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Jhooti is a Pakistani drama series that started on ARY Digital in February 2020. It features Iqra Aziz in a leading role alongside her real-life husband, Yasir Hussain, who plays the main antagonist. Syed Ramish Rizvi directs the show​​.

Jhooti Drama Review

Drama Jhooti
Channel Ary Digital
Director Syed Ramish Rizvi
Producer Abdullah Seja
Starring Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain
Writer Ali Moeen
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 1 February 2020
IMDB rating N/A
Google Users 79% liked this TV show
Total episodes 26
First episode’s airing date 1 February 2020
Last episode’s date 25 July 2020
Average episode length 37-45 minutes
Language Urdu

Jhooti Drama Cast

Actor/Actress Role Character Relationship
Iqra Aziz Nirma Main character
Ahmed Ali Butt Nasir Nirma’s ex-husband
Asma Abbas Azra Nirma’s mother
Madiha Rizvi Zubia Ahmed’s wife
Yasir Hussain Ali Nirma’s new husband
Paras Masroor Ahmed Nirma’s brother
Tauqeer Nasir Akbar Nirma’s father
Qasim Khan Majid Nirma’s brother
Mariyam Nafees Saman Majid’s wife
Shaista Jabeen Zubeida Nasir’s mother
Nida Hussain Zara Ali’s ex-friend
Zahid Qureshi Manzoor Nasir’s father
Syeda Iman Zaidi Sameen Nirma’s Bestfriend
Syed Saim Ali Hashim Ali’s friend

Jhooti Drama Episodes List

Ep# Release Date
1 1-February-2020
2 7-February-2020
3 15-February-2020
4 25-February-2020
5 29-February-2020
6 5-March-2020
7 12-March-2020
8 19-March-2020
9 26-March-2020
10 29-March-2020
11 4-April-2020
12 11-2020
13 18-April-2020
14 25-April-2020
15 2-May-2020
16 9-May-2020
17 16-May-2020
18 23-May-2020
19 30-May-2020
20 6-June-2020
21 13-June-2020
22 20-June-2020
23 27-June-2020
24 4-July-2020
25 11-July-2020
26 18-July-2020

Jhooti Drama Storyline

Jhooti Storyline

Jhooti is a drama serial that tells the story of Nirma, a young woman with an ambition for a wealthy lifestyle. Despite belonging to a middle-class family, Nirma’s desire to become rich drives her to lie frequently. These lies are part of her strategy to manipulate situations for her benefit. Her character, portrayed by Iqra Aziz, is central to the unfolding drama, showcasing her skill at deceit.

The plot thickens when Nirma is pressured into marrying Nasir, a simple man who runs a small store and is deeply in love with her. Played by Ahmed Ali Butt, Nasir’s character is the opposite of what Nirma desires in a life partner. This leads to a series of events where Nirma’s continuous fabrications and deceptive tactics come into play as she attempts to disrupt and escape from her life with Nasir. The drama delves into the consequences of lying and deceit, bringing to light various social issues.

Jhooti Drama Plot Summary

The drama serial Jhooti centres around the character Nirma, a young woman who constantly lies to achieve her desires. Nirma, portrayed by Iqra Aziz, is a self-centred and ambitious individual from a middle-class family, dreaming of a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle. Her story takes a turn when she is pressured into marrying Nasir, a simple store owner who deeply loves her, played by Ahmed Ali Butt.

Despite Nasir’s genuine feelings, Nirma despises him as he does not meet her expectations of an ideal partner. As a result, she starts fabricating stories and schemes to escape this unwanted marriage, leading to a series of dramatic events driven by her deceitful actions​​​​.

Jhooti Drama Synopsis

Jhooti Synopsis

Jhooti is a Pakistani drama series that revolves around Nirma, a young, overambitious woman who habitually lies to get what she wants. Nirma is a self-centred girl from a middle-class family with dreams of wealth and luxury. She is forced to marry Nasir, a simple shopkeeper who loves her deeply but whom she despises. Throughout the series, Nirma’s deceitful actions and fabrications create chaos and challenges in her life and those around her​​​​.

Jhooti Drama Awards and Nominations

Date of Ceremony Award Category Recipients Result
November 5, 2021 Pakistan International Screen Awards Best Supporting Actor Ahmed Ali Butt Won

User Reviews

  • The drama has been recognised for its stellar acting, which makes up for the poor writing. Iqra Aziz, in particular, has been praised for her portrayal of Nirma, making her a character everyone loves to hate. The drama faced criticism for its depiction of domestic abuse but is expected to make a larger point in future episodes​​.
  • The review highlights the negative portrayal of Nirma, who is shown as manipulative and deceitful. Despite this, the drama is noted for its engagement with the audience, thanks to the strong performances by the cast​​.
  • This review criticises the drama for normalising stalking and portraying women as gold diggers. It suggests that such content should be avoided as it promotes negative stereotypes​​.
  • The drama is appreciated for shedding light on dark characters in society who don’t get exposed easily. It points out Nirma’s manipulative nature and the consequences of her actions. The review also appreciates the drama for conveying a powerful message about not trusting anyone blindly​​.
  • While acknowledging the drama’s weak screenplay, this review praises the exceptional acting of the cast, particularly Iqra Aziz. It suggests that the drama may address psychological issues as part of its storyline​​.

Jhooti OST Song

Jhooti Teaser and Trailer

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