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Multan is entirely the historical city of Pakistan that is comprehended as a home of considerable ethnic accumulations; It is the most virtuous city of Pakistan, comprising several beliefs. The influential belief that occurred in Multan was certainly bestowing enlargement to its mysterious side called Sufism. This state fascinated multiple Sufis across the realm and was consequently titled Gada O Goristan, the city of treasure, Sufis, and drifters.

The town contains Sufi shrines, which even today is the hub of attraction for any tourist. Some of the well-known shrines in Multan encompass Multani Sheikh Baha-ud-Din, Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal, Shams Ud Din, and Shah Rukn-e-Alam. Unfortunately, today the notion of Sufism and its propaganda is at its smallest and factually have become a portion of our chronology or tourism points.

Their Sufi ballads and kalams are fading away slowly and gradually from our culture but are grabbing incredible importance in Multan.

Communication in Multan

Multani is one of the ancient languages articulated in southern Punjab. It is a language of Punjabi and is a combination of Jhangochi of Punjabi and Sindhi. Saraiki is the modern term for this language, but for centuries, Multani was inhabited. It is generally spoken in Multan District and Adjacent District. This whole area has virtually the same beliefs, traditions, and sophistication.

About Multan

The Multan City of Pakistan came into culmination 65 years ago, comprising multiple archaic communities whose chronology can be sketched behind in the period of Aryans and vanquisher Alexander the great.

The country’s recent backbone is Multan. This city is giving birth to a community of more than 8 million. It is one of the country’s vastly prominent industrial nuclei.

Conventional Dress

Multan is well-known for its Multani gowns, primarily for women. The dresses are compelled with elegant needlework and carry a very ethnic sight to them. The suit for men involves lungi and shalwar kameez. Another ingredient in its suit code involves the Multani Khussas. Nowadays, these khussas are in tradition and are urged by women all over Pakistan. This need has raised the cost of this output and has given rise to it.

As Multan is a city of Historical embodiments, so there are many famous places in Multan. We have compiled the top#11 favorite places in Multan just for you! Stay with us till the end.

Multan Museum

Multan Museum is a chronological site. It has a vast bunch of coins, medals, postage seals of the prior State of Bahawalpur. It furthermore includes articles, detailed descriptions, forest carvings, camel-skin masterpieces, chronological prototypes, and ornament carvings of the Islamic and Pre-Islamic intervals.

Punjab Parliament is laboring to give rise to a recent Multan museum space by renovating the prominent Ghanta Ghar tower into a new Museum building.

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The city of Sufis is popular because of the abode of many mausoleums. The best-remembered mausoleums are Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakaria, Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Hazrat Shamsuddin Sabzwari, Mausoleum of Musa Pak Shaheed, Mausoleum of Shah Gardez, and Mausoleum of Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Multani. Their architecture is too cultural and compels them a must-visit.

Shah Yousaf Gardez

The monument of Muhammad Yousaf Gardezi is inside the Bohar Gate. It is a rectangular domeless construction adorned with glazed tiles, an art of significant elegance.

Bahauddin Zakaria

The Fort site’s primary enchantment is the Mausoleum of Sheikh Baha-Uddin Zakariya (the jewel of the Faith) and Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fath (World’s pillar). The Mausoleum was virtually destroyed during the blockade of 1848 but was immediately renovated by the Muslims.

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Shah Shams

He perished in 1276 AD, and his grandson in 1330 AD created his memorial. It was renovated by one of his proponents in 1718 AD. It is chiefly conceded that Shah Shams Tabrez performed many wonders. So much so that he once asked the sun to come down and, the luminary moved so near that the fish carried in his hand was scorched.

Shah Rukn-E-Alam

The shrine of Rukn-i-Alam is the recognition of Multan. The most notable thing which can be recognized from miles all around is an enormous dome from all sides. This dome is the tomb of Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fath, typically known by the possession Rukn-e-Alam (pillar of the world). The shrine is tracked down on the southwest side of the Fort theories.

Multan Fort

The Fort area currently looks like a city component because instead of the stream, it is presently detached by a highway that looks more like a market and stays clustered the whole day. Nonentity knows when Multan Fort came into existence, but it was there. It was adored and dreamed of by the kings and governors throughout the centuries. It was contemplated as one of the nicest forts of the sub-continent from the security and architectural viewpoints.

There are many famous hotels in Multan. If you visit Multan and want to stay in Multan for some days, these hotels will surely be your first choice.

Hotel A-One

Hotel A-One is a small, elegant hotel located in Multan, Pakistan. The hotel is constructed near Multan International Airport and has compartments with tremendous views of the surrounding. The hotel’s compartments have a toilet, a terrace, an air conditioner, and a Television with cable services available.

Tourists who crave continental and Pakistani food can order various continental and Pakistani food via room service.

Babysitting and laundry are provided onsite at further fees. Onsite parking is convenient. Safety guards and oversight cameras inspect the hotel’s assumptions. Hotel A-One is a 10-minute road to Multan International Airport.

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Sunrise Guest House

Sun Rise Guest House is situated at High Court Chowk, Multan. Public WiFi is accessible within the speculations. Each air-conditioned compartment at the guest house has a bathroom, a telephone, a television with cable service, a couch, a closet, and a refrigerator. Breakfast is free, and kitchen conveniences are available.

