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Ghamandi Drama

Ghamandi DramaGhamandi is a drama serial that aired on Express TV, starring Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider as the lead characters. The show is directed by Sohail Javed and produced by Adnan Siddiqui and Akhtar Hussain. It tells the story of Kubra, a proud and self-centred girl who loves Daniyal and wants to marry him but ends up in a marriage with her cousin Ghalib, whom she dislikes. The drama explores themes of love, pride, and family pressures, highlighting Kubra’s struggle with her arranged marriage to Ghalib and her continued efforts to be with Daniyal.

Ghamandi Drama Review

Drama Ghamandi 
Channel Express TV
Director Sohail Javed
Producer Adnan Siddiqui and Akhtar Hussain
Starring Mohsin Abbas Haider, Nazish Jahangir
Writer Erum Aftab and Abdul Khaaliq
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date Starting from 17th November 2020
IMDB rating N/A
Google Users N/A
Total episodes 29
First episode’s airing date 17th November 2020
Last episode’s date December 21, 2018
Average episode length Approx. 35 mints

Ghamandi Cast

Role Actor
Kubra Nazish Jahangir
Ghalib Mohsin Abbas Haider
Sadia Maryam Noor
Aiza Anumta Qureshi
Daniyal Fahad Sheikh
Shaheen Khan
Parveen Akbar
Rabya Kulsoom
Sajeer Uddin
Ali Rizvi
Farhad Fareed
Humaira Zahid
Birjees Farooqui
Majida Hameed

Express TV Drama Ghamandi Storyline

Express TV Drama Ghamandi Storyline

The drama Ghamandi tells the story of Kubra, who loves Daniyal and hopes to marry him. However, due to a twist of fate, she ends up marrying her cousin Ghalib, whom she does not love because he is a tailor. This leads to a series of events where Kubra’s actions create tension and trouble within the family. The situation escalates until Kubra and Ghalib eventually get divorced, and she marries Daniyal, only to face further challenges.

Ghamandi Plot Summary

In Ghamandi, Kubra is in love with Daniyal and hopes to marry him. However, she is forced to marry her cousin Ghalib due to family pressure when Daniyal fails to show up on their wedding day. This unwanted marriage leads to conflict, as Kubra continues to meet Daniyal and treats Ghalib poorly, hoping he will leave her. Their marriage ends in divorce, and Kubra marries Daniyal, only to face new challenges and realise the consequences of her actions.

Ghamandi Synopsis

Ghamandi Synopsis

The drama “Ghamandi” aired on Express Entertainment and centres around the emotional and turbulent relationship dynamics within a family. The story primarily focuses on Kubra, a self-centred and arrogant girl, and her cousin Ghalib, who harbours feelings for her despite her disdain towards him.

The plot thickens as Kubra is forced to marry Ghalib due to unforeseen circumstances, even though she is in love with another man, Daniyal. This marriage sets off a chain of events, leading to intense emotional and relational turmoil as Kubra continues to reject Ghalib, longing to be with Daniyal instead. Their relationship is fraught with conflict, misunderstandings, and heartache, reflecting the complexities of love, family obligations, and personal desires.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of familial expectations and societal pressures, exploring themes of love, pride, and the consequences of one’s actions. The drama delves into the emotional struggles of the characters, particularly focusing on Kubra’s journey and the repercussions of her choices on herself and those around her. The storyline is compelling, filled with twists and emotional depth, engaging the audience in the unfolding drama of the characters’ lives.

User Reviews

  • Ghamandi is a captivating drama that keeps you glued to the screen with its complex characters and unexpected plot twists. Highly recommended!
  • The lead actors in Ghamandi deliver powerful performances. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, making the emotional scenes truly heart-wrenching.
  • I appreciated how Ghamandi tackled serious social issues within its storyline, providing not only entertainment but also food for thought.
  • While the plot of Ghamandi is engaging, some episodes feel dragged out. Tighter editing could have made the pacing better.
  • The ending of Ghamandi was bittersweet and left me with mixed feelings. It was realistic, yet I wished for a happier conclusion for the characters.

Ghamandi OST

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