How to register a company in Pakistan?

How to register a company in Pakistan?

Registering a company in Pakistan is not that difficult, but it requires guidelines and by following some steps. The securities and exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP) control all companies in Pakistan. The whole registration process of any company is handling by SECP, so to register your company in Pakistan, you have to visit Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan office or website.

The process of registering a company on SECP website is as follows:

  • The first step for registration visits SECP website
  • Before signing up, select a unique company name and then sign up with that company name
  • Fill all the required slots.
  • You will get an e-challan of 100 Rs of the registration form, which you can submit in any branch of UBL or Muslim bank.
  • Provide all necessary detail and pay 1800 Rs for company incorporation.

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What type of legal companies in Pakistan?

There are three types of Companies in Pakistan:

Private limited Two or more people forming a company

  1. Public limited

Three or more people forming a company

  1. Single Limited

Only one person forming a company

Regulations by SECP for company name:

  • It should be unique or not identical to any other registered company name.
  • It should not be slang or any words that hurt anybody's sentiments.
  • Not inappropriate name
  • Avoid terms which are banned under Section 10 and Company Act, 2017
  • Should not disrespect any religion

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How to register your Company name?

  1. Log on to SECP website
  2. If you are Pakistan CNIC is required and passport if a foreigner
  3. Fill out the registration form with your company name
  4. After submitting you will receive an SMS or email
  5. Enter the Pin
  6. Registration fee of Rs100 is submitted via bank or Online banking on UBL or MCB
  7. If you want to submit your form to the SECP office, you may visit.

Required Documentation

  • Memorandum of Associate and Article of Association
  • CNIC of all member of Companies (Director, CEO, and Nominees), Passport if a foreigner
  • License or NOC
  • Company profile, director details, and nationality are required for foreign companies. The memorandum and Article of Association are also required.

Registration for Sales and Income Tax:

  1. NTN form
  2. Proof of registration
  3. Account number
  4. Memorandum and Article of Association
  5. Copies of CNIC or passport
  6. Address evidence

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