Top 21 Best and Famous Places to visit in Quetta, Pakistan

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Quetta is the provincial capital and biggest city of the Province of Balochistan in Pakistan. It is additionally the tenth most famous city of Pakistan. There are many famous places to visit to make your vacation memorable. To a great extent, it was wrecked in the 1935 Quetta seismic tremor, yet was modified and had a population of 1,001,205 as indicated by the enumeration of 2017.

Population: 1.001 million (2017)

Province: Balochistan

Weather: 34°C, Wind W at 14 km/h, 17% Humidity

There are many famous places in Quetta, some are described below.

Quaid-i-Azam Residency

Quaid-i-Azam Residency, notable as “Quaid-i-Azam Residency” 8 km from Ziarat, Quetta is where the organizer of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah went through the most recent two months and ten days of his life expectancy. It is the most famous woody milestone. It worked as an asylum before typifying government specialist residency in summer worked in 1892 in British Raj. Quaid-i-Azam residency, a famous place with high centrality, is wealthy in greenish yards, chinar trees, and bloom gardens introducing an eye-getting scene of the whole valley.


Ziarat is the capital region of Balochistan, Pakistan. It’s 8,850 feet higher up the swamp and is arranged right around 125 kilometers from Quetta. The circumscribing hills are forested and wonderful. The Khilafat hills bear Ziarat’s most famous pinnacle, having a height of 11,400 feet. Most sightseers travel to Ziarat on summer occasions. It’s celebrated as Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the dad of Pakistan rested here in the most recent multi-month of his life.

The slopes around Ziarat are thickly lush and are command posts to the world’s second most unmistakable juniper bramble trees. The junipers are accepted to speak to the certified estimation of Ziarat. Numerous trees are right around 7000 years of age in the valley.

Pishin Valley

Pishin Valley, situated in the north-west of Balochistan, is right around 50 km from Quetta in Pishin locale, Pakistan.Pishin is considered the most famous place in Quetta. It has 1000s Accho of natural product manors. Pishin Valley is a productive land; various products of the soil are delivered there. Pishin Valley is a notable capital spot for crop creation. Other than crops, it’s additionally celebrated for developing veggies and grain.

Presently a day, it is remarkable for cultivating and cultivating in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Pishin Valley is the central core of merriment, vivid reaping communicates, and social celebrations. Pishin Valley is the most colossal holidaymaker engaging qualities with various incredible sights in Balochistan.

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Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake, a lake found 14 km from Quetta, Pakistan is exceptionally glorious in its look encompassing with mountains. The Hanna Lake alongside supply was built in the period of the British Empire in 1894. A famous spot for visiting in Quetta. It is a beginning spot of Urak Valley.

The water gracefully of the lake gives water equal representation inside the bare earthy condition. With quick sauce boats and wheel vessels, Hanna Lake is effortlessly employed by guests to flow the one of a kind islands arranged in Hanna Lake. Hanna Lake is an incredibly overwhelming geographical point. There’s not any more heavenly spot to travel other than Hanna Lake. Visiting Quetta without having a visit to Hanna Lake is futile.

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is the first most famous spot for guests to travel during their stay in Quetta. Hazarganji implies “from one thousand pearls,” concerning the subtitle that arrogates over a thousand jewels are covered up in the safeguarded thirty-5,000 Accho stopping region. Hazarganji Chiltan residential parkland is arranged more 10 miles from Quetta and notwithstanding was developed to ensure the Chiltan brutal Markhor or goat. The recreation center is the residence of remote vegetation species like juniper, pistachio, and almond trees.

Quetta Bazars

Quetta is a base of three famous customary bazaars and commercial centers for purchasers who love haggling for the nearby exchange merchandise. Suraj Gang Bazar and Liaqat Bazar are arranged on Shahrah-e-Liaqat. Kandahari Bazaar is organized along Shahrah-e-Iqbal.

The bazaars give restricted handworks, particularly world-acclaimed Baluchi reflect fancywork set up on rugs and dressing. Moreover, you can watch pelt coats, coats, undershirts, adornments, shoes and shoes in the bazaars, In Short Quetta bazaars are very famous to visit and for shopping.

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The Urak Valley

notable as “the place that is known for plantations” is situated a good ways off of twenty-two kilometer from Quetta. The Urak Valley bears a large assorted variety of organic products indicated as peaches, plantation apple trees, pomegranate trees, etc. are created here. The falls at another completion of the valley gives it ultimately the more alluring sight to visit.

Recreational Parks in Quetta

Notwithstanding the Chiltan National Park, there are many brilliant places near Quetta, allowing in the Karkhasa engaging parkland virtually 10 kilometers inaccessible and the captivating Urak Valley 21 kilometer far off. The moving course to the valley is flanked with organic product estates and brutal rose bushes.

At the end of the valley, the visitor is perceived with falls going down among apricot trees and plantation apple trees. At the oral depression of Urak Valley, there is a shocking emerald Green River Hanna Lake. There’s a consistent linear cart serving from the motor bus base at ring-molded Road in Quetta.

Kan Mehtarzai railway station

Kan Mehtarzai railroad station is a neglected rail line station situated in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. On Z hob Valley Railway, the previous limited check line between Bostan and Zhob, 16 miles west of Muslim Bagh. At 2224 meters above the ocean level, it was the most noteworthy railroad station in Pakistan until the administration was suspended in 1986. Kan Mehtarzai is far-celebrated, the most famous railroad station on the planet outside of Quetta, and it takes 2 hours to venture.