Hotel Decent Lodge

Hotel Decent Lodge is located near Khanewal Road in Multan. The hotel points up tastefully constructed rooms and presents available WiFi to all tourists.

All rooms are manufactured and fitted with glistening floor tiles. Each room has a fan, a dresser, a Television with satellite acceptance, and a bathroom.

The onsite diners fulfill a bundle of Pakistani meals and recipes. Banquets can be appreciated in the joint dining.

Qasim Bagh Stadium

The Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium, formerly recognized as the Old Fort Stadium, is a numerous-use stadium in Multan, Pakistan. It is nowadays utilized often for football and cricket. Multan hosted a Test Match in this stadium in 1980. The stadium operated 18,000 and was inaugurated in 1975.

The stadium is titled in recognition of Imād ad-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Qāsim at-Thaqafī, who captured Sindh and Multan areas along with the River Indus in the eighth century.

Jamia Nizamia Ghousia

Darul Uloom Jamia Nizamia Ghousia is the Islamic institute of Sunni Muslims. It was built by Mohammad Abdul Ghafoor Hazarvi, where he worked as the Mohatmim and Mufti. Next on, his heir Mufti Abdul Shakoor Hazarvi took over as Mohatmim till April 2010. The Jamia has prominently recognized the great Ulama and Huffaz of Holy Quran and Hadith it delivered. It maintains the belief of the Darul Uloom operation launched by Darul Uloom Bareily.

All the students reside in the madrasah. The Jamiah provides free education to all pupils and also gives them textbooks. Those students who attain an excellent result in the examination are rewarded. Furthermore, the Jamiah renders 500 strays and feeble and depressed pupils with food and benevolence.

Ghanta Ghar of Multan

Ghanta Ghar, or the famous Clock Tower of Multan, was constructed in 1884 A.D. during the ruling period of the Britishers. After spending the community act of 1883, the British lacked offices to manage the city. They began creating Ghanta Ghar in Multan on 12 February 1884, and it took four years to build this building ultimately. It was built over the ruins of Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai, which was utterly destroyed during the Siege of Multan.

The hall or edifice was entitled ‘Ripon Hall and Ripon Building’ after Ripon, a representative of India at that interval. The clock tower was termed Northbrook Tower after Northbrook, a former representative of India.

This tower was finalized, inaugurated, and offices displaced in the year 1888.

Hall was called ‘Jinnah Hall’ after Pakistan’s independence in 1947 and is managed for official conferences, developmental programs, and the populace was also authorized to enter here.

Over time, this building became inadequate for offices, and a small hall was also insufficient for conferences, so offices were displaced from here. Presently the idea is to transform this historic structure into a museum.

The Multan Cantt

Multan Cantt or the Multan Cantonment is a cantonment in Multan, close to the Multan city, in Punjab province, Pakistan. Multan Cantt is situated in the city’s southwest, possessing coordinates 30.18°N 71.46°E.

You can reach Multan Cantt through Sher Shah, Road Multan, and an industrial estate area. If you want to reach out to the Multan Industrial Area, you will travel through Sher Shah Road Multan and arrive at the Cantt. All FGEIS institutions are also found on the Sher Shah Road, Multan.

The cantonment has Bazaars comprising Sadar Bazaar for purchasing holding many stores, industrial factories and supermarkets, and eateries. It has an international airport and a railway station. The cantonment has the most prominent park in the city, Cantonment Garden, also called Cantt Garden or Company Garden. The lake at Fort Park is also situated in Multan Cantt.

There are also many dwellings and residence projects commenced in the city. It has institutions, universities, and many collegiate institutions. Multan Cantt is one of the most populated areas in Multan, same as Qasim Bela, Gulshan Market, and Hussain Agahi Bazaar. Sohan Halwa is the popular food of the Cantt.

Multan Cricket Stadium

Multan Cricket Stadium is a multiple ambitions arena in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, possessed by the Pakistan Cricket Board. The stadium is situated off Vehari Road, in the neighborhoods of Multan. It is the second-enormous cricket stadium in Pakistan, with the capability of holding 30,000.

Pakistan hosted the first test match in 2001, Pakistan versus Bangladesh, for the Asian Test Victory. The stadium hosts both kinds of global cricket, Analysis cricket and Single Day International. The terrain was opened in 2001 as a replacement for the Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium positioned in Multan.

Floodlights were recently installed to make day/night cricket matches possible. The first day/night game played at this ground was between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

Chenab River Bank

Chenab River has a vast chance to enjoy the picnic of Multan communities. The cold climate is ideal weather to visit this Chenab River. In winter, you can quite ride on the river. Many pulsations are favored on the water’s surface during the summer season when the river can be extra dangerous. A lot of eyes are seen on the horse and camel ride on the bank.

Hussain Agahi Bazar

Hussain Bazaar engages you to regain a market, but it lacks a listing of any goods. Hussain Bazaar is the most extensive market in Multan, believes about a commodity solely about it, and you consider examining it. The cost is outspoken to consult. It is more delicate needlepoint footwear and Multan knitted suits.

Multan Art Gallery

Multan Arts Council is located in Multan city of Pakistan and was founded under the Punjab Council of Arts (PUCAR) Lahore in 1975 as its regional center of Multan.

In the Multan Art Gallery, a massive number of historical paintings about industrial and artistic life. Most of these decorations are original paintings created by confined quality.

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