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Mohsin Abbas Biography

Name:                                     Mohsin Abbas Haider

Date of Birth:                          6 March 1984

Mohsin Abbas Age:                 36 years old

Birth Place:                             Faisalabad, Pakistan

Mohsin Abbas Profession:      Actor, Model, Singer, Artiste, RJ

Nationality:                             Pakistani

Religion:                                  Islam

Mohsin Abbas Horoscope:      Pisces

Siblings:                                   Two Sisters, One Brother

Mohsin Abbas Wife:                Fatima Naqvi

Mohsin Abbas Education:

Qualification: Master’s in Textile Designing

Mohsin Abbas Introduction:

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a multi-talented gift for Pakistani Industry, who worked on-screen as a different character such that an actor, model, singer, artist, RJ, DJ, VJ as well anchor too. A very energetic personality of the Pakistani showbiz industry, we see him on screen in all these characters with his outstanding performances. Mohsin Abbas Haider is a full package of super-duper qualities in him, who perform on screen with something new every time, mostly with his best lyricist.

Mohsin Abbas Personal Life:

Mohsin Abbas Haider was born in an Islamic family in Faisalabad on 6 March 1984. After completing his Master’s Degree in Textile Designing from Faisalabad University, he went to NAPA for his graduation in musicology. In 2015, he married Fatima Naqvi and blessed with a baby girl but unfortunately, due to her heart illness, she passed away. After that, his wife left him with a baby boy. Mohsin Abbas Haider in his daughter remembrance, wrote many poems and remarkable words and also worked in drama serial “Meri Gurya” and plays the opponent role of a rapist and murderer and make a tribute performance role and earned a super appearance for his acting.

Mohsin Abbas Career:

In 2005, Mohsin Abbas Haider started his career in Faisalabad as RJ at a Radio Station CITY FM89and Apna Karachi FM107, later on, he moved to Karachi and join the singing academy at NAPA. His debut song “Bay Parwah Dhola” in 2012, composed by himself with Nabeel Qureshi, who directed this song. Due to his melody voice, he was nominated for the Best RJ in Pakistan Media Awards. He also worked as a host and as a voice-over artist in many TV shows.

He joined Mazaaq Raat since 2013 and still worked on it as DJ on Dunya News and performed 1500+ songs, ghazals, naats.  He started his debut in a drama serial for Ishq For Sale in 2015 on HUM TV as a telefilm and later worked on very super hit drama Muqabil in 2016 on HUM TV as a character of Armaan, a son of rapist father of his wife. In 2019, worked in a drama serial Deewar-e-Shab as a character of Fiaz Ali on HUM TV. Moreover, he worked in many movies and started his debut movie in 2014, Na Maloom Afraad is a role of MOON with his talent, he wrote and sung his song for this movie as “Sapno Ki Mala” and “Goli Teeti Main”. Later also appear in its second part Na Maloom Afrad 2, as well also wrote and sung a song for this movie “Heerey”.

In 2019, Mohsin Abbas Haider was on screen as a role of TBD in movie Baaji which was directed by Saqib Malik. In the last of 2019 in December, he wrote, composed and sung a song ROOH. He won best Lyricist AWARD for the song Good Luck (Load Wedding-Film) in Galaxy Lollywood Awards 2019 and won the Best Singer of the year award for his song Na Jaa in Lux Style Awards 2019.


Mohsin Abbas Television:

Banana News Network – 2011

Mazaaq Raat – 2013 – Present

4 Man Show – 2013

Jutt Butt and Yo – 2016

Ishq For Sale – 2015

Coke Studio

Muqabil – 2017


Na Maloom Afraad – 2014

Teri Meri Love Story – 2016

Na Maloom Afraad 2 – 2017

Bajji – 2019

Mohsin Abbas Songs:

Bay Parwah Dhola

Sapno Ki Maala (Na Maloom Afraad)

Uddi Ja (Coke Studio season 9)

Heerey (Na Maloom Afraad 2)

Munday Lahore day (Load Wedding)

Na Jaa


Mohsin Abbas  Award and Nomination:

In 2015, nominated for Best Film Actor Moon – Na Maloom Afraad                      

In 2015, nominated for Best Film Actor Moon – Na Maloom Afraad 2

In 2018, nominated for Best Male singer in Heerey – Na Maloom Afraad 2          

In 2018, nominated for Armaan – Muqabil as Best TV Actor           

Won Best Supporting Actor (Na Maloom Afraad 2) Galaxy Lollywood Awards

Won the Best Singer of the year award for his song Na Jaa in Lux Style Awards 2019

Won best Lyricist AWARD for the song Good Luck (Load Wedding-Film) in Galaxy Lollywood Awards 2019

Mohsin Abbas Social Media:

Mohsin Abbas Instagram  

Mohsin Abbas Facebook 

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