The 10 Best Torrent Sites (That Really Work) in 2020

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There are hundreds of torrent sites out there, but many don’t work, and most are insecure. So how do you get your fill of torrents without wasting time on dangerous sites? Don’t worry; gossip has the solution. tested 35 of the most reputable torrent sites to compare their speeds, catalogue size, and ease of use, and we found the 10 best torrent sites of 2020. The websites we recommend work and are secure, and will help you download what you want quickly, and without being targeted by hackers.

We’ll prove to you that torrents (and torrent sites) are not dead. It just takes a little longer to find the happy hides that still work. I did all the work for you, and here are the top 10 torrent sites that still work.

The Best Torrent Sites, Still Working in 2020

These sites have been thoroughly tested and worked 100% when last updated.


1. The Pirate Bay: The Best Torrent Site Overall

  • The world’s most popular torrent site
  • Has escaped multiple closures and blockages
  • VIP / Trusted User Labels which let you know directly which torrents are legitimate and secure

The Pirate Bay, for its part, is a website (also known as a “directory”) that lists millions of torrents, which hosts them and which allows people to download the magnetic links of these files. The Pirate Bay website is very easy to use, this directory has a huge catalog of files with notices and information on each one.

After clicking on the object of your choice, you download a magnetic link to your desktop. Open this magnetic link using your BitTorrent client: and the download will start right away!

Average download speed: 6.2 MB/s

A few things to know about

  • The Pirate Bay does not host any torrent files, only their magnet links.
  • Clicking on a magnetic link will open an uTorrent dialogue window and start fetching the torrent content from its magnetic link.
  • Therefore, it may take some time to display the content (file), depending on your connection and the popularity of the file.
  • In uTorrent settings, select the “Store. torrent” and choose its location: it is in this directory that your files will be downloaded.


2. RARBG: The Best for New Content

  • Active community, lots of seeding
  • Wide variety of torrents, newer and older
  • Top 10 Movies, Series, Music and many other categories

If you are looking for new and cutting-edge torrent files, the best website is RARBG. It’s a page that has a very active user community and offers an extensive catalogue of new and old torrents.

In addition, RARGB also offers a list of top 10 very varied content such as series, movies, music, etc. RARBG will let you know about the most popular files in the community, so you can easily download and enjoy them whenever you want.

This site has been active since 2008 and is today one of the best known for offering high-quality torrents. Moreover, it is a very well-designed portal for the user so that you can easily navigate through all of its content and not miss out on what this site has to offer you.

Average download speed: 6.1 MB/s


3. 1337x: Best Torrent Search Options

  • Excellent choice of movies, series, games, and music
  • Useful search features: Oscar nominations, new episodes, catalogues
  • A redesigned interface improves the tracker

We continue with this selection of the best torrent sites to tell you now about 1337x, a perfect page to consult the large catalogue of content that is at your disposal.

This site offers an abundant catalogue of films, series, music, and games, and, to help you filter your search better, it presents various exciting features: nominated for awards such as the Oscars, series with new chapters, etc.

The 1337x interface has been recently renovated, and this now allows it to offer a very intuitive and user-friendly design. Therefore, you can go through all the sections of the page in an effortless way, which will let you experience all that it has to offer.

In case you run out of creativity, nothing happens! In 1337x, they suggest some viral content among its users so that you can find the option that best suits what you are looking for.

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s


4. TorLock: The Best for Manga and Ebooks

  • Wide range of manga, eBooks, and music
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • List of the 100 best torrents to help you find the best content

This is another of the best torrent sites out there today, and most importantly, it specializes in offering anime, eBook, and music torrents. In TorLock, you will also find torrent recommendations in its Top 100 list where the most popular among users are included. That way, if you’re not sure what to download, you can take inspiration from this compilation, which brings you the best of the best the web is showing you.

At TorLock, we find a very modern and current design. As we commented, TorLock is suitable for people who are looking for high-quality anime content or digital books to read.

