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Shan Baig Biography:

Shan Biag was born on 23 October 1990. Shan Baig is a Pakistani actor and model. Shan Baig has been in the industry since 2015 and he is the winning heart of the audience with his outstanding performances.

He got married to Michelle Saifee Rajpoot in 2019. He is also famous for his supporting roles in various drama serials. He first started his career as an actor. He also worked on small screens both as leading as well as supporting roles. 


23rd October 1990

Birth Place


Years active


Famous as

Actor, model




Shan Baig is a versatile actor. He wins the hearts of people by his versatile acting. He first made his debut in 2015, in the telefilm “Rok Do Shadi” which was played on Geo TV. After this, he started acting in various drama serials on different channels.

Some of his successful TV serials are “Babul Ka Angna”, “Roshni” and “Manjdar” of Geo TVIshq Ya Rabba” on A Plus Entertainment. “Ume Haniya” on Geo TV and many more. 

As an Actor:

Shan Baig was first introduced in the Showbiz Industry by Pheby Haroon as an artist. He first made his acting debut in 2015, in the telefilm “Rok Do Shadi” which was played on Geo TV. After this, he started acting in various TV serials on various channels. He is one of the first supporting male on-screen characters on the small screen.

His most famous serials are “Babul Ka Angna” with Maham Amir and Saleem Sheikh, “Roshni” with Aroha Khan, Sarah Razi, Maham Amir, and many others, “Manjdhar” which was played on Geo TV, “Ishq” which the production of A Plus Entertainment and many more. 

As a model: 

Shan Baig also worked with many brands and fashion designers of Pakistan. He has done many photoshoots and he has worked in TV advertisements as well. He is handsome and his sharp looks made it very easy for him to become a model of Pakistan. He is also the showstopper of various fashion shows for many designers at various times.

Shan Baig Family:

He belongs to an ordinary family, no one from his family belongs to the Showbiz Industry. He got married to Michelle Safiee Rajpoot, who is not attached to this Showbiz Industry. He was married in January in 2019, he invited many celebrities to his wedding.

Shan Baig Education:  

He did his schooling from Bolingbrook High School. After this, he studied acting from Columbia College Chicago

Shan Baig Dramas:

  • Rok Do Shadi
  • Babul Ka Angna 
  • Roshni
  • Manjdhar
  • Ishq Ya Rabba
  • Ume Haniya 
  • Enaaya

The versatile actor Shan Baig is rising to Hight:

Shan Baig was born on 23 October 1990, he is a versatile actor and model. His handsome look makes him elegant all over. His elegant personality makes everyone fall for him. He sometimes uses dubsmash for the sake of fun. His friend Zara (actor) from India encourages him to start his acting career. 

He works in various drama serials including “Ruk Do Shadi”, Babul Ka Angna, etc. Shan made his debut in a telefilm, “Rok Do Shadi” which was a quite successful project. Apart from acting, he works in modeling as well. He walked on-ramp for many designers as well. He said that I had worked in modeling but acting is the best. This is so thrilling. 

Shan Baig Height, Weight, and Eye Color, Hair Color:  

Height:           5 feet 11 inches

Weight:          75 KG  

Eye Color:      Brown

Hair Color:     Black

Shan Baig the Handsome Hunk taking his Place in the Industry: 

Shan Baig is one of the biggest parts of entertainment. He said that it is not easy to be an actor in Pakistan. The competition was everywhere, every day, he had set his standard in the industry by his hard work and struggle.

Everyone has set himself on a standard by his hard work who has given a whole to the new entertainment industry. He is the attention of the ladies who adore him for his good looks.  

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He completely knows the importance of his work, Some roles that incredibly suit him so much and the industry knows that very well. He manages to achieve the standard of acting in the industry. She has done one by one best shows in the industry. Shan will continue his acting in the industry and we will be going to see him in the future, we will surely say that he is the set of the next big projects of the industry.

Shan Baig wife Michelle Safiee Rajpoot:

Shan Baig is a versatile actor we all have in the industry since 2015. He is the winning heart of the peoples with his impactful performances. He got married to Michelle Safiee Rajpoot in 2019 and he is living the blessed life. His wife is not attached to any Showbiz industry. Shan Baig belongs to an ordinary family, he is a self-made person who believes in hard work and struggle.  

Shan Baig is a versatile actor, he was introduced in the Showbiz industry in 2015. He has worked in many drama serials. His good looks admire the people. He is a self-made person who believes in hard work and struggle. He belongs to an ordinary family, he is the only one from his family who has made his name in the Showbiz industry.

shan baig wife

He was first introduced in the industry by Pheby Haroon. He made his acting more prominent in the Showbiz industry. By his hard work and struggle, he made his name prominent in the Showbiz industry. He is quite serious about his work, he knows the importance of his work and he works hard for his future to make it bright.

Shan Baig is working in so many drama serials and his good-looks makes him more handsome in the industry and for the people. He has done this with many designers and walked on the ramp.

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