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YIFY Torrents, commonly known as YTS, has etched its name prominently in the torrenting world. This platform has become immensely popular for its extensive library of movies. Its ability to offer high-quality content with relatively small file sizes sets YTS apart in the torrenting community. This distinction has led to an increased interest in YTS proxy sites, which serve as vital access points for users worldwide.

Brief History of YIFY Torrents (YTS)

YIFY Torrents, which began its journey in the early 2010s, quickly became a go-to source for high-definition movies. Yiftach Swery, the founder, lent his name (YIFY) to these torrents, establishing a brand that stood for quality and reliability. Despite facing numerous challenges, YIFY Torrents evolved, leading to the emergence of YTS. This evolution also prompted the need for YTS proxy sites to continue serving a global audience.

Importance of YTS in the Torrenting Community

In the torrenting community, YTS is more than just a source of movies; it represents accessibility. YTS has democratized access to movie content by offering high-quality downloads, especially for those with limited bandwidth. This has further increased the relevance of YIFI Torrents proxy and YTS proxy sites, as they provide essential gateways to this valued content, ensuring that YTS remains accessible even in regions where it is directly unavailable.

In the following sections, we will explore why YTS proxy sites are necessary, provide an updated list of YTS proxy sites for 2023, and delve into alternatives to YTS, ensuring that readers are well-informed about safely accessing their favorite content through YTS and its proxies.


This article is intended for informational purposes only. The author and the website do not endorse or promote the use of YTS (YIFY Torrents), its proxies, or any other torrent sites. The content provided is aimed at educating readers about the technical aspects and safe practices related to torrenting. Neither the author nor the website shall be liable for any losses, damages, legal consequences, or any other repercussions arising from the use of information contained in this article. Readers are advised to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in their respective jurisdictions and exercise caution and responsibility when using torrent sites.

Updated List of YTS Proxy Sites for 2023

Here’s an updated list of YTS proxy sites for 2023.

SR# Proxy / Mirror URL Status Speed
1. http://www.yify-movies.net Online Very Fast
2. https://yts.unblocked.pub/ Online Very Fast
3. https://yts.am/ Online Very Fast
4. https://yts.unblocked.vet/ Online Very Fast
5. https://yts.bypassed.in/ Offline Very Fast
6. https://yts.unblocked.gdn/ Online Very Fast
7. http://yify.rocks/ Online Very Fast
8 https://www.yifytorrent.xyz/ Offline Fast
9 https://yts.sc/ Offline Fast
10. http://yify.live/ Offline Fast
11. http://yify.is/ Online Normal
12. https://yifymovies.me/ Offline Very Fast
13. https://yts.gs/ Online Very Fast
14. https://yts.unlockproj.club/ Offline Normal
15. https://yts.unblocked.team/ Offline Very Fast
16. https://yts.bypassed.wtf/ Online Normal
17. https://www4.yify.is/ Online Fast
18. http://www.yify-movies.net/ Online Fast
19. https://yts.bypassed.ws/ Online Fast
20. https://yts.unblocked.vet/ Online Very Fast

Understanding the Need for YTS Proxy Sites

Due to legal pressures and ISP blockades, direct access to YTS has become increasingly challenging. This has led to the rise of proxy sites, which serve as a bridge for users to access YTS content without direct interaction with the site itself.

Users often encounter issues like site blocking, legal constraints, and security risks. This is where YTS proxy sites come into play, providing an alternative pathway to the same content.

Exploring Alternatives to YTS

YTS has been a popular choice for movie torrents, but the torrenting world is vast, with several noteworthy alternatives. Including ExtraTorrent and 1337x alongside The Pirate Bay and RARBG, let’s delve into what each platform offers:

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Proxy List and Mirror Links - Unblock PirateBay

  • Content Range: A vast collection including movies, TV shows, music, games, software, and more.
  • User Experience: Simple, straightforward interface, but caution is needed against misleading links.
  • Accessibility: Frequently faces downtimes but remains accessible through mirrors and proxy sites.


1377x proxy site

  • Overview: Known for its appealing interface and well-organized torrents.
  • Content Range: Offers a wide variety, including movies, TV shows, music, games, and software.
  • User Experience: Easy to navigate with helpful user comments and ratings.
  • Accessibility: Operates through various domains and mirrors, often requiring a VPN for access.


  • Overview: Renowned for high-quality torrents and an active community.
  • Content Range: Specializes in the latest movies, TV shows, games, and software.
  • User Experience: Detailed descriptions and user feedback enhance download decisions.
  • Accessibility: Accessible through proxies and VPN services in regions where it is blocked.


ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites

  • Overview: ExtraTorrent was once one of the largest torrent sites, known for its vast index of torrents.
  • Content Range: Offered a diverse selection, including movies, TV series, music, games, software, and more.
  • User Experience: Featured a clean interface with an active community, providing reliable torrent files.
  • Accessibility: Though it was officially shut down, there are clone websites that claim to be its reincarnation. However, caution is advised when accessing these sites.

