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Bahawalpur is the 11th largest city in Pakistan and a very beautiful city. It was founded in 1748. It is also known as the city of Nawab. It is famous for its monuments. It lies at the edge of the Cholistan Desert. The Bahawalpur region contains ruins from the Indus valley civilization.

Bahawalpur is known for its crops like cotton, wheat, sunflower, sugarcane, and rice. Its famous fruits are mangoes, dates, and guavas, and these are all exported out of the country. There are many beautiful places in Bahawalpur that are very famous and everyone should visit at least once. In this article, we will discuss some famous places in Bahawalpur City.

Noor Mahal:

Noor Mahal is one of the most famous places in Bahawalpur. It was built in 1872 with a very modern style. Noor Mahal belongs to the Nawab who was the prince of this state during the British Raj. It is a Pakistan army-owned place but open to all public.

There are many old things to see that were Nawab’s used things. There are many old currency and coins there, many old swords are also there that will definitely fascinate you. An old piano and furniture are also there that Nawab used. It is a great place for visitors.

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Derawar Fort:

Derawar Fort is another famous place of Bahawalpur. It is a large square fortress in Ahmadpur Punjab Pakistan. The walls of the Fort have a perimeter of 1500 meters and it is 30 meters high. Derawar fort was built by Rai Jajja Bhatti who was a Hindu ruler in the 9th century AD.

In the 18th century, it was taken over by Muslim Nawab.  It is an important place for tourists in Bahawalpur. A Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally was recently established near the Derawar Fort which is very famous in Pakistan. It has an enormous and amazing structure in the heart of Cholistan.

Head Panjnad:

Panjnad is another famous place near Bahawalpur. It is a great agricultural place where five rivers of Punjab merge. This beautiful area is near Uchh. It is an amazing picnic place for everyone.  It is famous especially for the fresh fish. Panjnad Headworks has three canals. Abbassia canal Abbassia link canal and Panjnad canal are coming from the Panjnad barrage.  Head Panjnad barrage is remodeled in 2020 and now it works more efficiently. Its storing capacity of water is much increased now. Now it has automatic control of gates.

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The Abbasi Royal Graveyard:

Royal graveyards are basically tombing from inside. There are the graves of all Nawabs in the Abbasi Royal graveyard. It is a very historic place and the way this royale graveyard was made is very impressive. It is situated near Derawar, Bahawalpur Punjab. It is one of the famous places for tourists.

Darbar Mahal:

Darbar Mahal is another famous and very beautiful place in Bahawalpur. It was built by Bahawal Khan and it was named ‘Mubarak Mahal’. It was completed in 1905 and it is situated in a 75-acre garden. It is built in Arabic and European styles. Each side of this Mahal has large entrance ways. The third floor of this Mahal is made in a Mughal style Umbrella roof.  It is not open to the general public visit.

Farrukh Mahal:

This beautiful palace lies between the other two places in the compound.  It was constructed by the Ameer Muhammad Bahawal Khan. It was initiated as the royal residence it is a square shape building and it stands on the raised platform. It is different from other palaces, small in height and scale and constructed in a simple way but it is so beautiful and it has a distinct European influence.

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Bahawalpur Central Library:

Bahawalpur central library is the most amazing place in Bahawalpur that everyone should visit by everyone. It is also known as the Sadiq Reading library. It is considered the 2nd largest library in Punjab.  It was founded on 8 March 1924. The whole building was built by Nawabs in a Victorian style. The library has 1000000 books and many old versions of newspapers and historic documents etc. It is open for everyone to visit.

Gulzar Mahal:

Gulzar Mahal is another palace in Bahawalpur that is situated with Farrukh Mahal and Darbar Mahal. It was built between 1906 and 1909 for the residence of female members of the royal family. It is sounded by a large garden. It is built so beautifully and with a different style than other palaces. It was leased by the army in 1966 and now it is not open for the general public.

Abbasi Jamia Masjid:

It is a most beautiful mosque that is famous in Bahawalpur City. It is situated near the Derawar Fort in the Cholistan desert. It is basically located in Yazman Tehsil. It was built in 1849 by Nawab Bahawal Khan. It is constructed so beautifully and with a great passion. Its interior is very amazing which makes it more attractive. It’s open to the general public and anyone can visit this.

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