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Written by                                          Umera Ahmed

Directed by                                        Haseeb Hassan

Based on                                             Alif by Umera Ahmed


  • Spirituality
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Sufi

Created by

  • Sana Shahnawaz
  • Samina Humayun Saeed


  • Hamza Ali Abbasi
  • Sajal Aly
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Kubra Khan

Alif Drama Full Story

ALIF drama serial of GEO TV, firstly aired on 5 October 2019 in Pakistan under the production house of Epic Entertainment. The storyline of this drama serial is written by Umera Ahmed and this was a novel and now directed by Haseeb Hassan. The main cast of this drama serial is starring by Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan, Ahsan Khan,Sajal Aly, Manzar Sehbai.  Story of this drama Alif revolves around the defiant, unruly film-maker and actress with disturbing pasts. Umera Ahmed mostly wrote her novel on the basis of Islamic revolutionary. This drama also revolves around the religious relation with GOD. That’s why it named Alif.

A journey of Momin and Momina to repossess their radical and to balance their family by determining to proceed they will join. Everybody left Momin in his journey and the Momina with his grandfather helped him to rebuild her faith and trust in him. But as usual, his success and glamour apart him to the reality of life. Where on the other hand, Momina tried to help him as she lost her brother and eventually try to struggle to fight with her own emotions and get rid of this trauma, and make a tribute role in this serial with a vital action to overcome from difficulties of life.

The story of Alif is based upon the letters of Husn-e-Jahan, the actress, and the dancer who lost her love. She keeps writing to her husband but never posts these letters. This character is being played by Kubra Khan, mother of Momin and her husband’s character is yet to arrive.

Alif Drama Story Review

The concept portrayed in Alif is entirely wrong! Though it’s a drama portraying spirituality and a Muslims connection to ALLAH, its showing somethings that are not at all acceptable…. an actress (Husne Jehan) who was a former dancer, leaves everything to be ‘close to Allah’ she says and gets attracted to a man because of his spirituality to ALLAH, but when faced with raising a boy without her husband after his demise, resorts to same filth again which she knows is prohibited and which she stopped…If it wasn’t wrong why did she leave it in the first place and not help when her husband couldn’t work and her child was deprived of a good life.

If she was truly so pious, she would never have started dancing again, instead, she should’ve asked her father in law for help… He would never have refused and it was still better than being a singer/dancer again… Its like singing n dancing has been justified in the whole drama as an honorable thing, which it isn’t… Even in case of Momina… they’ve shown her close to Allah… Fine! she was compelled to work as an actress because of some responsibilities…. but when a man was ready to accept her… and share all her responsibilities, which was what every man must do… here, the so-called pious girl chooses to be an actress rather than be a stay at home wife and be thankful to her husband for being so supportive.

yes, if later on, that husband would belittle her boasting of his help (which is in fact his duty towards his wife), then she can leave him and start doing an ‘HONORABLE’ job… not acting. But instead, this woman chooses to rather be in the market than be someone’s honorable wife. I’m sorry here for those of you who feel like I’m being a stereotype but acting/dancing has never been considered an honorable thing in an Islamic society and no one can justify it as being something that should be so easily chosen over marriage.

I’m not trying to assert here that its wrong for a woman to work, but if Momina would’ve left her Fiancee for a proper honorable job, she would’ve been somewhat justified in doing so. A woman choosing acting over being an honorable wife can never be considered pious! Working isn’t wrong, even if u have to work as a housemaid, but the choice of career as an actress is wrong because Islam teaches us otherwise. Not be in close proximity to namehram’s at any cost, not exhibit yourself as her Fiancee rightfully tells her in the drama that she doesn’t earn by hand, she warns by showcasing her face n body which is the bitter truth.

Therefor an actress can never justify herself! An actress can never be called pious! Just like in Mere Paas Tum ho, the bribe hasn’t justified any matter if your kids can’t afford a good school because of it…. even if ur wife leaves u for it… in any case… bribery isn’t justified. In the same way, acting/singing can never be justified. And if you are doing so, u should not claim to b pious! Never! Such things should never be publicized and justified in our Dramas… which are giving wrong concepts to our generations. This must stop. It’s my view on what Connection to ALLAH really is and that it shouldn’t be demonstrated/portrayed otherwise in our Dramas. This doesn’t mean to offend anyone but that is the reality and we must accept it even if our actions indicate otherwise.


Most people said about Alif Drama:

Agree with the writer on Saleem Mairaj and Kubra Khan as they both in the serial are a complete treat to watch with full emotional gestures and excellent dialogue delivery. No other actress could have done justice to the character of Husn e Jahan than Kubra khan. and surely all the credit for it goes to the brilliant direction.

It reflects a very deep concept of the existence of a human, the cause of existence …It makes you think about your spirit …Hamza Ali Abbasi is always my favorite, I am his great fan and overall the acting of all the actors and actresses is mind-blowing …Also proud of Pakistani media to promote such a meaningful drama serial.

Alif OST Lyrics:

Chithian Lekh Lekh Yaar Mannawa Tay Yaar Na Howay Razi
Rab Sonay Nu Araz Mein Pawa Tay De Day Duniya Sari

Alif! Bus

Nikal Para Mein Par Phalay
Thaak Gaya Hoon Dil Bhalay

Aatish Lagi Aur Tishnagi Sena Yeh Mera Kyu Jilay
Alif, Alif Bus Harf Nahi Yeh Zarf Hai Kamal Ka

Ibtada Jahan Ki Jawab Har Sawal Ka

Alif! Bus

Ishq-e-Awal Ko Duja Na Kar
Sath Apni Ko Pooja Na Kar

Mohabbatein Bandon Ko Day
Ishq Pay Bus Haq Alif Ka Bandya

Alif! Bus

Pairon May Tere Zanjeerein Hain
Hum Ko Na Tum Mil Pao Gaye

Mere Muqadar Say Pocho
Aisay Juda Ho Jao Gaye

Dard He Kyu Sikha Raha Hai Kaisay Jetay Hai Zindagi
Dard Apna Dawa Samjh Tu Na Samjh Aisay Bebasi

Is Jahan Main Na Raha Ishq Sacha Jaan-e-Man
Bus Rahay Naam-e-Alif, Kar Liya Hai Zebtan

Alif! Bus

Chithian Lekh Lekh Yaar Mannawa Tay Yaar Na Howay Razi
Rab Sonay Nu Araz Mein Pawa Tay De Day Duniya Sari


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