Average download speed: 4.4 MB/s


5. Torrentz2: The Best for Music

  • A wide variety of musical torrents
  • Ultra-easy to use
  • Low profile

But if you want to download music files, one of the best torrent websites you have at your disposal is Torrentz2. Here you will find a wide variety of freely and securely downloadable files.

This is a very simple website to use as it has a very intuitive design. This website is a new version of the old Torrents, and, therefore, we find some elements that will be known to us: a minimalist interface and a firm commitment to music content.

It’s one of the most trusted trackers in the industry and where you can find all the music you can imagine, and so much more!

Average download speed: 2.0 MB/s


6. YTS: The Best for Movie Classics

  • Huge selection of classic and hard-to-find movies
  • Ideal for users with limited bandwidth
  • Easy to navigate content

YTS focuses exclusively on movies. The well-thought-out site and the huge variety of movies make it the perfect torrent site for movie buffs. Torrents are also low in bandwidth, which is one of the biggest advantages of this site.

Overall, YTS is the audience’s darling for movies, but since it doesn’t offer other categories, you’ll have to go with another site for games, music, and series.

Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s


7. EZTV: The Best for Series

  • An incredible variety of series
  • Very active community, many new episodes added daily
  • Super easy to use

EZTV has seen a lot of twists and turns, but it’s a thing of the past. It’s one of the best torrent sites for series right now, with loads of active users. Here you’ll find all your TV content, from the latest blockbuster series to talk shows to NASCAR races.

Its interface may look dated, but it is very easy to use, and that is the main thing. The most popular series have their page on the site, where you’ll find well-organized lists of all available episodes.

Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s


8. Zooqle: Best Torrent Site for Games

  • Over 3.5 million verified torrents
  • The right balance between video games and software
  • A big community for a recent site

Zooqle offers more than 37,000 films and more than 600 series. Impressive for such a new site in the torrent industry.

Its interface is acceptable but could benefit from some improvements. But it’s still an easy-to-use torrent site with the resources to help you find what you’re looking for. Many loyal users love the direction Zooqle has taken in its development, so it’s safe to bet that its popularity will continue to grow.

Average download speed: 2.6 MB/s


9. TorrentDownloads: Best for Little-known Torrents

  • Comprehensive and well-organized torrent catalogue
  • Easy to use
  • Unfortunately blocked in many countries.

TorrentDownloads is another popular torrent site, mainly because it is very well organized. If other sites don’t give results, this one is your best chance at finding that old, rarely used software you’ve been looking for a long time, or a little-known eBook that you want to re-read.

But beware: since TorrentDownloads doesn’t accurately keep a low profile, it may be blocked in your country.

Average download speed: 2.8 MB/s


10. Kickass Torrents: The Best Plan B

  • A bright and simple interface
  • Most torrents come from larger sites
  • Poor torrent quality and a lack of seeders can occasionally be a problem.

Kickass Torrents is a safe alternative if your favourite torrenting site isn’t working, but it has drawbacks. One of the advantages of this site, its excellent user experience, which comes from its simple and well thought out organization. The latest outings benefit from many seeders and high speeds.

However, old torrents are often overlooked. It doesn’t come from the site itself, but I recommend it more as a back-up plan rather than a first choice due to its inconsistency.

Average download speed: 3.7 MB/s

Why You Can’t Access Some Torrent Sites

ISPs around the world are under pressure from the government to block torrent sites. In an attempt to prevent illegal torrent downloads, governments are blocking thousands of users from accessing secure and legal P2P platforms.

In some cases, government agencies have managed to shut down some P2P sites like TamilRockers torrent site and ExtraTorrent permanently.

Don’t be surprised if one day you can’t get to your favourite torrent sites, and you have to look for alternative sites.

Often, the most popular torrent sites are blocked in certain countries. Google has taken steps to prevent users from accessing many torrent sites by removing them from search results. Chrome’s AdBlock extension is also known to block torrent trackers.

You must have a VPN for Downloading Torrents!