Comparing These Alternatives to YTS

  • Content Variety: While YTS focuses on movies, The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, and ExtraTorrent (when it was active) offered a broader spectrum of content.
  • Specialization: YTS is favored for its compact high-quality movie files. RARBG shines in new movie releases, The Pirate Bay and 1337x present a more varied selection, and ExtraTorrent was known for its extensive database.
  • Community Engagement: Platforms like 1337x and RARBG have active user communities that provide valuable insights through comments and ratings, aiding in the assessment of torrent quality.

In summary, while YTS holds its ground in the torrenting scene, especially for movies, exploring alternatives like The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, and ExtraTorrent (with caution) can expand your horizons to a more diverse range of content. Remember, safety is paramount, so employ VPNs, ad-blockers, and updated antivirus software when accessing these sites.

How Do YTS Proxies Work?

Understanding the mechanics behind YTS proxies is key to appreciating their role in the torrenting landscape. Let’s break down how these proxies function and their significance in providing access to YTS content.

The Role of Proxies as Intermediaries

  • Rerouting Requests: When you access a YTS proxy site, your internet request is rerouted through different servers. This means that instead of connecting directly to the YTS website, your connection request goes through another server that forwards your request to YTS.
  • Masking IP Addresses: This rerouting process masks your actual IP address. The YTS website sees the IP address of the proxy server, not yours. This is crucial for maintaining anonymity online, as your real IP address can reveal your location and internet service provider.

Bypassing ISP Restrictions

  • Overcoming Blockades: Many ISPs block access to torrent sites like YTS due to legal pressure or copyright regulations. Proxies provide an alternate route to these sites, effectively bypassing blocks imposed by ISPs.
  • Geo-Restrictions: Proxies can also circumvent geo-restrictions. For example, if YTS is not accessible in your country, a proxy server located in a country where YTS is available can provide access.

Maintaining Anonymity and Security

  • User Anonymity: By hiding your actual IP address, proxies add a layer of anonymity to your online activities. This can protect you from being tracked by third parties, including ISPs and copyright watchdogs.
  • Security Considerations: While proxies offer a degree of security, it’s important to remember that not all proxy sites are secure. Some may be operated by malicious actors who could intercept your data. Hence, it’s advisable to use a reputable VPN service in conjunction with proxies for enhanced security.

Enhanced Privacy

  • Privacy Protection: By using a proxy, your browsing history related to YTS access is not visible to your ISP. This helps protect your privacy, as your online activities are less exposed to external monitoring.
  • Limits of Proxies: It’s important to note that while proxies offer privacy benefits, they don’t encrypt your data like VPNs. For complete privacy and security, using a VPN in addition to proxies is recommended.

Safe Torrenting Practices

In the dynamic and often uncertain world of torrents, engaging in safe torrenting practices is crucial. This not only helps in protecting your personal data but also ensures that you are on the right side of the law. When it comes to torrenting, whether it’s through YTS (YIFY Torrents) or any other site, certain guidelines should always be followed.

Prioritizing Your Digital Security

Use a Reliable VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential tool for anyone using torrent sites like YTS. A VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet traffic, and helps keep your online activities private. This is particularly important in regions where accessing torrent sites can lead to legal issues. Look for VPNs with strong encryption standards and a no-logs policy to ensure maximum anonymity.

Install Robust Antivirus Software

Torrent files can sometimes be a breeding ground for malware and viruses. To mitigate this risk, always have updated antivirus software running on your device. This software acts as a defense mechanism, scanning downloaded files from YTS proxy sites or other torrent platforms and alerting you to potential threats.

Legal Considerations

Be Aware of Copyright Laws

Understanding the copyright laws in your jurisdiction is vital. Not all content available on YTS and other torrent sites is legal to download. Downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal in many countries and can result in severe penalties. It’s essential to stay informed and cautious about the content you choose to download.

Ethical Torrenting

While torrent technology itself is not illegal, it’s important to consider the ethical implications of your torrenting activities. Respect the work of content creators and seek to access content legally whenever possible. Supporting creators ensures the continued production of quality content.

Best Practices for Downloading Torrents

Choose Torrents Wisely

Selecting the right torrents is more than just about quality. Look for torrents with a high number of seeders and positive comments. This not only ensures a faster download but also indicates that the file is reputable and less likely to contain harmful software.

Avoid Suspicious Torrents

Be cautious of torrents that seem too good to be true or are from unknown sources. Torrents with unusually small file sizes or those that lack user feedback should be approached with caution. Always verify the authenticity of the torrent and the reputation of the uploader.

Alternatives to YIFI – YTS Proxy

Should you encounter issues accessing the YTS proxies, consider these alternative torrent websites and their corresponding proxy lists:


The world of torrenting, exemplified by platforms like YTS and its myriad of proxy sites, presents a complex landscape of opportunities and challenges. This article has explored the history, importance, and technical underpinnings of YTS, along with the necessity of proxy sites in the current digital climate. We delved into the alternatives to YTS, the workings of proxies, and the fundamentals of torrent technology.

Most importantly, we emphasized safe torrenting practices, underlining the significance of legal considerations and ethical responsibilities. The digital age offers vast resources at our fingertips, and with informed and prudent use, torrenting can be a part of this expansive digital universe. However, it’s crucial to navigate this realm with awareness and respect for the law and content creators.

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