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Korean drama series are extremely popular around the world, with millions of people tuning in to watch them. If you’re one of the millions of Korean Drama fans searching for the best KDrama Websites, this article might be of assistance.

As the title shows, we’ll be sharing the 15 Best Websites for Download Korean Drama for free in this post. Fortunately, some of these websites have SRT or English subtitles. On these free K Drama websites, you can even stream or download Korean Drama Serials.

Top 15 Free Korean Drama Download and Streaming Websites

1. Viki

Viki is the best Korean drama website on the internet. Viki.com is the first on the chart. It’s a well-known website for watching Korean dramas online, and it’s accessible from nearly every country and city.

The best thing is that the website offers subtitles, allowing audiences to watch Korean dramas in different languages. Unfortunately, so many advertisements on Viki will detract from the user’s experience.

2. Animetv.to

AnimeTV.to is a website dedicated to anime. The next site on the list is called “Animetv.to,” and it is suitable for Korean anime fans. Millions of people from all over the world visit this website on a daily basis.

One of the website’s most notable features is that it helps users to watch Korean anime series even though their internet connection is weak. Animetv has a good collection of Korean drama episodes and series. Fortunately, the website allows visitors to watch the dramas without having to register.

3. Dramago

Dramago is the best platform for Korean dramas. Another famous website for free Korean drama downloads is Dramago. It helps users to browse for top and super hit drama serials, saving viewers a significant amount of time.

Finally, the website’s homepage features new Drama updates, as well as a large selection of serials.

4. KissAsian

KissAsian is the best Korean drama website on the internet. KissAsian is another well-known and classic website that provides a wide range of Korean drama series organized by genre. By this, we mean behavior, sentiment, and love-related categories.

The great thing about this free Asian Drama online website is how plain and straightforward it is. The design is flawless. It helps the user to watch or import Dramas without difficulty.

You will also find movies on KissAsian, which is totally safe to use because it aggregates content from non-affiliated third parties.

5. Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

Users will watch Korean dramas for free on Amazon Prime Video, a mainstream entertainment streaming site. Prime Video’s service collection is limited in contrast to the other websites on the list. You will also watch Korean movies on Prime Video in addition to Korean dramas.

Fortunately, the website is free of advertising. On top of that, you will have the Prime Video app for your mobile.

6. My Drama Cool

DramaCool is the best website for Korean dramas with English subtitles. Another well-known and widely appreciated website for free Korean drama downloads is Dramacool.

Many of the serials on this website are in HD (High Definition) format. It’s easy to switch between serials and dramas thanks to the style.

The best thing is that the website is very affordable and offers free access to a wide range of Korean dramas.

7. New Asian TV

Best Korean drama website is New Asian TV. New Asian TV, as the name implies, is the epicenter of all Korean, Japanese, and Asian dramas. This website has a large number of popular Korean dramas available for free. The website uses a user-friendly interface approach that makes searching and scrolling easy for the user.

The website is not accessible in all nations, which is the only drawback we discovered.

8. DramaBeans

DramaBeans is another famous website that is close to some of the others already listed. It also has a wide selection of dramas from Korea, Asia, China, and Japan. One of the most fascinating aspects of this website is that it is one of the first Kdrama websites on the internet.

9. Dramanice

At first sight, “Dramanice” is the most stunning layout website for KDrama download, and it captures everyone’s spirit. The website’s white and pink theme sets it apart from the competition.

The website is jam-packed with old and new Kdramas, as well as subtitled videos. As a result, we believe you can visit it at least once simply by clicking on the name above.

10. MyDramaList

“My drama list” is the most opulent platform for free Korean drama downloads. The use of white and blue in its design appeals to a wide range of people, which may explain why it receives millions of monthly visitors.

The website’s administrators regularly refresh the list of Korean drama serials. Despite the fact that the website navigation is very straightforward, DramaCool is still a viable option. Finally, the site is free of viruses, making it easy to use on the internet.

11. Viewasian.tv

“Viewasian.tv” is next on our list. It’s an incredible platform that showcases the best of Korean dramas. In the layout, the website’s classic view adds up. It also receives a large number of visitors each month.

It’s also one of the most trusted Korean drama websites in certain countries. They still have their own program that keeps users informed of new serials that have been uploaded.

But, in our view, you should give it a shot.

12. Netflix

This website, on the other hand, has no introduction. When it comes to video movie viewing, it is the first option for millions of people. One thing to bear in mind is that it is not a free service. Per month, you must pay a subscription fee.

13. AsianCrush

Asian crush – best Korean drama website AsianCrush is yet another excellent source for free Korean drama downloads. It’s a free website with high-quality streaming videos to stream. AsianCrush is as popular as Netflix and Hulu, with millions of users.

14. WeTV

WeTV is a comparatively new K-Drama website, but it is rapidly expanding its content collection. You can watch other Asian dramas/movies on this website in addition to Korean dramas.

Tencent, the company behind the famous mobile game PUBG, owns and operates WeTV. WeTV also has native apps for Android and iOS.

15. VIU

Viu is one of the safest platforms for watching Korean dramas online. VIU’s content is available for free, and there is no need to create an account to use it. The bulk of VIU’s content is available in high-definition format.

VIU’s content catalog is maintained on a daily basis.

Additional Information

If you’ve made it this far, here’s a bonus Korean drama page for you to check out.

16. HULU

Hulu is another Walt Disney-owned and operated streaming video-on-demand service located in the United States. You will watch older classic sitcoms and TV shows on Hulu in addition to new Korean dramas and films.

Unlike Kocowa, Hulu is available in most parts of the world, and it also has native Android and iOS apps. Hulu offers superior content delivery as well as fast streaming speeds.


Why do Korean dramas have such a cult following?

Korean dramas are serialized shows, much like any other television program. They are well-known for their serious, dramatic, and captivating material.

These are some of the reasons for Korean dramas popularity

Pretty Actors: For many viewers, the stars of Korean dramas are like eye candy. The crowd is mostly composed of people between the ages of 18 and 30. They like seeing attractive men and attractive women on their televisions.

Different Society: A different culture may be the next explanation. In Korean dramas, the cultural showcase is fascinating. You will learn a lot about a foreign world by watching foreign films. Many people enjoy seeing them because of their exposure to various cultures.

Last but not least, and perhaps most importantly, the material seen in Korean dramas is very tidy and clean for the viewer.

Why Are So Many Korean Drama Websites Closed?

Many unauthorized websites have sprung up as a result of the exponential increase in popularity of Korean dramas. Downloading, streaming, and redistributing proprietary content is, as you already remember, illegal.

Many producers and filmmakers have recently taken harsh measures against facilities that participate in the above events.

Where Can I Get Free English Subtitles for Korean Dramas?

Kissasian, Quickdrama, MyAsainTV, and DramaCool are some of the best websites to get free Korean drama English subtitles.

BONUS: The Best Korean Drama Websites That Are Both Free and Legal


So that was all there was to know about the 15 Best Korean Drama Websites for download Korean Dramas. If you find it helpful or would like to share your own personal recommendations, please let us know in the comments section below.

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