How to Check the Number of Sim Cards on CNIC?

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If you want to know how many sim cards are registered on your CNIC? I am going to tell you about the ways through which you can check Sims status on your CNIC. Before proceeding, check for how many sims can be registered on your CNIC, be a responsible citizen, and ensure that nobody can misuse it.

Because we know that misusing the sim card caused a lot of havoc in our country. To prevent this situation, it is essential to biometric verification of each sim which issues on your CNIC. It is necessary to avoid misusing information and sim cards because it issues only your CNIC and verifies biometrically.

How many sims can be registered on CNIC?

The maximum number of sim cards that can register on any CNIC is 5. You can register and use five sims on your CNIC. Now it’s your choice whether all the sims are of the same network or different networks.

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Ways to check the number of Sims on any CNIC:

To check the number of your sims on CNIC, you have to follow the following easy directions. There are two ways of monitoring the number of sim cards on CNIC.

  • Online check via the website
  • Send SMS

Online Check:

  1. You will go to the site by typing this link, “”
  2. Some slots are there, which require your information.
  3. Put your data in them and verify you as you are not a robot. Submit it.
  4. The website gives you complete information regarding how many Sims are registered on your CNIC.

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Send SMS:

The second method to check how many sim cards are registered against your CNIC is by sending SMS.

  1. You have to type your CNIC in the text message box without any dash or space and then send it to the 668.
  2. You will get a text in return after sending SMS.
  3. This reply message will tell you about all the sims which are registered on your CNIC.

In case you find any sim, which is not in your use and is not familiar to you. It means some other person has issued it on your CNIC. Don’t waste your time and go to the relative customer care center or franchise to block that sim.

Pakistan telecommunication authority advised every citizen to discard or block the sim, which is not registered by you. This project aims to secure the Pakistani citizen and provide security from any mishap or misuse of information.

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