Top 14 Best and Famous Places to Visit in Karachi, Pakistan

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Karachi spreads more than 3,527 km², and with a population of 25 Million, it is Pakistan’s most famous, significant, and world’s second most crowded city. Karachi is known as the city of lights that never dozes. It has consistently been an extraordinary appreciation for the travelers for the assortment of exercises and places of interest that it brings to the table.

Karachi is mainstream for its seashores and feasting for what it’s worth for its design and climate.

The following are ten activities and find in Karachi that you will recall for the rest of your life.

Clifton sea view:

On the off chance that you are visiting Karachi just because it is the best and famous spot, to begin with. Oceanview or Clifton seashore is the principal fascination of Karachi city. This seashore once held the record of the most popular silver sand seashore, yet the sand got influenced by an occurrence of the oil slick in 2003. even though everything holds its appeal that merits a watch. Travelers and families visit the seashore all day, every day. Camel and pony riding, cart rides, earth bicycles, parks along the seashore, hot corns of the coals and zesty and tempting side of the road snacks explain that Sea sees she is continuously packed.


The Final resting place of the founding father of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah otherwise called National Mausoleum. This burial place is among the most critical goals for outsiders, just as local people. The burial place generally keeps quiet and tranquil, with individuals visiting to offer appreciation. It was structured by an incredible and famous modeler Yahya Merchant and fabricated it with white marble. This work of art was finished in the late 1960s. Mazar e Quaid is situated in the core of the city, famous for its air alongside some lavish green nurseries in Pakistan.

Mohatta Palace:

Mohatta Palace is an incredibly famous spot to visit in Pakistan because you are keen on the history and legacy of wherever. It was worked by Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, who lived in this royal residence for two decades and afterward left for India after parcel. The royal residence covers a territory of 18,500 sq. Ft. It has comfortable rooms and nine residences. This castle is near the ocean close to the Tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi and Park towers. There is a mysterious underground passage for the wellbeing that prompts a Hindu sanctuary that is only a kilometer away. This royal residence is a gallery that shows treasures and different assortments from the time of the British and showcases the way of life of the subcontinent.

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Charna Island:

Charna Island is a little island around 6 to 7 kilometers from Karachi in the Arabian Sea. Charna is a Goliath bit of rock in the ocean covering the zone of around 1.5 km sq. The primary attractions of this island are Scuba jumping, Cliff plunging, Jet skiing, swimming, submerged photography, and investigation of ocean species. So on the off chance that you need an adrenaline siphon and days that you need to go through well with your companions, you should visit this island.

This island is very famous and also utilized by the Pakistan Navy as a shooting range. Anglers draw close to this island for fishing as there are vast types of Lobsters, carbs, and different fishes. The submerged vivid world close to Charna has many animal types that truly appeal the jumpers to come back again and again.

Pakistan Maritime PAF Museum:

The Maritime Museum is a maritime gallery with a territory of 28 sections of land. It has an enormous theater and displays. The gallery, which was put together and worked for the cutting edge idea of instruction, has a few old craft displays. The exhibition hall additionally shows a Minesweeper transport, Breguet Atlantic airplane, and a wooden freight boat that was given by Her Majesty, Queen of England to Naval Chief of Pakistan during the ’60s. It additionally shows a full class Submarine PNS Hang or (S131).

The timings of the exhibition hall are 8:00 to 22:00, and the ticket costs 2-3$ (Rs. 200-350) contingent upon grown-ups or kids. The other gallery worth visiting is the PAF exhibition hall (Pakistan Air Force Museum); it’s undoubtedly an absolute necessity to visit on the off chance that you have little children. It’s overall quite huge, very much kept up, it has all the offices. It is incredibly green, and one needs to go for a long stroll with the children before entering the exhibition hall.

There are such vast numbers of airplane models in plain view, and there is so much data one can gather on Pakistan’s flight. You can likewise design a little outing from home on the off chance that you are not attached to purchasing food from outside.


Masjid e Tooba also called Tooba Mosque, or Gol Masjid was worked on by the Defense Housing Authority in 1969. What’s more, it is known as the most significant single arch mosque on the planet and the eighteenth biggest mosque with the limit of 5000 individuals in the petition lobby.

This mosque is delightful and has an eye-getting foundation. It is made merely of white marble. The vault has a distance across of 70 meters. The other primary concern of the mosque is that the designers have remembered acoustics while building it, subsequently if an individual talk toward one side of the arch, it tends to be heard at the opposite end.

Hawks Bay & Sand spit:

Birds of prey Bay is a seashore in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is arranged 20 km south-west of Karachi. It is available through Hawks Bay Road (Manipur Road). It is a renowned vacationer sandy seashore with precious stone blue water. If you need a break from the hurrying around Karachi’s bustling city life, however, would prefer not to wander excessively far from home, Hawks Bay is the spot to visit.

If you can organize a cottage there, they are accessible on lease in no way like it, for you can then serenely go through an entire day and appreciate the voice and sight of the waves is like they hit the shore, abandoning blessings of shells and rocks as they subside.

Nothing quieter and unwinding than Karachi’s Hawks Bay! Also, on the off chance that you are visiting from outside Karachi or Pakistan, at that point, pick a weekday for your outing. You will have the seashore all to yourself! There are camel and pony rides additionally accessible on the off chance that you are into them are a reward for you, while meandering you will discover many venturesome spirits offering you a ride for a debatable sum.

