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Vaneeza Ahmed Biography:

Vaneeza Ahmed was born on 24th July 1971. She is a Pakistani model and actress. She is also a singer, she has sung a few movie songs. She is the Pakistani model and she is best known for modelling for many brands. 

Vaneeza Ahmed is the first Pakistani model who walks on the ramp for many brands and many international designers as well. She joined modelling just as a casual hobby as wanted to become the prominent face of the industry. In July 2010, she married a businessman Ali Afzal Malik. Now she is blessed with two daughters.

Born  24 July 1971
Age  49
Occupation Actress, Model
Birth Place  Murree
Nationality Pakistani
Years Active 1994-Present
Marital Status Married


Vaneeza Ahmed is a well-known face modelling industry. She started her career as a model. She has done many photoshoots for many brands and walked on the ramp for many designers as well. Soon Vaneeza Ahmed introduced a brand named Vlawn, through this, she created a hype among the fashion industry.

She made her debut in Jamal Shah’s Controversial Venture. She started in Tum Hi Tou Ho, Jane Anjane, and many more.

As a model:

When she started her modelling career, she was unsure where she wanted to stay. But she walks on the ramp and empresses everyone. Her cat-walk creates an impact on everyone.

As an Actress:

Vaneeza Ahmed made the first debut in Jamal Shah’s and she worked in Marina Khan‘s Tum Hi Tou Ho, Jane Anjane, and many more. She played the role of the daughter of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in a biographical film in 1998. 

Vaneeza, the Brand:

Vaneeza Ahmed introduces her brand named Vlawn for her Lawn Collection and she created a hype among the fashion industry. This collection contains nine different Lawn prints created by designers. In March 2006, the collection started sold-out in a series of exhibitions. 

Personal Life:

She married businessman Ali Afzal Malik in July 2010. She has two daughters. She also runs her own business as a responsibility of a mother.

vaneeza's husband

 Education of Vaneeza Ahmed:

Vaneeza Ahmed is interested in pharmaceutical, she moved to Kinnaird College, Lahore. There she completed her four degrees in brain research. She was offered from many fashion industries and from many designers some of which was remarkable in the fashion industry like Nilofer Shahid.  


  • Tum Hi Tou Ho 
  • Tere Siwa
  • Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
  • Marina Morning 
  • Lux Style Awards 

TV Commercials:

  • Kyun Ke Yeh Dil Ka Mamla Hai
  • Ramazan Mubarak
  • 50 Years

Music Videos:

  • Woh pal (2020)
  • Beginning Human (2007)
  • Yaad (2005)
  • Na Re Na (2003)
  • Bulleya (1999)

Married to a Business:

Vaneeza Ahmed married to a business Ali Afzal Malik in 2010. They both meet in a meeting where they both share a lot of things and talk together. After Ali Afzal moved to the United States, he returned in 2009. They both fall in love with each other. They both are living in Rawalpindi. They both have two daughters named Inaya and Sofiya Jahan Ali.

Vaneeza Ahmed Family: 

Vaneeza Ahmed was born in a Muslim family in Pakistan but later she moved to Germany with her friends. She returned when she was 18. After that, she moved to Kinnaird Women College Lahore for further studies.

Vaneeza Ahmed Sister Died in a Car Accident: 

Pakistani’s top model Vaneeza Ahmed’s sister named Esha Ahmed died in a car accident in Islamabad. 

Esha Ahmed is the younger sister of Pakistani top model Vaneeza Ahmed, who lost her life along with her friends in a car accident.

Vaneeza Ahmed height, weight, Eye Color, and Hair Color:

Height:           5 feet 7 inches

Weight:          60 KG

Eye colour:    Brown

Hair colour:   Dark Brown

Vaneeza Ahmed Daily Routine:

Vaneeza is a Pakistani top model. She has gained huge fame and popularity as the top model of Pakistan. She was interested in medicine and she earned her degree in psychology. After this as a casual hobby, she joined modelling, she wanted to become a popular face of the Showbiz industry of Pakistan.

 In an interview she was asked about her daily routine, she answered that she wakes up early in the morning and gets her children and drops them to school by herself. Then she goes to the gym with her husband, she said that I don’t like to go but she only goes to the gym to accompany her husband. After that, she came back home and went to pick up her children. After that, she and her daughters go to the park daily where they enjoy the weather of Islamabad.    

Vaneeza Ahmed Favorites

Favorite Actor:               Asif Raza Mir

Favourite Actress:          Priyanka Chopra

Favourite Singer:           Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Favourite Food:             Rice, Pizza, Chicken, Vegetables. 

Favourite Destination:  Pakistan

Favourite colour:          White, Black

Vaneeza Ahmed left the Television Industry:

In an interview, Vaneeza Ahmed asked why she left the Showbiz industry. She tells the reason why she left this industry, she said before television I had to put my children first. They are the priority I left my career over them because they need me the most at this stage. She said acting is not a job form 9-5 sometimes it takes 12-18 hours to complete your work. I don’t want to leave my children as well because this time is more initial for them and I want to be with them that’s why I left the television industry but now they are grown up and now I’ll be seen on the TV in “Ehd-e-Wafa”.  

Vaneeza Ahmed made a comeback with “Ehd-e-Wafa”:

Vaneeza Ahmed the famous Pakistani model has left the television industry for some time because of her children she said as they are grown up now, so she is ready to make a comeback on television in “Ehd-e-Wafa” after a long time. She has signed the drama serial “Ehd-e-Wafa” after rejecting several drama serials for so long. She signed this serial along with Wahaj Ali, Ahad Raza Mir, Usman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali, Zara Noor, Alizeh Shah and others. 


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