Aizal Zulqarnain Biography, Age, Instagram, Parents and Tiktok

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Aizal Zulqarnain biography
Full Name Aizal Zulqarnain 
Nick Name Aizal
Aizal Meaning in Urdu خوشبو؛ مہک
Profession Tiktoker
Date of Birth November 30, 2022
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Age 1 year, 1-month
University N/A
Education N/A 
Nationality Pakistani
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurement N/A
Hobbies N/A
Religion Islam
Zodiac/ Star Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Father’s Name Ch Zulqarnain Sikandar
Mother’s Name Kanwal Aftab
Siblings N/A
Marital Status Single
Husband Name N/A
kids N/A
Grandfather Name Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam
Grandmother Name N/A
Maternal Grandfather Name Muhammad Aftab
Maternal Grandmother Name Zumn Aftab
Net Worth N/A

Aizal Zulqarnain Introduction

aizal zulqarnain's biography

Aizal Zulqarnain is the daughter of Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar. They are famous TikTokers in Pakistan. Aizal was born on November 30, 2022. She is their first child. She is also a famous TikTok star. Her parents are very popular, and many people like to watch their videos. They show parts of their lives online, including when Aizal was born. Many people were happy and said nice things when Aizal was born. Kanwal and Zulqarnain Haider are happy to be parents, showing some of this happiness in their videos.​

Family and Relatives

aizal's family

Aizal Zulqarnain is the baby daughter of Kanwal Aftab and Ch. Zulqarnain Sikandar. Aizal Zulqarnain’s grandfather, Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam, used to work at Wapda and now has his own business. Aizal has three uncles: Javed Aslam, who does well in business, and Naqash Aslam, an electrical engineer. Abrar, who is studying mass communication. Aizal’s parents got married on April 4, 2021. When Aizal and her mother came home from the hospital, their family gave them a very nice welcome. Aizal’s father makes vlogs that lots of people like to watch. In these vlogs, he shows his family and special times.

Aizal’s Umrah With Her Parents


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A post shared by Aizal Zulqarnain (@aizalzulqarnain22)

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar and their daughter Aizal Zulqarnain performed Umrah in Saudi Arabia during the holy month of Ramadan. They started their spiritual journey by visiting Madina, where they spent a few days. The couple shared beautiful pictures and videos from their time in Madina. Later, they performed umrah, capturing and sharing these moments with their followers on social media. These posts included pictures and videos of their experiences, including the adorable moments with their daughter, Aizal. Zulqarnain Sikandar also made a vlog about their Umrah journey, offering a more in-depth look at their experience. This journey was significant for the family, as it was a special time of spiritual significance and togetherness.

Aizal Zulqarnain Famous on Instagram

aizal zulqarnain insta

Aizal Zulqarnain has an Instagram account with a significant number of followers. As of the latest information available, her account (@aizalzulqarnain22) has amassed over 355k followers. This impressive following showcases people’s popularity and interest in Aizal and her family’s lives, reflecting her parent’s strong fan base through their presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.​ 

Aizal Zulqarnain Tiktok Fame

She has her own TikTok account. This account has attracted many followers, showcasing her popularity as a part of a social media-famous family. Her parents’ popularity on platforms like TikTok and Instagram has extended to Aizal, making her a well-known figure on social media at a very young age. For more details and to view her content, visit her TikTok profile at @aizalzulqrnen​​.

Social Links

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What is the age of Aizal Zulqarnain?

She is one year and two months old.

Name the parents of Aizal Zulqarnain

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar are the parents of Aizal.

What is Aizal’s date of birth?

The date of birth of Aizal’s is November 30, 2022

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