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Kubra Khan Bio Data

Name:                      Kubra Khan
Real name:               Rabia Khan
Occupation:             Model and Actress
Date of birth:           09 September 1993
Place of birth:          London, UK
Age:                         26 years
Zodiac Sign:            Libra
Marital status:         single
Nationality:             Pakistani
Religion:                  Islam

Kubra Khan’s Education:

Qualification:              Graduate from London University

Kubra Khan Introduction:

Rabia Khan with the identity name of KUBRA KHAN was born in London, the UK on 09 September 1993. She is a British Pakistani actress, started her career with the film Na Maloom Afrad in 2014. She is very consistent, energetic, brilliant and contemporary actress as well model of Pakistan Industry. In a very short time period, she started her career with a big name in Industry and work with many celebrities in movies as well as in television series also.

Kubra Khan Personal Life:

Kubra khan belongs to a Muslim family in the UK. She has only one sister named as Fatima Khan. Her family is very broad-based, humanistic and well educated. She is currently single and has no love life still. She graduated from the University of London and moved to Pakistan for her career.

The career of Kubra Khan:

Na Maloom Afraad is her debut film of 2014 before this she started her career as a Fashion model in 2013. After a successful comedy-thriller film in her career, she becomes one of the most popular and well-known celebrities of the film industry. In her first movie, she leads a role of bank-worker with main lead actor Mohsin Abbas Haider. And at the moment, she is nearly fortunate about her career and a very good-looking, attractive personality of Pakistan Industry. She fetched everyone’s attention in extreme flash moment.

She plays an excel role in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 with Mawra Hocane and with Humayun Saeed as well. She participated in Parwaz Hai Junoon with Hania Aamir, Hamza Ali Abbasi and with Ahad Raza Mir.  Along with movies, she got audience eyes in television series as her first drama serial was Sang-e-Mar-Mar in 2016. And shown in many other drama series such as Khuda Aur Muhabat (2016), Muqabil (2016), Andaaz-e-Sitam (2017), Alif ALLAH Aur Insaan (2017), Shadi Mubarak Ho, Daldal (2017), Laal (2018), Choti Choti Batain (2019), Raja ki Chandhni (2019).

She won Best Newcomer Female award for Muqabil in 2017 from ARY viewer’s choice awards. Along with this, she also won HUM Awards in 2017 for Best New-Sensation Award of Sang-e-Mar-Mar.

In addition, she currently appears in one of the most top-rated drama with finest storylines of Alif, which is at this time becomes a famed due to its dialogues connected with spirituality of Islam. She plays a leading role in this drama with Ahsan Khan as her husband.
Moreover, her upcoming movie is London Nahi Jaungi (2020), joins the cast of Humayun Saeed in this movie which is total across from the movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi. So, stay tuned for more updates.


Drama List Of Kubra Khan

• Sang-e-Mar-Mar-2016
• Khuda Aur Muhabat-2016
• Muqabil-2016
• Andaaz-e-Sitam-2017
• Alif ALLAH Aur Insaan-2017
• Shadi Mubarak Ho-2017
• Daldal-2017
• Laal-2018
• Choti Choti Batain-2019
• Raja Ki Chanhdni-2019
• Alif-2020

Kubra Khan Movie’s List 

• Na Maloom Afraad-2014
• Welcome 2 Karachi-2015
• Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2
• Parwaaz Hai Junoon-2017
• Superstar-2019
• London Nahi Jaungi-2020

Awards and Nominations of Kubra Khan

• Best Newcomer Female-2017
• Best New Sensation-Female-2017

Music Videos of Kubra Khan

• Hamesha by Soch Band-2013
• Ki Kehnda Dil by Rajveer-2013

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