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Umair Jaswal Biography
Full Name Umair Jaswal
Nick Name Umair Jaswal
Profession Actor, Songwriter, Singer 
Date of Birth December 20, 1986
Birthplace Islamabad, Pakistan
Age 37 years
University Bahria College Islamabad and University of London
Education Masters in Geology
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurement 40-34-16 inches
Hobbies Travelling, Biking, Listening Music
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male
Height 1.85 m
Weight 75 KG
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings 6 brothers (Yasir Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal) and one Sister 
Marital Status Divorced
Wife Name Sana Javed 
Date of Divorce November 28, 2023
kids N/A
Net Worth Approx $10 million

Umair Jaswal’s Introduction

Umair Jaswal Biography

Umair Jaswal is a well-known Pakistani singer, actor, and music producer. Born on December 20, 1986, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Now he is 37 years old. He has become a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. His journey in the music world began in 2008 when he joined the rock band Qayaas, gaining recognition for songs like Tanha and Umeed. Umair’s unique vocal style and engaging performances led him to participate in various seasons of Coke Studio, where he collaborated with notable artists like Atif Aslam and delivered hits such as Charkha Nolakha and Sammi Meri Waar.

Umair Jaswal’s Education

Umair Jaswal’s educational background is rooted in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he completed his high school education at IMCB F-10/3 Islamabad. Following his high school, he initially planned to pursue a career in dentistry and took admission to one of the best dental schools in Pakistan. However, Umair ultimately shifted his focus and enrolled for a degree in geology. He successfully earned his Master’s degree.This educational journey played a significant role in shaping his career, not just in music but also in his acting career.

Umair Jaswal’s Family

umair jaswal family

Umair Jaswal comes from a family with a strong background in both the arts and sciences. His father is a distinguished scientist, contributing significantly in the field of geosciences. His mother is a homemaker who has supported Umair’s artistic pursuits. Umair has a large family with six brothers and one sister. Notably, two of his brothers, Yasir Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal, have also made names for themselves in the music industry as singers and a music director. This blend of scientific and artistic influences in his family has likely played a role in shaping Umair’s multifaceted career in showbiz, music, and acting.

Umair Jaswal’s Marriage with Sana Javed and Divorce

umair jaswal with sana javed

Umair Jaswal was married to Pakistani actress Sana Javed. Their marriage took place on 20 October 2020 in a private nikah ceremony held at Sana’s home in Karachi. This union was quite significant in the entertainment industry, considering both individuals’ fame.

However, their marriage encountered difficulties, and they reportedly hit a rough patch within a year. Unfortunately, the couple eventually divorced on 28 November 2023. The specific reasons for their separation were not publicly disclosed, and the couple maintained privacy regarding the details of their divorce.

Following their separation, Sana Javed went on to marry Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. This development in Sana Javed’s personal life attracted considerable public attention and also garnered a lot of support and sympathy for Umair Jaswal from his fans and followers on social media. They expressed their support and good wishes for him during this challenging phase of his life.  This situation highlights the often-public nature of celebritie’s personal lives and how their fans and the general public react and interact with them during significant life events.

Umair Jaswal’s Acting Career

umair jaswal acting career

Umair Jaswal started his acting career on TV with the show Mor Mahal in 2016. He played a main role, a nawab, with another actor named Meesha Shafi. Umair felt very proud to be in this big show. He was excited to work with talented people and looked forward to the audience seeing it. In 2017, Umair acted in his first movie in the Pakistani film industry, known as Lollywood. The movie was called Yalghaar, and he played the role of Captain Umair.

Umair Jaswal’s Films

Film Role Year
Yalghaar Captain Umair 2017

Umair Jaswal’s TV Dramas

Serial Role Year
Mor Mahal Nawab Asif Jahan 2016

Umair Jaswal’s Music Career

umair jaswal music career

Umair Jaswal began his music career in 2008 by joining a rock band called Qayaas. He became well-known in 2009 because of his songs Tanha and Umeed.

In 2012, he and his band participated in Coke Studio Season 5, where they performed Charkha Nolakha with another famous singer, Atif Aslam. Qayaas released their first album Uss Paar in 2011, and Umair sang the main parts. Two of their songs, Halaak and Inquilaab, were used in the movie Waar. In the next season of Coke Studio, Umair sang alone. His song Khayal was featured both in Coke Studio and the movie Waar.

In 2013, Umair was chosen as a youth ambassador for Pakistan by the International Human Rights Commission. Later, in Coke Studio Season 8, he sang Sammi Meri Waar with Qurat- UL-Ain- Balouch. This song got more than two million views in just two weeks. Umair shared in an interview that he got both positive and negative messages about the song, even from faraway places like Iraq. He said the song was meant to reach a wider audience, and it did.

Umair Jaswal’s Songs

  • Charkla Nolaka – Coke Studio Season 5
  • Khayaal – Coke Studio Season 6
  • Sammi Meri Waar – Coke Studio Season 8
  • Khaki Banda – Coke Studio Season 9
  • Sasu Mangay – Coke Studio Season 9
  • Dam Mast Qalandar – Coke Studio Season 10
  • Chal Raha Hoon – Coke Studio Season 12
  • Har Funn Maula – Coke Studio Season 13

Umair Jaswal’s Net Worth

umair jaswal net worth

Umair Jaswal, a well-known Pakistani singer and actor, has an estimated net worth of about $10 million. This means he has earned a lot of money, around ten million dollars, from his career in music and acting.

Umair Jaswal’s Social Links

Umair Jaswal Instagram Icon Umair Jaswal Twitter X Icon  Umair Jaswal YouTube


Who is Umair Jaswal's wife?

Umair Jaswal was previously married to Pakistani actress Sana Javed. They got married on 20 October2020 but later divorced on 28 November 2023.

How old is Umair Jaswal?

Umair Jaswal was born on December 20, 1986. As of today, he is 37 years old.

Who is Umair?

He is a well-known Pakistani singer, actor, and music producer. He started his career in the music industry in 2008 by joining the rock band Qayaas.

Who are the brothers of Umair Jaswal?

Umair Jaswal has two brothers who are also well-known in the Pakistani entertainment industry. They are Uzair Jaswal and Yasir Jaswal.

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