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Sherry Rehman Biography
Full Name Sherry Rehman 
Nick Name Sherry Rehman 
Profession Politician, Journalist
Date of Birth December 21, 1960
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan 
Age 63 years 
University Karachi Grammar School, Smith College, University of Sussex
Education MA
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Black 
Hair Colour Black 
Figure Measurement N/A
Hobbies N/A
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Sagittarius 
Gender Female 
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Father’s Name Hassanally A. Rahman
Mother’s Name Sabiha Hasan
Siblings Humaira Rehman
Marital Status Married 
Husband Name Nadeem Hussain
kids Marvi Malik (Daughter)
Father-in-Law Name N/A
Sister-in-Law Name N/A
Mother-in-Law Name N/A
Net Worth Approx. $5 million

Sherry Rehman’s Introduction

Sherry Rehman biography

Sherry Rehman is a lady from Pakistan who has done many important jobs in her country. She was born on December 21, 1960. She is now 63 years old. Sherry has worked as a politician who talks to other countries for Pakistan and has helped make decisions in Pakistan’s government since 2015. She was the first woman to have a big job in Pakistan’s Senate, where she worked to oppose some government ideas from March to August 2018. She also lived in the United States for a while, from 2011 to 2013, to help Pakistan and the U.S. understand each other better.

Sherry Rehman’s Education

Sherry Rehman is a very educated woman from Pakistan. She went to school at Karachi Grammar School. After finishing school, she went to the United States for more studies. She studied at Smith College, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). After that, she did her Master of Arts (M.A.) in Art History at the University of Sussex in England. Sherry has used her education to do many things, like writing and helping her country in politics.

Sherry Rehman’s Family, Husband and Kids

Sherry Rehman family, Husband and Kids

Sherry Rehman comes from a notable family in Pakistan. She was born in Karachi to Hassanally A. Rahman and Sabiha Hasan. Her father, Hassanally A. Rahman, was a respected lawyer and the founder of Sindh Law College in Karachi. Her mother was the first vice president of the State Bank of Pakistan, showcasing the family’s prominent position in society. Sherry’s early exposure to working and public life, inspired by her parents, laid the foundation for her life.

Sherry Rehman is married to Nadeem Hussain, and they have been together for many years. They have a daughter named Marvi Malik. Sherry Rehman’s personal life, marked by her marriage to banker Nadeem Hussain and her role as a mother, complements her professional achievements. Together, they reflect her multifaceted contributions to both her family and her country.​

Sherry Rehman’s Political Career

Sherry Rehman Political Career

Sherry Rehman was chosen to be part of Pakistan’s National Assembly in 2002 as a candidate from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), representing a special seat for women. She worked there until 2007, during which she held important roles within PPP, like being the Central Information Secretary, the President of Policy Planning, and the party’s international relations efforts.

She got elected again in 2008 for the same type of seat from Sindh. During this time, she proposed several laws in the National Assembly. In 2008, she joined the federal cabinet under Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani as the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, and later, she also managed Health, Women’s Development, and Culture.

Sherry Rehman left her minister position in 2009 because she didn’t agree with the government’s approach to controlling the press. She faced threats for trying to end the death penalty for blasphemy in 2010. Her efforts led to a Supreme Court investigation in Multan after the police initially ignored the case. In 2011, she became Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, succeeding Hussain Haqqani. She advocated for the U.S. to stop drone strikes in Pakistan and left the ambassador position in 2013.

She was elected to the Senate in 2015 and became the first woman to be the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate in 2018. She has spoken out on various issues, including women’s rights and the impact of climate change, showing her commitment to national and global concerns.

Sherry Rehman’s As a Journalist

Sherry Rehman As a Journalist

Sherry Rehman began her career in journalism at The Daily Star, moving on to become the editor-in-chief of The Herald at just 26 years old, a position she held until 1998. Following her tenure at the Herald, she co-authored “The Kashmiri Shawl: From Jamawar to Paisley.” Over two decades, Sherry Rehman dedicated herself to journalism and contributed as a member of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors between 1988 and 1998.

In 1999, she expanded her expertise to television, hosting a current affairs show. Beyond her journalism career, Sherry Rehman has been actively involved in humanitarian efforts, serving as the Pakistan Red Crescent Society chairperson.

Sherry Rehman’s Controversies

Sherry Rehman has been at the centre of several controversies throughout her career, highlighting the challenges and scrutiny public figures face in Pakistan. One notable controversy involved accusations of blasphemy related to comments made during a television program in 2010, leading to legal challenges and considerable public debate. The Supreme Court admitted a petition for a hearing against her, although earlier lower courts had rejected it​​.

In another instance, Sherry Rehman found herself in a difficult situation when she did not intervene during derogatory remarks made by Defence Minister Khawaja Asif against women parliamentarians in Pakistan’s Parliament. She later expressed regret for not intervening at the time, stating that she was preoccupied and would have intervened had she been fully aware of the remarks being made​.

Sherry Rehman’s Awards and Nominations

Year Award and Nominations Awarding Organization
2002 Award for Independent Journalism UK House of Lords in its Muslim World Awards Ceremony
2006 R.L Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award
2008 International Peace Award for Democrats Human Rights Commission
2008 International Human Rights Commission Award
2009 Democracy’s Hero Title International Republican Institute
2009 100 Most Influential Asians UAE magazine Ahlan
2009 The Freedom Award Pakistan Association of Television Journalists
2011 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Award The Women’s Democracy Network, Washington
2012 Smith College Medal
2013 Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Pakistan’s highest civilian honor) President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari

Sherry Rehman’s Net Worth

Sherry Rehman Net Worth

Sherry Rehman’s estimated net worth of approximately $5 million reflects her successful journalism and politics career. This financial achievement underscores her commitment and effectiveness in various leadership roles, including her impactful work as a senator, ambassador, and advocate for human rights and democracy in Pakistan. Her economic accomplishments mirror her dedication to public service and her influential position within Pakistani society and beyond.

Sherry Rehman’s Social Links

Sherry Rehman Twitter X Icon Sherry Rehman Instagram Icon Sherry Rehman Threads Account Sherry Rehman Facebook logo


Who is Sherry Rehman?

Sherry Rehman is a prominent Pakistani politician, journalist, and senior Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) member.

How old is Sherry Rehman?

Sherry Rehman was born on December 21, 1960, making her 63 years old.

Who is Sherry Rehman's husband?

Sherry Rehman is married to Nadeem Hussain. They have been together for many years, and their marriage has been a significant part of Rehman's life.

What is the name of Sherry Rehman's Daughter?

Sherry Rehman's daughter is named Marvi Malik.

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