina and her daughter, making them feel better and safe. But Insha feels this is not fair to her mom.

Raqeeb Se Synopsis

Raqeeb Se Synopsis

Raqeeb Se tells the story of Sakina and her daughter, who run away from their cruel husband. She runs away to the house of Maqsood Sahab, the man she used to love. Maqsood’s family, especially his wife Hajra and daughter Insha, are affected by his return because it brings up old feelings and lies. The story develops as it looks at love, betrayal, and forgiveness as they happen in the complicated world of human interactions.

User Reviews

  • Loved Raqeeb Se for its deep storytelling and complex characters. Hadiqa Kiani’s acting debut was phenomenal, and the plot twists kept me hooked until the end.
  • The drama’s portrayal of emotional and psychological depth in relationships is groundbreaking. Each episode felt like a poem, beautifully written and executed.
  • Raqeeb Se is a masterpiece that gracefully explores themes of love, forgiveness, and societal pressures. The soundtrack is also incredibly moving, complementing the story perfectly.
  • While the story is compelling, I found some pacing slow in the middle episodes. However, the performances by the cast, especially Nauman Ijaz and Sania Saeed, were outstanding.
  • This drama is a refreshing break from the usual stories on television. Its unique narrative and strong female characters offer a new perspective on love and loyalty. A must-watch!

Raqeeb Se Awards and Nominations

Year Awards Category Recipient Result
24 September 2022 Hum Awards Best Drama Serial – Popular Momina Duraid Nominated
Best Actress – Popular Hadiqa Kiani Nominated
Iqra Aziz Nominated
Best Actress – Jury Won
Best Actor – Popular Nauman Ijaz Nominated
Most Impactful Character Sania Saeed Won
Best Original Soundtrack Momina Duraid and Hadiqa Kiani Nominated
24 November 2022 Lux Style Awards Best TV Director Kashif Nisar Won
Best TV Writer Bee Gul Nominated
Best TV Actor-Critics’ Choice Nauman Ijaz
Best TV Actress-Critics’ Choice Iqra Aziz
Hadiqa Kiani Won
Best Emerging Talent in TV
Best Ensemble TV Play Raqeeb Se Nominated

Raqeeb Se OST

Raqeeb Se Teaser

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