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Jalan Drama

Jalan is a Pakistani TV drama on ARY Digital, which started on June 17, 2020. It tells a story about how far someone can go because of jealousy and greed. The drama focuses on two sisters, Misha and Nisha. Nisha, who wants a lot, ruins her sister’s life. Minal Khan plays Nisha, the younger sister who is very spoiled. The drama shows what can happen because of wanting too much and being very jealous​​.

Jalan  Drama Review

Drama Jalan
Channel ARY Digital
Director Aabis Raza
Producer Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi
Starring Minal Khan, Areeba Habib, Emmad Irfani and Fahad Shaikh
Writer Sidra Sehar Imran
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 17 June, 2020
IMDB rating 6.3/10
Genre Romance Drama
Google Users 84% liked this TV show
Total episodes 31
First episode’s airing date 17 June, 2020
Last episode’s date 16 December 2020
Average episode length 38 – 40 mins

Jalan Drama Cast

Actor Character
Emmad Irfani Asfandyar
Areeba Habib Misha
Minal Khan Nisha Tanveer
Fahad Sheikh Ahmer
Hajra Yamin Areej
Sabiha Hashmi
Sajida Syed Sajeela
Maira Khan Humaira

ARY Digital Drama Jalan Storyline

ARY Digital Drama Jalan Storyline

Jalan is a drama that tells the story of two sisters, Nisha and Misha, who come from a middle-class background. Nisha is very selfish and always wants more than she has, even if it means taking away from her sister, Misha, who is kind and gives Nisha what she wants. Nisha and her cousin Ahmer like each other, but Nisha’s greed and jealousy lead to many problems. The drama shows how Nisha’s actions hurt her sister’s life because of her greed.

Jalan Plot Summary

Jalan is a story about two sisters, Nisha and Misha, and the lengths to which jealousy and greed can drive a person. Nisha, driven by her desires, goes to extreme measures to get what she wants, even if it means destroying her sister Misha’s life. The drama unfolds around the complex relationships within a family, highlighting the devastating impact of envy and avarice. Through its characters and their choices, Jalan explores themes of love, betrayal, and the consequences of selfishness.

Jalan Synopsis

Jalan Synopsis

In the heart of “Jalan’s” narrative, the story takes a dramatic turn when Nisha’s relentless pursuit of her own happiness at the expense of her sister Misha leads to unforeseen consequences. The climax unfolds as Nisha’s actions finally catch up with her, leading to a tragic event that shakes the entire family to its core.

This pivotal moment forces all characters to reevaluate their choices and relationships. Nisha, faced with the devastating impact of her greed and jealousy, begins to realise the true cost of her desires. The drama reaches its peak as the family grapples with forgiveness, redemption, and the possibility of healing, highlighting the profound effects of selfishness on human relationships and the importance of empathy and understanding.

Jalan Awards and Nominations

Date of Ceremony Award Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result
5 January 2021 Fuchsia Magazine Awards Best Actress Negative Role Minal Khan Won
Best Dressed Male Emmad Irfani Won
March 2021 ARY People’s Choice Awards Favorite Drama Serial- Regular Jalan Nominated
Favourite OST Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Nominated
Favourite Director Aabis Raza Nominated
Favourite Writer Sidra Saher Imran Nominated
Favourite Actor Emaad Irfani Nominated
Favourite Actress Minal Khan Nominated
Favourite Actress in a role of Wife Areeba Habib Won
Favourite Actress in a role of Behen Nominated
Favourite Actress in a role of Nand Nadia Hussain Nominated

Jalan Controversy

Right from the start, the GEO TV drama Jalan faced a lot of criticism. The story about a girl liking her sister’s husband made many people upset. They thought it was wrong and started complaining. The Pakistani government’s media group, PEMRA, even stopped the show for a while because they were worried it was teaching bad values. But, after a week, the show was allowed to come back on TV. Some people didn’t like the drama, saying it was easy to guess what would happen next, yet they couldn’t stop watching it.

A few viewers were very mean to Minal Khan, the actress, but she knew tough times would come and stayed strong. At first, not many people watched Jalan because of the bad things people said about it. But later on, more and more people started liking how well the drama was made and how good the acting was.

User Reviews

  • Jalan offers a deep dive into complex family dynamics, showcasing the devastating effects of jealousy and greed. While the storyline is controversial, the actors deliver powerful performances that make it a must-watch.
  • The drama Jalan brings to light the darker aspects of human nature through its provocative plot. Initially, I was sceptical, but the narrative’s intensity and the character’s development kept me hooked until the end.
  • Jalan is a bold attempt to portray unconventional themes, but it might not sit well with everyone. The drama challenges societal norms, which is refreshing, yet its predictability sometimes dampens the intrigue.
  • Despite facing backlash and controversy, Jalan managed to captivate audiences with its high production values and stellar acting. It’s a testament to the cast and crew’s dedication, making it a standout drama.
  • The drama Jalan walks a fine line between drama and melodrama, exploring the consequences of unchecked ambition and desire. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments that will leave you reflecting on the importance of moral values in today’s society.

Jalan OST

Jalan Trailers

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