Most torrent sites explicitly tell you to use a VPN before downloading anything, and for very good reasons. Even the most reputable torrent sites are dangerous. VPNs use IP encryption and masking technologies to hide your browsing activity, location, and personal data from hackers.

Depending on where you live, downloading torrents may be illegal. If you don’t take precautions, the consequences of downloading torrents can be severe, ranging from warning of copyright infringement in your mailbox to painful fines, arrests, and the threat of jail.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that even in the many countries where downloading torrents its legal, downloading copyrighted material is not.  Also, keep in mind that Gossip is not encouraging illegal activity.”

For example, your ISP may intentionally limit your bandwidth when it detects heavy data usage. This can slow down your connection significantly, making torrent downloads incredibly slow, which is frustrating when you’re just trying to watch your favourite movie. If torrent downloads are blocked in your country, a VPN can bypass these blocks while protecting your anonymity. If you are looking for a secure and reliable service, check out our top 10 torrent VPNs.

Using the right VPN will help you get around these obstacles. Here’s why VPNs are crucial for smooth and secure torrent downloading:


The encryption of a VPN makes your traffic and data untraceable. A VPN secures your IP address hidden, and you appear in a different place when you download torrents. There is no way anyone can access what you download or where you download it from.


It is not uncommon to try to access a torrent site and find that it is not available in your country (or blocked by your ISP). VPNs allow you to connect to servers in other countries. You can use this perk to bypass geo-blocks and download torrents from your favourite sites no matter where you are.

No limits

If your ISP is limiting your connection, using a VPN is a great solution. Hiding your traffic prevents anyone other than your VPN provider from linking your activities to you.

Which Torrent Site is the Fastest?

Speed ​​tests

It is important to note that a torrent site will not give you better speeds. What is important is the ratio and number of seeders and leechers (those offering the torrent / those who download it) for a given torrent.

That being said, here are the results of the speed tests I ran on the above 10 torrent sites using NordVPN, the VPN our readers recommend the most:

Torrent size: ~ 1 GB

Seeder/leecher ratio: approx. 80%

Connection speed: 75 MB / s

Average download speed (without VPN): 6.5 MB / s

Average download speed (with NordVPN): 6.3



Average speed (MB / s)

Average speed (MB / s)

# 1 Fastest Torrents Site




# 2




# 3




# 4




# 5




# 6

Kickass Torrents



# 7




# 8




# 9




# 10




As you can see, all of the sites have broadly acceptable speeds, and The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and Torrentz2 are in the lead. NordVPN gave us impressive results with an average speed of 6.3MB/s, which is a drop of just 3% of our average download speeds without a VPN.

Number of torrents

I did three different popular searches on each site to see where I would get the most results.


Ariana Grande, Thank U, Next (Music)

Captain Marvel 2019 (Movie)

Game of Thrones (Series)

The Pirate Bay



32 192















17 104







2 953



3 355

Kickass Torrents




It is not a surprise; it is on The Pirate Bay that I had the most results for Game of Thrones. Playoff addicts shouldn’t have a hard time getting their fill. Torrentz2 is second but is close to the winner, while EZTV, from which I had high expectations since it is a dedicated series site, was quite disappointing.

If this is the music you are looking for, Torrentz2 is your best option. This site also did very well in the movies and series categories, which makes it a good all-round option. And it was Zooqle who gave me the best results in terms of films.


❓ If I get caught downloading torrents, then What happens next?

It depends. If you download open-source software or non-copyrighted content, you are not at risk. If your torrents contain content that is copyrighted or otherwise protected, you could be fined or face other legal action. This is why it is best to use a VPN when downloading torrents, in case you accidentally download something prohibited. A VPN hides your IP address and prevents anyone from linking to your downloads.

📁 Is there a way to speed up torrent downloads?

Some VPNs have features that speed up torrent download speeds. Go for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, which has a significant server network and offers unlimited speeds and bandwidth. With a large selection of servers and blazing speeds, no need to worry about long load times or surprise disconnections during peak hours.

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