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Katherine O’Flaherty Faris (born St. Louis, Missouri, 8 of February of 1850 died ibidem, 22 of August of 1904), better known as Kate Chopin, was an American author of short stories and novels. Today she is considered one of the “progenitors” of the feminist authors of the 20th century.

Kate Chopin is known for her novel “The Awakening” work focused on the (inner) liberation of a woman in early twentieth-century America and “The Story of an Hour and The Storm.”


Full Name

Katherine O’Flaherty


February 8, 1850


54 years


St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.


August 22, 1904


Novelist, short story writer


Realistic fiction

Noteable works

The Awakening


Oscar Chopin ​(m. 1870; died 1882)



Kate Chopin Family & Early Life

Her father, Thomas O’Flaherty, was a wealthy businessman who had immigrated from Galway, Ireland. Her mother, Eliza Faris, was a faithful follower of the French Creole community, and her maternal grandmother, Athenaïse Charleville, was also of Gallic descent.

Chopin’s father died in 1855 when she was just five years old. As the Pacific Train founder, he was aboard the maiden voyage when a bridge over the Gasconade River collapsed. Thomas was among the victims. That same year, Kate entered the St. Louis Academy of the Sacred Heart (Academia del Sagrado Corazón de San Luis).

The death of her father led young Kate to develop a close relationship with her mother and grandmother. She also became a fervent reader of poetry, religious allegories, fairy tales, and classic and modern novels. Sir Walter Scott and Charles Dickens were among her favorite authors.

In 1863 it was awful for the author’s family: her great-grandmother died, as did her half-brother George. As a Confederate soldier, he died of typhoid fever while being held as a prisoner of war. Kate soon dropped out of regular education and became even more locked into the environment of reading. In 1865 he resumed formal education, finally returning to the Academy of the Sacred Heart. She began by using a commonly used book. She graduated from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in 1868 but did not earn any particular distinctions except a skill as a storyteller.

Kate Chopin Marriage/Husband

In her twenties, Kate became a high-society beauty in St. Louis, where she was recognized for her wit, and devoted a lot of time to the music. On a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, she was greatly influenced by a liberal-minded singer and actress. Her New Orleans experiences were based on Emancipation: A Life Fable. During these years, she focused on questioning the Catholic Church’s authority, especially on issues related to gender issues: she felt that it dominated women.

Kate married Oscar Chopin on June 9, 1870, in St. Louis, Missouri. Her husband was a member of the French Creole community in St. Louis. They had a honeymoon in Germany, Switzerland, and France but returned to America early due to the start of the Franco-Prussian War.

In the next decade, Kate and Oscar lived in New Orleans, with a somewhat promiscuous lifestyle, at 1413 Louisiana Avenue, where Oscar Chopin finally entered the cotton business as a “manufacturer.” During this period, they had five sons and a daughter, while Kate remained active in the city’s social circle.

Summers were spent in Grand Isle, a seaside resort on the Gulf of Mexico. Kate’s independence grew, including the habit of walking unaccompanied through the streets of the metropolis, which much annoyed local neighbors. She witnessed racial confrontations as well as organized terrorism against blacks.

Difficult years of Kate Family

In 1879, Oscar Chopin’s cotton brokerage failed, and the family moved to Cloutierville, Louisiana, to run small plantations and a general store. They became community activists, and Kate absorbed a lot of material for her future storytelling, closely tied to the area’s Cajun culture.

When Oscar Chopin died of yellow fever in 1884, he left his wife with $ 12,000 in debt (approximately $ 229,360 in 2005). The writer tried to control the plantations and harvested alone but with little success. Back then, he had a passionate fantasy with a married farmer.

Her mother implored her to return to St. Louis, which she and her children ended up doing around 1884. Kate and her family gradually immersed themselves in the life of St. Louis, where Chopin was able to dispense with all concerns around money, and during this section was found willing to go into reading. The following year, her mother dies.

Around this time, Kate had a nervous breakdown, and her doctor suggested that she consider writing as a way to unburden herself. Taking account of the advice, she soon rediscovered his natural narrative.

Years as a writer

By the late 1880s, Kate Chopin was already narrating short stories, articles, and translations that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, Criterion, Harper’s Young People, The Saint Louis Dispatch, and Vogue newspapers. She was immediately hailed as an author of the local colors, but her literary qualities went unnoticed.

In 1899 his second novel, The Awakening, whose history is that of a dissatisfied wife who explores her sexuality, was published despite the harsh criticism he received due to moral issues rather than the literary level, and it was by many years out of circulation. It has now been reissued and is the most widely available Chopin work on the market, along with some of his stories.

Chopin, profoundly disappointed but not defeated after this hard blow, returned to the short story’s plane. In 1900 she wrote The Gentleman from New Orleans, and that same year it was included in the first edition of Marquis Who’s Who. Around 1904 Kate experienced a breakdown while visiting the St. Louis World’s Fair. She passed away two days later, at the age of 54.

Kate Chopin is currently on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Kate Chopin Stories

“Desiree’s Baby” (1892): This story deals with themes related to racism, miscegenation, and the local colors of Louisiana. The author is free to express her ideas clearly, using a series of symbols and images that illustrate her vision of the subject.

  1. “Bayou Folk” (Houghton Mifflin, 1894) – “People of the Bayou”
  2. “The Story of an Hour” (1894) – “The Dream of an Hour” is included, preceded by a biographical note, on p. 331 ss of the anthology When the door was opened. Tales of the New Woman (1882-1914), Alba Editorial, “Oliver Twist” 2008, ISBN 978-84-8428-418-5.
  3. “A Night In Acadie” (Way and Williams, 1897)
  4. “The Storm” In Spain, Marketing Editorial, SA published in 1994 Don’t forget your English: The storm and other stories (cont. Video) ISBN 978-84-8024-957-7
  5. “Pair of Silk Stockings” – included in Women and the Lakes II; selection, translation, and a foreword by Olga Drennen, Editorial Longseller, 2005. ISBN 987-550-632-X.
  6. “Athenaise” – ISBN 978-84-395-8176-5
  7. “At the ‘Cadian Ball”
  8. “Lilacs” – ISBN 978-84-376-2516-4
  9. “A Respectable Woman”

Kate Chopin Novels

  • “At Fault” (Nixon Jones Printing Co, [St. Louis], 1890) (La culpa, published in Spain by Defausta Editorial in 2016)
  • “The awakening” (HS Stone, 1899). The awakening

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