1337x Proxy / Mirrors: 100% Working 1337x Proxy and 1377 x Proxy List

1337x Proxy / Mirrors: 100% Working 1337x Proxy  and 1377 x Proxy List

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

Everyone wants to work with downloading free stuff on the web. Torrent Sites are the biggest source of downloading free stuff on the internet. From torrent sites, you can download almost all kinds of stuff like games, movies, music, software and many more things.

If you don’t want to buy any movie or game, you can download it via torrent. You just need to install uTorrent or BitTorrent software on your computer and download a torrent file from 1337x.to or 1377x proxy, or from any other torrent site. After downloading a torrent file, open it in uTorrent or BitTorrent application in windows and hurrah! Downloading is a start. Although it's illegal to download that stuff millions of people are using torrent sites to download free movies, music, games and other premium stuff.

1337x.to is one of the biggest torrent sites on the internet. Millions of users visit this site on a daily basis to download free data on the Internet. 1337x.to not only contain the latest data of movies, games, software, seasons but also contains old data like old versions of software, games, and movies.

The Good thing about the torrent site is the data you find on torrent site is not available on any other site. There is a number of torrent sites but 1337x.to is best and contains millions of torrents of different stuff. 1337x is just like IMDB of Torrents.

torrent site 1337x.to

1337x.to is a basic but surprising torrent site with an extraordinary network. Many exceptional uploaders offer live tournaments directly from this site.

The mainstream goal for everyone is to try to freely view images of the download animation. TV shows, music, programming, summertime sagas, digital books, and similar games. Nevertheless, for a while, the website started to get banned from several countries and Internet service providers.

This is surprisingly shocking because if your nation or ISP blocked a 1337x torrent site on your web, you cannot access it directly.

Be careful when downloading anything online without a VPN, expose your location and IP. To improve your security, we recommend using a VPN such as NordVPN.

1337x Proxy Sites

1337x Proxy Site URL


1337x Proxy 1


1337x Proxy 2


1337x Proxy 3


1337x Proxy 5






1337x Proxy 6






1337x Proxy 8


1337x Proxy 7














1337x Proxy 4


1337x Proxy 9




List of 1337x proxy and blocked / mirror torrent sites

There are many mediators that help us to appear on the 1337x.to the website, where anyone can stay a bit without having to travel to the web site of their choice. If you feel you are inaccessible to 1337x, then try some related sites, such as x1337x.eu, x1337x.ws, 1337x. Is, x1337x.se, and so on. Everyone needs to work with downloading free stuff on the web.

There are lots of free things open on the web that can be downloaded unlimitedly through some regular areas like the 1377x proxy.

Nevertheless, with the transparency of some of the larger materials and unwanted material contained in the unlicensed 1337x, it has made it difficult to find viable speed.

There are not many different ways by which one can find good speed. One of the standard strategies used is to find a workable pace of the site.

1337x is accessible anywhere on the web that uses an unequivocal database of quick reviews of allies from 1337x.

1377x Proxy is not a new tracker, but with a completely revised interface at the end of last year. A historical tracker, even, born in 2007, when downloading via torrent on the internet exploded completely. At first, we thought that 1377x Proxy was not destined to become a big torrent site. But now, history wanted it otherwise. Yet the reputation of 1377x Proxy has never been called excellent. The fault is security flaws, a heavy interface and torrent qualities leaving much to be desired.

The 1377x Proxy  evolution

The problem with 1377x Proxy is that you can find anything and everything there, but most importantly, the kid's room is pretty messy for torrenting. The site has never been one of the most popular trackers, unlike an OMGTorrent, for example. But the positive counterpart is that the discretion is a little more reserved. For a while, working under the radar, 1377x Proxy avoided prosecution.

And then 2016 arrives with its share of cascading closures; KickAss Torrent, Cpasbien and OMGTorrent, then T411… Peers lacking links to devour have therefore turned en masse to 1377x Proxy. This has earned the hitherto discreet tracker to see the spotlight of the rights holders shine directly on him. However, this was not the first time, since a mishap in 2015 saw 1377x Proxy cut off from all Google listings, following a denunciation by a group of Majors called Feelgood Entertainment. The latter had obtained from Google the deindexation of 1377x Proxy after threatening the American giant with legal action to promote hackers...

Google, always smooth and uncluttered in appearance and manifested courage for internet freedom, had, of course, hastened to respond favourably to this polite request. No problem. 1377x Proxy took the opportunity to revamp, simplify its approach, and secure everything. Because now, there aren't many trackers left with as high a volume of links as 1377x Proxy. The tracker must, therefore meet the expectations of the torrent community.

Pay attention to your safety

To finish on the history of 1377x Proxy, know that during the year 2015, just after the redesign of the site, some administrators left the ship. The latter notably denounced serious security breaches like the possibility for a peer to be able to hack another peer quite easily. With the owner not giving any news at first, these admins created a 1377x Proxy clone, with extensions like .org and .com. These clones didn't work. And more and more users are using the original .to and .pl extensions.

However, despite the large number of torrent links that can be found on 1377x Proxy, security should be emphasized. Not of rights holders, but yours. Because the number of infected files on torrents is frequent, so be even warier when it is the ex-administrators themselves who are talking about security breaches. Using a VPN is more recommended than ever.

The advantages of the new 1377x Proxy

Among the advantages, because there are, of course, the interface of the new site, much simpler, and almost resembling a smartphone application. Searching by categories has become more comfortable to use. When you click on a link, all the details are mentioned. A comments tab is also available. This allows peers who have watched a film to give their opinion, both on the artistic quality and on the technical quality of the encoding. An excellent way to waste less time with corrupted or poor-quality files. Funny little thing, 1377x Proxy also gives you your IP address, with this sentence: "your IP address is xxx.xxx…. Your government can track your Torrent activity. Hide your IP with a VPN. "

For the rest, 1377x Proxy is a tracker like any other. Gotten bigger by force of circumstances, and necessarily currently in the eyes of copyright supervisors. Hence the importance of knowing how to move discreetly on the internet. If you don't want to be in trouble with the law for this kind of download, you have three options:

  • You don't download
  • You only download works that are free of copyright or allowed for sharing by the owners and assigns
  • You opt for a VPN, which will allow you to slide like a ghost on the giant canvas...

The little snag

The concern with 1377x Proxy is that moderation does not work well, or even does not work. What allows us to affirm it is a ratio between two figures; that of the seeders and that of the leechers present on the same torrent. For an optimal loading, the number of seeders (the suppliers of the file) should be much greater than the number of leechers (the future owners of the file, after complete download).

However, at 1377x Proxy, these two numbers are very close. Besides that, this does not give a good indication of the state of health of the moderation of the site; it is above all the clear sign of a community that is not one. Everyone takes what interests them, and in the end, few people share. Many therefore take and immediately remove the uploaded file from their client. Solidarity is declining. In addition, the fewer seeders there are on a file, the longer it takes to load. And for a generalist site that aims to become one of the major players in the market, that's a challenge.

For that, you need to have an excellent site administration team. And therefore, avoid getting angry with them when they express their concern about possible security breaches. Finally, a little tip that will convince you to use a VPN in the end. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) restrict downloads when they come from torrenting—one more reason to switch to a VPN, to increase your speed.


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