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Minal Khan Biography

Name:                                   Minal Khan

Date of Birth:                        20th November 1998

Age:                                      22 years old

Birth Place:                            Karachi, Pakistan

Profession:                            Actress and Model

Father Name:                       Mubeen Khan

Mother Name:                     Uzma Khan

Brothers:                              Maaz Khan, Huzaifa Khan and Hammad Khan

Star:                                     Scorpio

Marital Status:                     Single

Nationality:                         Pakistani

Religion:                             Islam

Minal Khan Sister:             Aiman Khan

Minal Khan Brother-in-law: Muneeb Butt

Minal Khan Education:

Qualification:               Matriculation

School:                        Matriculation from Karachi Pakistan

Minal Khan Introduction:

A very vigorous, energetic, good-looking and moderately actor of Pakistani Media Industry is Minal Khan. Twin of her sister Aiman Khan, another nice-looking lady of Tv shows. Both joined showbiz in 2011 and quite now very eminent characters of most drama serials. A rising star of Industry with the biggest fan following. Minal Khan participated in many drama serials and showed her talent in acting with her charmer and enchantress.

Minal Khan Personal Life:

Minal Khan born in Karachi, Pakistan on 22 November 1998 with her twin sister Aiman Khan. Both are now 22 years old. Minal khan still lives in Karachi with her family. She is single and may be looking towards to marry someone but not for sure. Her education is just Matriculation after that she joined Industry and start her career as a child actor. Her father Mubeen Khan is in Police of Karachi and serve his country. Her mother Uzma Khan is a housewife. She has three brothers Maaz Khan, Huzaifa Khan and Hammad Khan, they are not in Industry. Minal Khan is very close to her twin sister Aiman Khan and most of the time, both are at the same place for the interview and always support each other. These both are true example of sister love, bonding and friendship too. Minal Khan and Aiman Khan, both have the biggest fan following and very active on social media, share each and every little bit experience with their fans. Both are very adorable and charming girls in Industry.


Minal Khan Career:

Minal Khan started her career with her debut drama in 2011 on “Kash Main Beti Na hoti” as a child actor. Onwards her fan following started with her next drama serial “Qudoosi Sahab ki Bewa” in 2012 at Ary Digital Tv. She did a lot of drama serial along with modelling too with her sister Aiman Khan, both rock the ramp with their confidence on the stage. Modelling and Photography shoots with a large number of brands are done by her and her sister too. Most of the time, both are at the same place for modelling too. They win many of hearts with their stylish and graceful look on the screen. Minal Khan is very intelligent, sophisticated and discerning with her work.

Minal Khan with her sister has more than 4 million followers on Instagram with worthy. Her topmost viewing drama serial is Hassad in 2019, her acting in this drama as a second wife of her brother-in-law was just awesome. Minal Khan worked with Faysal Quershi in a drama serial “Adhoori Aurat” in 2013 with Ayeza Khan. She also works in many TV advertisements too along with her sister, as we can say that both sisters is the strength of each other and a strong bond on-screen with a relationship, friendship and love. Her very numerous hit drama serials help her to do a lot of effort on the screen to put some extra beauty and severity. Her keenness and intensity on every show is a picture of her fierceness in every character. She is a very active actor of drama serial, wish to see her in movies too in future.


Minal Khan Drama List

Kash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti– (2011)

Qudoosi Sahab Ki Bewa – (2012)

Adhoori Aurat – (2013)

Mere Meherbaan – (2014)

Gila Kiss Se Karain – (2015)

Mol – (2015)

Mithu aur Apaa – (2015)

Joru Ka Ghulam – (2016)

Hum Sab Ajeeb Say Hain – (2016)

Sun Yaara – (2017)

Malkin – (2017)

Parchaye – (2017)

Dil Nawaz – (2018)

Ki Jana Mein Kon – (2018)

Ghamand – (2018)

Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja – (2018)

Ki Jaana Main kaun – (2018)

Hassad – (2019)

Aey Ishq – (2019)

Qismat – (2019)


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