How to Unblock TamilRockers | Use TamilRockers in 2020 with Proxy / VPN

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TamilRockers is a website where various language movies are illegally sharing on the Internet like; Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, English. It belongs to the Torrent category. It does not have a server of its own but converts users’ computers into servers (Peer to Peer). Software is required to download the data contained in it, for example, “Utorrent”. This software allows you to download data from the Tamil Rockers website. There are many other unblocking services which allow you to stream online.

New films are being circulated on the Internet when they were screened as a challenge to the Tamil Film Producers Association. Kaurishankar was arrested on suspicion of being the website owner, but the investigation revealed that he had no connection with the website. The detective film released on the day of his arrest was first released on the Tamil Rockers website.

History of TamilRokers

Tamil Rockers was officially launched in November 2011. There are many Tamil Rockers admins. They are thought to be operating from Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Tamil rockers have grown exponentially with the advent of technology to download movies even on mobile phones. Although there is no charge for downloading movies on this website, there is a popup promo download along with the download. They make millions a month from that ad alone.

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Unblock TamilRockers by using VPN

If you cannot reach the TamilRockers site, you should use a VPN to unblock the website.

The easiest way to unblock the TamilRockers website is to use a VPN. A VPN is an application that lets you trick the Internet into believing that you are browsing from the country of your choice. It also hides your IP address and encrypts everything you do online, making you invisible and untraceable.

Guide to use VPN for TamilRockers

Download and install it

In all fairness, downloading and installing couldn’t be easier. If you are on a computer, go to the provider’s website and download your device’s application. Then follow the guide.

Identify yourself

You need to identify yourself using your login details entered when subscribing to the offer. In rare exceptional cases, you will not have to identify yourself to start using your VPN.

Choose a server to connect to

you will have a list of countries, and servers, in which you will need/be able to choose a server. By linking to this server, you will encrypt your data and automatically change your IP address.

Check that it is working correctly

Make sure the IP that appears is different from the one you had before connecting to the VPN. To do this, do the before / after test and see if that changes well.

Step by Step Process For Unblocking TamilRockers

Step 1: Using DNS to unblock TamilRockers

Change your DNS on Mac: change your DNS on Mac; it’s straightforward: go to System Preferences / Network / Advanced / DNS. Add here the DNS you want (list below) by clicking on the + at the bottom left.

Change your DNS on Windows: go to Network and Sharing Center Then Change card settings. Right-click on your connection then Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and fill in the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server boxes at the bottom.

Change your DNS on Ubuntu / Gnome: go to System Settings / Network / Options / IPV4 or IPV6 / DNS. This is where you can override your DNS.

Note that you can also change the IPv6 DNS.

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Step 2: Use VPN for unblocking

A VPN is an essential security tool for protecting your privacy online. Without a VPN, your internet connection can be easily detected and monitored by other people. These include your browsing history, downloaded files, online banking details, and passwords.

Everything can be traced back to your device using your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your IP address reveals your physical location and can be used to locate you in real-time. It’s like sending postcards: anyone can read the message and see your name and address.

But when you are connected to a VPN, your internet activity is encrypted, and your real IP address is hidden. No one can see who you are or what you do, not even Internet Service Providers (ISPs), authorities, or hackers.

Step 3: Access TamilRockers by resetting your proxy setting

You are unable to browse the website. This may be from your computer’s network settings. We invite you to restore these settings.

Proxy resetting process for windows 10.

  1. Access your computer’s Settings

– Select the Windows menu

– Select Settings

  1. Select Network and Internet
  2. Select at the bottom Network reset
  3. Select Reset Now
  4. Select Yes
  5. Select Close

Note: The computer will restart.

Alternatives to TamilRockers

Should you encounter issues accessing the TamilRockers proxies, consider these alternative torrent websites and their corresponding proxy lists:

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