Keem Bay Beach: The Stunning Hidden Gem of Achill Island

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Keem Bay Beach is a stunning and secluded spot located on the western coast of Achill Island in County Mayo, Ireland. It is known for its clear waters, long stretches of sandy beach, and dramatic landscapes. The beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Ireland and is a popular destination for swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and photography.

Hotels At Keem Bay Beach

Hotels At Keem Bay Beach

There are a few hotels near Keem Bay Beach for visitors to consider when planning a trip to the beach. Some popular options include:

Achill Head Hotel: 

Located in the nearby town of Keel, the Achill Head Hotel is a traditional Irish hotel with comfortable rooms and a restaurant serving local cuisine.

Keel Lodge: 

Keel Lodge is a family-run bed and breakfast located near Keel. The hotel offers comfortable rooms and a hearty breakfast each morning.

Ocean Lodge: 

Ocean Lodge is a modern hotel located near the beach. The hotel features comfortable rooms and a bar and restaurant.

Dooagh Lodge: 

Dooagh Lodge is a small bed and breakfast located in the nearby village of Dooagh. The hotel features comfortable rooms and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Atlantic View Cottage: 

Atlantic View Cottage is a self-catering cottage located near the beach. The cottage features comfortable rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Activities At Keem Bay Beach

Activities At Keem Bay Beach

Swimming and Snorkeling:

One of the most popular activities at Keem Bay Beach is swimming and snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and warm, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is also quite wide, so there is plenty of room for swimming and snorkeling without feeling crowded.

Hiking and Photography:

The rugged cliffs and dramatic landscapes surrounding Keem Bay Beach make it a popular spot for hiking and photography. Visitors can hike along the cliffs for spectacular sights of the beach and the surrounding area. The beach is also home to various wildlife, including seals, dolphins, and birds, making it a great spot for nature photography.

Relaxing and Sunbathing:

Keem Bay Beach is also a great spot for relaxing and sunbathing. Visitors can lay on the beach, soak up the sun, or relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The beach is a long stretch of sandy beach and is quite wide, so it always feels open.

Family-Friendly Activities:

Keem Bay Beach is also an excellent destination for families with children. The water is quite shallow, so it is safe for children to play in. The sand is also soft and powdery, making it perfect for building sandcastles and playing beach games. The surrounding area is also great for families, with plenty of hiking trails and wildlife to discover.


Keem Bay Beach is located on the western coast of Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland. The beach is situated on the Atlantic coast, on the island’s western side, which can only be accessed by car or bus. Once on the island, visitors must take a winding road to reach the beach. The beach is quite secluded and remote, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful and undisturbed spot. The nearest towns and villages are Keel and Dooagh. The nearest major cities are Westport, County Mayo, and Galway City.


Getting to Keem Bay Beach can be a challenge. The beach is located on the western side of Achill Island, which is only accessible by car or bus. Once you reach the island, you’ll need to take a winding road to get to the beach, which can be tricky if you’re not used to driving on narrow roads. Once you arrive at the beach, there is ample parking.

Amenities At Keem Bay Beach


There is ample parking available at Keem Bay Beach. Visitors can park their cars near the beach and easily access it.

Toilet Facility:

The beach has basic toilet facilities available for visitors.


Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer months to ensure the safety of visitors.

Food and Drink:

There are no food or drink vendors at the beach, so visitors should plan to bring their food and drinks. However, there are a few restaurants and pubs nearby where visitors can grab a bite to eat or drink after enjoying the beach.

Picnic Area:

There is no designated picnic area at the beach, but visitors can bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic there.

Beach Quality:

The beach itself is also worth noting. It is a long stretch of sandy beach perfect for sunbathing, playing games, and relaxing. The sand is smooth and powdery, and the beach inclines gently into the water, making it ideal for children. The beach is also vast, so it never feels too crowded, even on a busy day.

Surrounding area:

The surrounding area of Keem Bay Beach is also worth mentioning. The beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs and dramatic landscapes, making it a popular spot for photography and hiking. The beach is also home to wildlife, including seals, dolphins, and birds.


Keem Bay Beach is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Ireland. The beach is beautiful, the water is clear and warm, and the surrounding area is stunning. Remember that the beach is a bit out of the way, but the drive is well worth it. The beach is also perfect for families with children, as the water and sand are quite shallow. If you’re looking for a stunning and secluded beach, Keem Bay Beach is an excellent choice.

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