16 Best and Famous TikToker in Pakistan

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Tik Tok is a video sharing social networking application. It is also known as musical.Ly. It is used to make short-form videos in different ways like informative, comedy, dancing, education and lip-sync on different dialogues. The time duration of tik tok videos can be 3 seconds to 1 minute. This famous app was launched in 2017 and now it is available in 40 languages. Moreover, in a very short time, it has 100 million users. However, in Pakistan, the Tik Tok is also very famous, so do you want to know who are the famous tiktokers of Pakistan? Some most famous tiktokers of Pakistan are discussed in this article. 

Jannat Mirza:

Jannat Mirza is one of the most famous Tiktoker of Pakistan. She was born on 11 August 1997 in Faisalabad. She is 23 years old and became very famous in a very short time. She has 5.8M followers on his TikTok account. Jannat Mirza became very popular due to her fashion stimulated and humorous videos. She is pretty and has attractive features. She has a great fan following also in India. She is also famous for modelling. She is also a famous style blogger.

She is also very famous on her Instagram account. She shares her stunning and beautiful outfits pictures on her Instagram. She has attractive black eyes and black hairs and she is approximately 5 feet 4 inches. She has an amazing personality.

Her Tik Tok’s account is 

@jannatmirza (https://www.Tiktok.Com/@jannatmirza?Lang=en)

Malik Usman:

Malik Usman is a most famous TikToker of Pakistan. He became a popular TikToker of Pakistan because of his passion and his amazing sense of humour. He worked hard for growing and to be the most famous person. Malik Usman particularly makes funny motion videos. He absolutely makes many humans smile along with his funny content on his Tik Tok account. Almost every video received is viral on other social media sites like Instagram and youtube etc. He has 4.8M followers on his Tik Tok account. He is famous as 

#famous molvi on TikTok.

His Tik Tok’s account is 

@usmanasim66 (https://www.Tiktok.Com/@usmanasim66?Lang=en)

Sehar Hayat:

Sehar Hayat is one of the famous TikTokers of Pakistan.

She was born in Lahore on 3 august 1996. She has amazing acting skills. She is a famous model too. She is also an amazing actress. She is also very famous on her other social accounts like  Instagram and YouTube. Sehar Hayat is famous for collaborating with many other TikTokers of Pakistan. She is popular for excellent and substantial content. She is 5 feet 3 inches and has black attractive eyes. She has a fan following of 4.2 million on Tik Tok and with 91.3million hearts. She is lovely and her outstanding content makes her one of the famous and best TickTokers.

Her Tik Tok’s account is 

@sehar_hayyat (https://www.Tiktok.Com/@sehar_hayyat?Lang=en)

Nousheen Syed (Dolly):

Nousheen Syed ( Dolly ) is one of the most famous TikTokers of Pakistan. She is not only a famous  TikToker however she is an outstanding makeup artist too. She was born on 16 august 1994 in Lahore. She is the most famous fashion designer, model, and actress. The “Dolly Fashion Icon” is a popular brand. Dolly uploads different make-up tutorials and every video gets thousands of hearts and reactions from her fans. She has collaborated with many brand commercials. She has  4.1 million followers on her Tik Tok account and 90.5 million hearts on her Tik Tok videos.

Her Tik Tok’s account is 

@dollyfashionicon (https://www.Tiktok.Com/@dollyfashionicon?Lang=en)

Ali Fayyaz:

Ali Fayyaz is one of the most famous TikToker in the top TikTokers of Pakistan. Mr Fayyaz is famous for his magnetic and charismatic looks. He is famous as “cool” and “model boy”. The high-quality factor about him, he keeps the cool and positive attitude in his all video. He is a popular social media star on other social media sites because of his excessive looks. He got famous on Instagram and Snap chat, also. He has 3 million fans and 103.1 million hearts on his Tik Tok account.

His Tik Tok’s account is 

@aalleey (https://www.Tiktok.Com/@aalleey?Lang=en)

Kanwal Aftab:

Kanwal Aftab is the most famous  TikToker who can flatter you along with her inspiring expressions. She belongs to Lahore and born on 9 January 1998. She completed BS Mass Communication. She is a famous web news anchor and a popular vlogger.She is getting a lot of love from her fans on her Tik Tok videos.  She has posted one thousand plus videos and has received a huge reputation. Besides this, she is also affiliated with the media. Along with media and TikTok, this multi-gifted lady has some exceptional command over running a blog website.Kanwal has 10.5 M followers on her Tik Tok account.

