Sami Rasheed Biography, Age, Career, Family and Net Worth

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Full Name Sami Rasheed 
Nick Name Sami Rasheed 
Profession Singer and TikTok Star
Date of Birth 23 February 1997
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Age 26 years 
University N/A
Education Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurement N/A
Hobbies N/A
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 80 KG
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Sehar Hayyat
kids N/A
Father-in-Law Name N/A
Sister-in-Law Name N/A
Mother-in-Law Name N/A
Net Worth Approx $200k to $500k

Sami Rasheed’s Introduction

Sami Rasheed Biography

Sami Rasheed, a well-known personality from Pakistan, has made a significant mark in the digital world, particularly on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Born on February 23, 1997, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, He is now 26 years old. He comes from an educated family adhering to the Islamic faith. Sami Rasheed has achieved fame as a TikToker, artist, and social media influencer, amassing over 331.7K followers on TikTok. He’s also recognised for his musical talents, particularly in genres like pop, rock, and traditional Pakistani music.

Sami Rasheed’s Education

Sami Rasheed completed his higher education in Lahore. He has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. This educational background has played a role in shaping his career, particularly in the realms of digital marketing and social media influencing. His academic achievements are a testament to his dedication and hard work, contributing to his success in the digital and entertainment industries.

Sami Rasheed’s Marriage, Wife

Sami Rasheed Marriage and Wife

Sami Rasheed married Sehar Hayyat, a well-known TikToker in Pakistan. Their marriage took place on July 13, 2023, and it was a significant event in their lives. Sehar Hayyat is particularly famous for being one of the top female TikTokers in the country, with a large following on the platform. The wedding was a notable occasion, and they shared their joyous moments with their fans, marking a new chapter in their lives as a married couple. Their wedding was a grand event attended by several fellow TikTok celebrities.

Kanwal Aftab, Zulqarnain, Jannat Mirza, Alishba Anjum, Dr Madiha, Mj Ahsan, Mishi, Awais, and Ekra Ali Syed join their wedding. These TikTokers, known for their significant followings, shared moments from the celebration, contributing to the festive atmosphere of the wedding​​. This union of two digital celebrities was received with much enthusiasm and support from their followers and the wider online community​​​​​​.

Sami Rasheed’s Singing Career

Sami Rasheed has gained immense popularity through his work on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. He is recognised not only for his digital presence but also for his talents in music. Sami has collaborated with respected musicians and producers, significantly boosting his popularity. He is known for his exceptional vocal abilities and can perform across various musical genres, including pop, rock, and traditional Pakistani music. His ability to convey genuine emotions through his performances has resonated with a broad audience, helping him forge a deep connection with his listeners.

Sami Rasheed’s career extends beyond his musical endeavours. He is also known for his activities on social media platforms like TikTok, where he has garnered a substantial following. His TikTok content includes a mix of music-related posts and other engaging material. Sami Rasheed maintains an active presence on YouTube, sharing various types of content, including daily vlogs, further expanding his reach and engagement with his audience.

Sami Rasheed’s Net Worth

Sami Rasheed Net worth

He has an estimated net worth ranging between $200,000 to $500,000. This considerable net worth reflects his successful career spanning various domains, including his work as a singer, TikToker, and social media influencer. His earnings are likely derived from multiple sources, such as his music ventures, social media platforms, brand endorsements, and collaborative projects. This financial success underscores his impact and popularity in the entertainment sector​​.

Sami Rasheed’s Social Links

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Who is Sami Rasheed?

Sami Rasheed is a well-known TikToker and singer from Pakistan.

What is Sami Rasheed known for?

He is known for his popularity on TikTok, where he posts various content, including music videos and for his singing career.

How old is Sami Rasheed?

He is 27 years old, born on February 23, 1997.

Who is Sami Rasheed's wife?

Sami Rasheed is married to Sehar Hayat, a famous Pakistani TikToker.

What is Sami Rasheed's educational background?

He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Lahore.

Can I contact Sami Rasheed directly?

His personal contact number is not publicly shared, but you can message him on his social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


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