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Kill Me, Heal Me is a South Korean drama aired in 2015. It tells the story of a rich man who has seven different personalities because of past trauma. A young psychiatrist becomes his secret doctor to help him heal. As they work together, they start to develop feelings for each other. The show mixes romance, comedy, and drama as they both face their pasts.

Kill Me, Heal Me Drama Review

Drama Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미,힐미)
Channel MBC TV
Director Kim Jin-man and Kim Dae-jin
Producers Kim Hee-yeol
Starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Oh Min-suk, and Kim Yoo-ri
Writer Jin Soo-wan
Country of origin South Korea
Release date January 7 – March 12, 2015
IMDB rating 8.3/10
Total episodes 20
First episode’s airing date January 7, 2015
Average episode length 58-63 minutes
Language Korean
Genre Romantic comedy, Suspense, and Medical drama
This show is Romantic and Comedy, Dark

Kill Me, Heal Me Cast

Role Actor Description
Main Characters Ji Sung Cha Do-hyun (Cha Joon-young) is a wealthy businessman with dissociative identity disorder (DID). Has six other identities: Shin Se-gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo-seob, Ahn Yo-na, Na-na, and Mr. X.
Hwang Jung-eum Oh Ri-jin (Cha Do-hyun), a first-year psychiatry resident and Cha Do-hyun’s secret psychiatrist.
Park Seo-joon Oh Ri-on, Oh Ri-jin’s twin brother, a famous mystery novelist investigating the Seungjin family.
Oh Min-suk Cha Ki-joon, Do-hyun’s cousin and rival.
Kim Yoo-ri Han Chae-yeon, Do-hyun’s first love and Ki-joon’s fiancée.
Supporting Choi Won-young Ahn Gook, Do-hyun’s Secretary.
Ko Chang-seok Suk Ho-pil (Dr. Schofield), Do-hyun’s physician and Ri-jin’s professor.
Seungjin Family Kim Young-ae Seo Tae-im, Chairwoman of Seungjin Group and Do-hyun’s grandmother.
Shim Hye-jin Shin Hwa-ran, Do-hyun’s birth mother.
Ahn Nae-sang Cha Joon-pyo, Do-hyun’s father.
Kim Il-woo Cha Young-pyo, President of Seungjin Group and Ki-joon’s father.
Kim Na-woon Yoon Ja-kyung, Ki-joon’s mother.
Myung Se-bin Min Seo-yeon, Do-hyun’s registered mother.
Kim Yong-gun Cha Gun-ho, First Chairman of Seungjin Group.
Family of Ri-jin and Ri-on Kim Hee-jung Ji Soon-young, Ri-jin and Ri-on’s mother.
Park Jun-gyu Oh Dae-oh, Ri-jin and Ri-on’s father.
Others Various Includes staff like Chief Park Min-jae, specialists such as Doctor Shin Sun-jo, and others involved in Do-hyun’s life.
Special Appearances Various Notable appearances include Yoon Joo, Jung Eun-pyo, Kan Mi-youn, Woo Hyun, among others, playing significant but brief roles in the storyline.

Cha Do-hyeon All Personalities

Personality Name Age Gender Characteristics and Role
Cha Do-hyeon 29 Male The primary personality. A wealthy businessman is struggling to keep his life under control while dealing with his other personalities.
Shin Se-gi 17 Male A rebellious and violent alter ego who comes out during times of stress or when Do-hyeon is in danger. He has a strong sense of justice but also harbors deep pain.
Perry Park 40s Male A cheerful, middle-aged man with a penchant for fishing and explosives. Perry Park embodies a carefree spirit and often appears when Do-hyeon needs to escape his troubles.
Ahn Yo-seob 17 Male A suicidal, artistic teenager who represents Do-hyeon’s despair and contemplation of death. He is the twin brother of Ahn Yo-na.
Ahn Yo-na 17 Female A teenage girl who is obsessed with idols and chases after men, particularly Yoo Seon-ho. Yo-na represents Do-hyeon’s desire for love and attention.
Nana 7 Female A little girl carrying a teddy bear named “Nana,” represents Do-hyeon’s childhood innocence and trauma. She embodies the purity and vulnerability that Do-hyeon lost.
Mr. X Unknown Male A mysterious personality that embodies Do-hyeon’s ideal of a father figure. He appears later in the series and is less known compared to the others.

킬미,힐미 Overview

Kill Me, Heal Me Over view

Kill Me, Heal Me is the K-drama that follows Cha Do-hyeon, a wealthy heir with memory loss and dissociative identity disorder, leading to seven different personalities. Seeking to control his life, he enlists Oh Ri-jin, a psychiatric resident, for help. She falls for one of his personalities, while her twin brother, Oh Ri-on, a mystery novelist, delves into Do Hyeon’s and his family’s secrets​​.

