Iqra Kanwal Biography- Age, Family, Marriage, And Net Worth

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Iqra Kanwal Biography
Full Name Dr Iqra Kanwal
Nick Name Iqra Kanwal
Profession TikToker and YouTuber
Date of Birth Jan 25, 1995
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Age 28 Years
University The University Of Lahore
Education MBBS Doctor
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurement 36-30-32 inches
Hobbies N/A
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Height 5 feet, 4 inch
Weight 56 KG
Father’s Name Dr Main Faisal
Mother’s Name Azra Faisal
Siblings Hira Faisal, Fatima Faisal, Rabia Faisal, and Zainab Faisal (sisters, AKA Sistrology)
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Areeb Pervaiz
Engagement Date November, 2022 
Marriage Date August 16, 2023
Father-in-Law Name N/A
Sister-in-Law Name N/A
Mother-in-Law Name N/A
Net Worth around 3-5 crore PKR

Iqra Kanwal’s Introduction

iqra kanwal biography

Iqra Kanwal is a well-known personality from Lahore, Pakistan, born on January 25, 1995. She is recognised for her multi-faceted career as a model, singer, doctor, YouTuber, and internet star. Iqra has gained popularity due to her engaging and charming presence on various social media platforms, sharing numerous videos and images. She is noted for her significant role as a content creator on YouTube, particularly for running the ‘Sistrology‘ channel since 2016.

Iqra Kanwal’s Education

Iqra Kanwal is an MBBS doctor from Lahore, Pakistan. After completing her MBBS degree, she explored various fields beyond medicine. This experience was a turning point, as it sparked her interest in other career paths, specifically singing and social media. Following this, Iqra actively pursued a career in social media, becoming prominent on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Iqra Kanwal’s Parents

Iqra Kanwal’s Parents

Iqra Kanwal comes from a supportive family based in Lahore, Pakistan. Her father, Dr. Mian Faisal Ejaz, is a professional doctor, which indicates a background of medical expertise in the family. Iqra’s mother, Azra Faisal, is a housewife who has played a significant role in nurturing the family.



Five sisters, among Pakistan’s top content producers, run the Sistrology YouTube channel. They produce videos, including family and travel vlogs, which they share on social media. The eldest sister, Dr Iqra Kanwal, is a model, singer, doctor, and YouTube vlogger. She has a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube, with many followers. Her younger sisters, Hira Faisal, Fatima Faisal, Rabia Faisal, and Zainab Faisal, each contribute their unique talents to the channel. Hira and Rabia are also models and content creators, while Fatima is a popular TikTok star and social media influencer. Zainab, the youngest, is known for her cuteness and works as a model.

These sisters are known not only for their creative content but also for their significant social media following. They are well-loved in Pakistan, with fans appreciating their entertaining and diverse content. Each sister has a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, and they have managed to build a notable online presence. Together, they bring a mix of humour, charm, and creativity to their channel, Sistrology, making it a popular destination for many audiences.

Iqra Kanwal’s Engagement

iqra kanwal engagemnent

Dr Iqra Kanwal engaged Areeb Parvaiz. The news of her engagement has been a topic of great interest among her fans and the public. Iqra shared a picture of her engagement with Areeb on social media, showcasing the happy occasion. She posted a video on her YouTube channel depicting their Baat Pakki ceremony, a traditional event marking the confirmation of their engagement.

The engagement pictures of Iqra and Areeb displayed the joy and love between the couple. These images captured the beauty of their bond and the special moments of their celebration. The photos revealed a true love story, showing the strong connection between Iqra and Areeb and offering a glimpse into their future together.

Iqra Kanwal’s Wedding

Iqra Kanwal, a famous YouTuber and TikToker from the Sistrology group, recently married. Sistrology is a group of sisters who make videos about their daily lives. They have many fans who like to watch their videos.

Doctor Iqra Kanwal is the oldest sister in Sistrology. She had a big wedding with many events. These included a Nikkah ceremony a few months ago, on August 16, 2023. The Nikkah ceremony was a major event, with Iqra dressed in a traditional golden and white lehenga beautifully embellished with mirrors and stonework. After Nikkah, there are more events called dholkis, a mehndi, and the barat, or walima. Iqra showed pictures of herself in traditional wedding clothes, which many people liked.

Famous TikTok stars like Shaveer Jafri and his wife, Saad ur Rehaam (Ducky Bhai), and Aroob Jatoi attended Iqra’s wedding. At her Barat, Iqra sang a song for her husband, Areeb Pervaiz. She dressed up like Mastani from the movie Baji Rao Mastani.

Iqra Kanwal’s Career

Iqra Kanwal Career

Iqra Kanwal is a talented and popular figure from Lahore, Pakistan. She is known for her diverse career as a model, media face, singer, doctor, YouTuber, and internet star. Iqra gained recognition for her impressive looks and has shared numerous videos and images on her official social media platforms, contributing to her fame​​. Singing is one of her hobbies, and she has sung many songs. The names of Iqra Kanwal’s songs are Yad Dhai, Yarr na Milay, Nach Punjaban, Bara Pachtao Ge, etc.

As a model, Iqra Kanwal has worked in commercials for various brands, showcasing her versatility in the fashion industry. Her activities extend beyond modelling to include acting, hosting, and product endorsements, contributing significantly to her income. This multifaceted career approach demonstrates her diverse talents and ability to engage in different aspects of the entertainment and media industries.

Iqra is also a prominent YouTuber known for running the Sistrology channel since 2016 under the name Iqra Faisal. This channel has made her one of Pakistan’s best-known and most prominent content producers, amassing a large fan base. Sistrology has over 3 million subscribers, and her YouTube channel, named Iqra Kanwal, boasts over 159K subscribers. She also has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

Iqra Kanwal’s Net Worth

Iqra Kanwal’s Net Worth

Iqra Kanwal has an impressive net worth estimated at around 3 to 5 crore PKR. This substantial financial achievement reflects her success across various fields, including modelling, singing, acting, and content creation. Her diverse talents and active engagement in different aspects of the entertainment and media industries have significantly contributed to her income, establishing her as a financially successful individual in her field. Her ability to attract a wide audience and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms has been a key factor in building her net worth.

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Who is Iqra Kanwal Husand?

Iqra Kanwal, a prominent Pakistani YouTuber, is married to Areeb Perviz, a social media personality. Their engagement was officially announced on Iqra's Instagram account. This union brought together two well-known individuals on social media, further enhancing their public profiles .

Who is Iqra Kanwal's Mother?

Iqra Kanwal's mother is Azra Faisal, who is a homemaker.

Where does sistrology live?

The group Sistrology, which includes Iqra Kanwal and her sisters, lives in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. They are well-known for their social media and YouTube content, where they share their daily life and experiences from their home in Lahore.

What is the age of Iqra Kanwal?

She is 28 years old.

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