Museum of Quetta

At whatever point, you need to connect with West Pakistan’s story and progress, direct to one and only Quetta’s most natural exhibition halls, which are arranged near bazaars, the archeological Museum. This Museum is a great place to visit with the family’s remarkable arms, original copies, instruments, and clayware that return to the Stone Age. The geologic survey of West Pakistan bears a Museum with notable Geology in Quetta that showcases fossils and grandstands amphibian living fossils that return 540 million years.

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Gold City Shopping Mall

Gold City Shopping Mall is a top of the line shopping center in Quetta where one can encounter a significant change’s hypnotizing winds. It is a city inside a city, embodying a world away from the hustle clamor of humanity. A departure to the loosening up breeze of peacefulness, a middle the abundance of Quetta City.

Address:         Jinnah Road, Quetta Cantt, Quetta 87300 Pakistan

Usmania Tandoori cafe

Usmania Tandoori cafe is situated in the critical area of Quetta. The food we serve is exceptionally yummy and mouth-watering. The grain of the restaurant is reasonable for each class of individuals So Usmania Cafe is the most affordable and famous place to visit in Quetta.

Pishin Stop Quetta 87300 Quetta, Pakistan

+92 81 2844127

Lehri Sajji House

Lehri Sajji is the best among all Sajji spots to visit in Balochistan. If you need to attempt Baluchi cosine, The Sajji is the famous dish, and Lehri can have the real Sajji. They cook a newborn child for you, and you can appreciate it and it is delicious. They have not much space to oblige huge gatherings but rather still with open regions at night you can discover a great spot to visit with companions.

Address: Town Center, Quetta Pakistan

Contact No: +92 81 2821255

Askari Park Quetta

Askari Park is one of its cases. Askari Parks is the chain of parks all completed in Pakistan.This park is the famous place to visit in Quetta.  It is on a fundamental level, a city having heaps of ordinary greatness. It has slants, tall juniper trees, streams, and lakes. Askari Park worked in the mid-1990s in the organization of the Pakistan Army. It is situated close to the custom house Airport Road Quetta.

The most magnificent Park of Quetta is the purpose of fascination for all residents of Quetta. Quetta is a direct result of its superb, and productive land is in any case called “Natural item Garden of Pakistan.” The Quetta city progressed with the recorded, and usual spots were explorers and visitors from all completed country visits. The days are resolved for Askari Park Visitors like Saturday and Sunday ought to be the family days, and no person without family is allowed.

The objective behind this oversight is to draw in the family in the most secure condition they need. Likewise, there is a particular grouping of sustenance and shops present in the entertainment place. The sustenance corners energize the Askari stop visitors with desi food like Sikh Kebabs, barbecue treats, and quality modest food and sodas and so forth.

Bolan Pass

On the off chance that you have an energy for smelling history through spots, you should visit the famous Bolan Pass, where a few armed forces from Central Asia and north interrupted into the terrains of un-isolated India through hundreds of years. The pleasant uneven street invites you with the cold wind.

Lak Pass

While cruising through the bumpy lot between Quetta and Kalat, you would come to see the course to Zahidan, Iran. Koh-e-Taftan and Saindak copper mines are en-route. Lak Pass is 25 km from Quetta.

Harnai Pass

The whole populace of Kharwari Baba and so far as concerned about the entire Ziarat relocates to Harnai in extraordinary winter. Harnai Pass, about hours, drive from Loralai, is similarly as fabulous as the Khyber Pass near Peshawar. Harnai passes a famous place to visit.


Among the many striking mountains in the Balochistan province, there is Koh-e-Chiltan. The towering mountain is 3,194 meters (10,479 ft) high which is a famous place to visit in Quetta. It is situated in the commonplace capital, Quetta. It is the third most noteworthy top in Quetta and the fifth most elevated in Balochistan. Koh-e-Chiltan or Chiltan Mount, not just an engagement, is added, to the astonishment of many, thought about frequently.

The mountain is a much-discussed issue in the close-by area. Numerous local people have many stories to tell about the hill. Even though a couple’s records vary from others, it is broadly and by and large accepted that the mountain is undoubtedly spooky and isn’t viewed as a sheltered spot to visit alone.


This famous spot is arranged in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan, its top graphical directions are 30° 16′ 52″ North, 66° 57′ 23″ East, and its unique name (with diacritics) is Chashma.


Kuchlak in the area of Balochistan, Pakistan. An association board administers it in Chiltan Town, Quetta. Kuchlak is home to Halaqa Number 61, one of the biggest halaqas in Quetta. Kuchlak is notable for summer natural products, such as apples and peaches; however, soil aridity is an issue. Vegetables developed in the valley incorporate tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and turnips.


This area was named after Bostan, an incredible inborn pioneer and top of the Panezai group of the Kakar clan group. Bostan participated in the first Anglo-Afghan war (1839–1842). During the British time, Bostan was a famous railroad intersection associating Quetta with Zhob, Harnai, and Chaman. Bostan and Zhob were associated with a limited measure railroad track for visiting which was later destroyed around June 2008.

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