Original Soundtracks

Part 1

No. Title Artist Length
1. Auditory Hallucination (환청) Jang Jae-in feat. NaShow 3:29
2. Auditory Hallucination (Inst.)   3:29
Total length: 6:38

Part 2

No. Title Artist Length
1. Healing Love (치유의 사랑) Luna and Cho-yi (LU:KUS) 4:11
2. Healing Love (Inst.)   4:11
Total length: 8:22

Part 3

No. Title Artist Length
1. Unspeakable Secret (말할 수 없는 비밀) Moon Myung-jin 4:26
2. Unspeakable Love (Inst.)   4:26
Total length: 8:42

Part 4

No. Title Artist Length
1. This Feeling (이런 기분) Lee Yoo-rim 3:34
2. This Feeling (Inst.)   3:34
Total length: 7:38

Part 5

No. Title Artist Length
1. Letting you go (너를 보낸다) Park Seo-joon 4:07
2. Letting you go (Inst.)   4:07
Total length: 8:14

Part 6

No. Title Artist Length
1. Violet (제비꽃) Ji Sung 3:54
2. Voilet (Inst.)   3:54
Total length: 7:08

Disc 2:

No. Title Artist Length
1. Kill Me Various Artists 2:26
2. I Am Shin Se-gi Various Artists 3:39
3. Beyond Recollection Various Artists 3:58
4. Freak Various Artists 2:17
5. Childhood Various Artists 2:01
6. Who Are You? Various Artists 2:37
7. Driving to the Past Various Artists 3:40
8. I Am Cha Do-hyun Various Artists 2:16
9. Heal Me Various Artists 2:46

Kill Me, Heal Me StoryLine

Kill Me, Heal Me Story Line

Kill Me, Heal Me is one of the best Korean dramas about Cha Do-hyun, a man with many personalities because of his past. He meets Oh Ri-jin, a doctor who helps him heal. They try to understand why Do-hyun is like this and find out about each other’s past

Together, Do-hyun and Ri-jin face many challenges because of his condition. They learn about love, healing, and facing the past. This story is about finding oneself and overcoming difficult memories.

Plot Summary

Kill Me, Heal Me follows Cha Do-hyun, a man with dissociative identity disorder resulting from childhood trauma. He has seven personalities, and with the help of Oh Ri-jin, a psychiatric resident, he seeks to regain control over his life. Their journey reveals deep family secrets and explores identity, healing, and love themes. As they uncover the truth behind Do-hyun’s condition, both begin to heal from their past wounds, finding strength in each other’s support.


Kill Me, Heal Me Synopsis

Kill Me, Heal Me is a South Korean television series about a man named Cha Do-hyun, who has multiple personalities because of past traumas. He meets Oh Ri-jin, a young psychiatrist, who helps him heal by treating his disorder. Together, they uncover secrets from their pasts and learn about love and healing. This story mixes humor, romance, and drama as they face challenges from his many personalities and their connected histories.

Parents Guide

Kill Me, Heal Me explores complex themes such as dissociative identity disorder, trauma, and mental health intertwined with romance and comedy. It contains mature content, including depictions of violence, emotional distress, and some scenes that might be disturbing. The drama is more suitable for older teenagers and adults who can understand and process these themes. It’s recommended that parents watch this K-drama first before deciding if it’s appropriate for their children, considering its portrayal of psychological issues and the sensitivity required to understand the storyline.

 Kill Me, Heal Me: User Reviews

  • Kill Me, Heal Me is praised for its innovative exploration of mental health, particularly dissociative identity disorder.
  • Ji Sung’s portrayal of multiple personalities is highly acclaimed for its depth and nuance.
  • The chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum is a major highlight, enhancing the drama’s emotional impact.
  • Some viewers critique the drama’s depiction of psychiatric practices and the dramatization of mental health issues.
  • Despite its complexities, this K-drama is celebrated for its balanced mix of humor, romance, and meaningful storytelling.

Trailer and Teaser

Kill Me, Heal Me Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards Best Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Nominated
Best Director (TV) Kim Jin-man Nominated
Best Actor (TV) Ji Sung Nominated
Best Screenplay (TV) Jin Soo-wan Nominated
Most Popular Actor (TV) Ji Sung Nominated
Park Seo-joon Nominated
Most Popular Actress (TV) Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
10th Seoul International Drama Awards Best Actor Ji Sung Nominated
Excellent Korean Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Won
Outstanding Korean Actress Hwang Jung-eum Won
8th Korea Drama Awards Grand Prize / Daesang Ji Sung Nominated
Best Drama Kill Me, Heal Me Nominated
Best Production Director Kim Jin-man Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Best Original Soundtrack Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae-in (feat. NaShow) Won
4th APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ji Sung Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Park Seo-joon Nominated
MBC Drama Awards Grand Prize / Daesang

(Determined through fan votes)

Ji Sung Won
Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Drama of the Year Kill Me, Heal Me (Kim Jin-man) Won
PD Choice Award Hwang Jung-eum Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Ji Sung Won
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Hwang Jung-eum Won
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Park Seo-joon Won
Top 10 Stars Ji Sung Won
Hwang Jung-eum Won
Park Seo-joon Won
Popularity Award, Actor Ji Sung Nominated
Park Seo-joon Won
Popularity Award, Actress Hwang Jung-eum Won
Best Couple Award Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum Nominated
Ji Sung and Park Seo-joon Won
2016 4th Annual DramaFever Awards Best Actor Ji Sung Won
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Best Drama (Platinum Award / TV Series-Dramatic) Kill Me, Heal Me Won


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