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With the 1.5 billion users of Google. Google offers many services to its users, such as google drive, google calendar, google photos, etc. So, if you delete your google account, then you will be lost all your google synced.

Before deleting your Gmail account, you have to save and archive your Google account data.

So first follow these steps to save your data from google account:

  1. Login to your Google account.
  2. Go to
  3. Select “Export your data.”
  4. By checking or unchecking the checkboxes of the Google service, you can choose what data you want to add in your export file.
  5. After selecting, then click “Next step.”
  6. Select the down arrow next to “Send download via the link.”
  7. Select which sending method you’d like to prefer.
  8. Choose the regularity you want Google to store your google services data.
  9. Choose the dropdown arrows to choose the file type and size you want your data export to save.
  10. Click “Create export.”
  11. After the exporting process start, once the archive file is ready, then Google will send you an email.
  12. After completing that process, your data will export in a few hours and days to complete it.
  13. Click the “Cancel export” option if you don’t want to export.

After that, follow these steps to delete the google account.

  • Logged into your Google account
  • Go to
  • Choose “Delete your account.”
  • Verify your Google account owner by entering your Google password.
  • Read complete Google’s explanation that what stuff you want to delete from your google account.
  • Select the checkbox after scroll to the page’s bottom.
  • After checking the box, you will be responsible for any financial transactions associated with your Google account.
  • After that, check the box confirming that you want to delete the account and all its data.
  • Select “Delete Account.”

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