Her Tik Tok account is :


Areeka Haq:

Areeka Haq is the youngest famous TikToker of Pakistan who has 7.2 million followers on her Tik Tok account. She belongs from the city of lights, Karachi. This young fiery girl can sway you together with her cuteness, attractive looks and amazing content in her videos. Areeka has 209.3M likes on her TikTok videos. She also works with the famous singer ‘Asim Azhar’ in a music video. You can consider her humongous recognition by the reality that she has most effectively posted a hundred posts on her Instagram and has already hit millions of followers. She appears perfect every time she wears black.

Her Tik Tok account is:


Adeel Murtaza:

Adeel is a famous TikToker with lovely looks and cute films. He was born on 17 June 1990. He belongs to Lahore. Adeel Murtaza is especially famous for his special cute smile! He is very famous for lip-syncing videos at which he is the best. He has 3.5 million followers and 87.3M likes on his Tik Tok videos.

His Tik Tok’s account is:


Reeja Jeelani:

Reeja Jeelani is one of the famous TikTokers of Pakistan who work very differently. Before Tik Tok, she became very famous on Dubsmash, musical.Ly, and different social media sites like Instagram. She has  909.6K followers on her Tik Tok’s account. She is mostly seen with Manav Chhabra in her Tik Tok videos.

Her Tik Tok’s account is:


Alishbah Anjum:

Alishba Anjum is one of the famous TikToker of Pakistan.She is the sister of the most famous TikToker ‘Jannat mirza’ and she is devouring the social media and her followers day by day. She has 10.2M followers and 140.1M likes on TikTok account. She is also an actress and a very adorable model of Pakistan. She is very famous for her comedy video clips.Now she is the most beautiful girl who is in the trending because of her efforts.

Her Tik Tok account is :


Toqeer Ahmed (Phoollu):

Tuqeer Ahmad is another famous TikToker in Pakistan. He is simple and desi TikToker and famous as “phoollu” on Tiktok. He has 7.2M followers on his Tik Tok account. He is famous for his comedy content and people loved his simple, desi and raw videos and admired his efforts. His Tik Tok account is famous as phoollu ki vines.

His Tik Tok account is :


Nadeem Mubarak:

Nadeem Mubarak is a famous TikToker star who has  7.7M   followers and 318.7 likes on his Tik Tok account. People love him because of his comedy videos and his sense of humour. He does many stupidest things and makes people laugh. He is also popular for his affection for his maternal grandmother in the videos.

His Tik Tok account is:


Sundal Khattak:

Sundal khatak is another famous TikToker of Pakistan. She has 4.1M followers and 56.9 M likes on her account. She is such a cute and decent girl who loves to entertain the people with her artistic style.She also made sponsored videos for different brands. She is mostly seen with famous TikToker Hareem. She is getting more famous day by day.

Her official TikTok account is:


Ibrahim Khan:

Ibrahim is a pukhtoon boy who is getting famous on TikTok day by day. He has 475.9K followers and 7.5M likes on his TikTok account. He is a hardworking boy and talented as well. He has his own clothes shop and he makes Tik Tok videos in his spare time. mostly he makes funny videos and people liked him so much.

His Tik Tok account is:


Hareem Shah:

Hareem Shah is a famous Pakistani TikToker. She has 4.9M followers and 80.3M likes on her account. She made videos especially about travel, tour, food and song lip-syncs. She is known for the marketing of coca-cola in Pakistan with the most famous celebrity Adnan Siddiqui.  She is beautiful, bold as well as a good influencer.

His Tik Tok account is:


Arbaaz Khan:

Arbaz khan is a famous TikToker of Pakistan. He is well known for his amazing singing talent. He has a great voice and he is a great music producer. He has 1M followers and 34.8M likes on his account. He is also popular on Instagram and Snapchat also.He is getting more fame day by day for his cute looks, his style and his talent.


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