How to check vehicle registration through SMS in Pakistan?

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Since nowadays we can see amendments in various departments in the Punjab province, the Government of Punjab has made vehicle records to be recorded and accessed through a computerized way. All owners of vehicles who have registered their automobiles in any district of Punjab province can quickly check and verify details about registration, tax details, and details about ownership.

The initial method of Online Vehicle Registration  

  • To obtain information, enter the vehicle number and click the search button after which details will be displayed. 
  • The information on the vehicle includes registration date, car specifications such as chassis number, engine number, maker name, registration number and actual price and the owner details.

Recently the government of Punjab has also released an even more comfortable and convenient way to obtain this data if required. Now all information related to a vehicle, whether it be a bike or car can be obtained by requesting to receive a text message. Below are the steps through which registration can be checked via SMS. 

  1. First, type the complete vehicle number, including the alphabets and the numeric digits along with the year. An example would be PSE 20 5002.
  2. Secondly, this information should now be sent as an SMS to 9966.
  3. Within a few minutes, one shall have the complete record of the desired vehicle.

What to do if the displayed results are confusing/confounding? 

If one finds that there is some sore of discrepancy in the records which the SMS is showing, then it is time to get an appointment for correction by merely filling out a form. This is all designed to be an easy and convenient process. 

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How is online registration helpful? 

Not only can one quickly check details of their car or bike, but one can also verify records of any used car which they are planning to purchase. This could be highly helpful to those who make a living by selling old cars for a profit.

The purpose of this service is to help reduce car theft which has become a dangerously easy occurrence in Pakistan. If not throughout the country, then at least Punjab will become car theft free.    


So far, this service has been a success and is making lives of the commoner easy and convenient. If any further individual concern, they can contact the following toll-free number: 0800-9966.

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