Birds of prey Bay are only a handful of not many seashores on the planet where green sea turtles come to lay eggs. It has one of the rarest reptile species. Sand spit is arranged south-west of Karachi city seashore is a renowned cookout spot among the opposition of both Karachi and travelers visiting Karachi.

From October to March, the ocean at Sandspit is extremely quiet and calm, except the rainstorm season when the ocean is harsh. Individuals love to visit this seashore, given its shallow water that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Numerous individuals from Karachi and those meeting Karachi go through an entire day at Sandspit and scrub down in its blue and clean water. The alleviating breeze and nightfall at Sand spit seashore makes a splendid climate and gives a loosening up impact. Do make sure to carry a camera to catch the noteworthy second at the seashore.

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Haleji Lake:

The Famous Haleji Lake is situated in Thatta District, 70 kilometers from Karachi, Pakistan. It is Asia’s greatest flying creature sanctum and is a paradise for winged animal darlings. About 223 feathered creature species have been recorded in the earth of Haleji Lake. The Supreme area of Lake Haleji is around 19 kilometers. The feathered creatures relocating from various territories fly to Haleji to spend the virus spell, you can locate some delightful flying creatures at this spot that are uncommon and concealed anyplace else in Pakistan.

Museum 101:

Exhibition hall 101 is another historical center in Karachi; since there are not many science galleries in Karachi, it has done an incredible exertion. Even though the spot isn’t enormous, it’s unusual activity. It’s helping youngsters to turn out to be progressively mindful of space investigation and cosmic sciences; they will, without a doubt, appreciate such an outing with mother and father.

If you are exhausted of taking your children to a similar field over and over, at that point, it is enthusiastically suggested that you take them here. Gallery 101 has some astounding showcases of room rockets and airplanes; they likewise show short space narratives, alluring the children. Timing is from 8 to 10 pm, Monday to Thursday Rs.350 per individual, Friday to Sunday Rs. Four hundred fifty for every individual and Children under three and senior residents are free.


Onederland is situated in Lucky One Mall; it is the most up-to-date field experience in Karachi. I like it a great deal since it’s new and energizing; the rides are more excellent and exciting. It has many hands-on-based exercises like stone climbing, Trampoline Park, outsider snatching ride. The little children’s delicate play territory is extremely overall, quite intelligent.

It’s exceptionally spotless, and the staff is benevolent. When visiting, just because you need to buy a card worth Rs.1000, which can be utilized for the rides and have your fill of experience. Onederland is additionally Karachi’s first indoor amusement park with a crazy ride.

Frere Hall:

It is among a couple of remainders developments of a difficult British period that is obvious in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. During the British Rule, Frere corridor was adjusted as a Town Hall and was the focal point of Karachi’s social-social exercises. Frere Hall was built in 1865 in the Venetian Gothic design style with yellow Karachi limestone with red and grayish sandstones of Jungshahi.

Frere lobby holds a library notwithstanding a craft exhibition wealthy in compositions by Pakistan’s notable craftsman Sadequain. Frere Hall is open anyway on Sundays; there’s a book reasonable in its courts where it’s moderate to get some old and correct books.

Empress Market:

This market is somewhere else in Karachi, where the British pioneer rule is apparent; it was named to observe Queen Victoria when it was built in 1889. The establishment stone of the market was laid by a British, James Fergusson, who was the Governor of Bombay at that point. It’s presently one of the city’s most seasoned markets.

It is situated in perhaps the busiest territory of the city Saddar, so it’s not for the individuals who feel claustrophobic in swarms! You’ll discover everything and anything available to be purchased, with loads of family things, plastic gems, attire, and a lot more. It may not be a perfect spot for a trip. However, it’s undoubtedly your one-stop-look for your requirements for the excursion at a genuinely sensible expense.

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Jinnah House Museum and Flagstaff house:

The Museum was initially known as the Flagstaff House, and it was purchased in 1943 by Pakistan’s originator Mohammed Ali Jinnah. After his passing, he just left it in 1964. The house was ignored until 1985 when specialists reestablished it and changed it into an exhibition hall praising the life of Jinnah. You can see his understanding room, lounge areas, rooms, and changing area, many of which are still loaded with their unique decorations and assets. A visit to the Jinnah house gallery will give you a knowledge of the life lived by the incredible pioneers of Pakistan.

Address: Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Opening times: Saturday through Tuesday, and Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm.

Friday 9 am – 12 pm

Chaukhandi tombs:

Around 30km east of Karachi are the Chaukhandi burial chambers, wonderfully cut, and many-sided burial chambers which spread over around 2 square miles of land. The burial chambers are based on brought stages up in a pyramids structure with improving stone sections canvassed to alleviate human and non-literal plans.

Many burial chambers speak to family memorial parks, and just a couple are put under column overhangs completed in the Hindu style. The carvings on a portion of the male graves show a horseman with his arms; shield, blade, bow, and bolt. The carvings on ladies’ graves speak to trimmings, for example, armbands, neckbands, rings, anklets, and so forth.

If there should be an occurrence of male graves, a supervisor formed a projection at the northern end to hold the turban of the perished. It’s not known precisely when they were manufactured, yet it’s accepted they contain the burial chambers of Saloch warriors who were in the zone in the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years BC. They are a fantastic sight and have been perceived as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Address: Port Qasim Rd, Karachi, Pakistan.

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