How to delete YouTube channel? Step by Step Guide

How to delete YouTube channel? Step by Step Guide

Posted on Aug 27, 2020

There can be plenty of reasons for deleting YouTube channel. The reason can be you don’t wish to follow any of the YouTubers that you loved, and now it is the right time to make a completely clean and start over a new platform or get away from it. Maybe YouTube could be taking much of your time, and you need time to be away and focus on many other things.

Deleting the YouTube channel is an easy task even though many think it to be tedious and time-consuming. If proper instructions are followed, and steps are followed, we can easily do it. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes for this task to be done.

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The following are steps to deleted YouTube Channel:

  • Sign in to the YouTube channel that you wish to delete
  • At the top to the right, you can find the option named Account. Click on it and go to YouTube Settings.
  • Under the Settings - Account Settings, select on Overview
  • Choose the name of the channel. Then select option - Advanced
  • Right at the bottom, you can find the Delete Channel option. Click on it. It will prompt you, and you need to enter your Sign-in details.
  • Click on “I want to delete my account” option permanently.
  • Then you select the option box to confirm the account deletion.
  • Then Select on the option - Delete my channel

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Once you have deleted the channel, there will be the availability of data associated with the circuit, which includes watch time, which will be part of total reports. These are not part of the deleted channel. Once we have removed the channel, the URL and channel name will not be visible, and we cannot search on YouTube too.

Deleting a YouTube Channel does not take much of your time, and people avoid using it as a YouTube channel is one of the quickest ways to create reach in public and make people notice too. It would help if you made sure that the right methods are used in deleting Account. Once removed, you can never get back your channel, and loss is a loss, and it cannot be changed.

So, it would help if you were careful in doing so whenever you do this process. Especially when you have children nearby, and they make this mistake, you got to make sure nothing like that happens.


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