13 Best and Famous Places to Visit in Islamabad

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Famous Places to Visit in Islamabad

 Islamabad is a lovely, perfect and lavish green capital of Pakistan. It contains many famous places to visit, make holy day trips and for food. It is no big surprise it is viewed as the 2nd-most delightful capital on the planet. It is very much evolved, current and alluring from numerous points of view. 

 At whatever point I return to Islamabad, regardless of whether that is for seeing family members or getting my visa/identification done, there are a few spots I generally need to visit and things I generally need to do. Here’s an elite list of some famous spots to see or activities when you visit Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. 

Since we don’t merely zero in on movement as it is a way of life blog, I will isolate the rundown into classifications that will ideally persuade you to go on outing down here this year. 

Culture & History

When you’re making a trip to another nation or city, the first thing you need to do is inundate yourself and find out about the way of life and history. Pakistan might be a young nation (conceived in 1947) however it is unquestionably wealthy in history and Islamabad assumes a significant part in the improvement of that set of experiences. So these are the spots to visit when you are in the capital. 

Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa is a social and legacy gallery in Islamabad that displays the various ways of life of individuals in Pakistan. Shockingly, we weren’t permitted to take photographs inside the exhibition hall so we can’t generally show any to you however make sure to investigate their website. 

As we strolled through, we were very intrigued by the upkeep and nature of the shows here, notwithstanding the concise section expenses. We honestly thought about how they had the option to figure out how to do that. Possibly because this is an individual from a few UNESCO ventures, this was by a long shot one of our number one social experience here. 

Pakistan Monument

You can visit the Pakistan Monument around the same time as the Lok Virsa Museum as they are amazingly close by. Simply one more 5 minutes drive up the street, you’ll witness the public landmark, which is spoken to by its shape – the four fundamental petals says to Pakistan’s four regions (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) while the three more modest petals speak to its three regions (Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas) 

It is additionally situated before the landmark is a historical wax centre (Pakistan Monument Museum where you can get the hang of everything about Pakistan’s set of experiences. The exhibition hall will take around 20 minutes to experience, and it isn’t just instructive yet additionally engaging and extraordinary. When done, make sure to take some photographs with the landmark and absorb the all-encompassing perspective on Islamabad city. 

In transit back, on the off chance that you have time, you can even slip in a visit to the Pakistan Museum of Natural History. 

Saidpur Village

This is an absolute necessity to visit place when you’re in Islamabad. Situated on the lower regions of the Maragalla mountain range, the town is from the Mughal-time and has leftovers of different civic establishments. Saidpur town is similar to a legacy site yet what is astonishing about it is that it shows an ideal mix of traditional culture with the current way of life. Here you’ll discover eateries and restaurants that have been very much coordinated around the town while keeping the validness and convention. 

The feeling is amazingly curious and delightful. While investigating, we ran over kids playing and grinning at us and this man playing a traditional instrument that genuinely added to the ambience of the town – a lovely symphony of sight and sound. 

Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is unquestionably the most notable structure and image of Islamabad, however the entirety of Pakistan. It is the biggest mosque in the nation and can be seen from wherever in Islamabad. The mosque is enormous to the point that it covers a region of 5,000 m2 and can accommodate over 250,000 admirers in its inside and outside grounds. 

It is an unquestionably welcome blessing with its tremendous and novel plan. Typically Mosques are arch formed yet this one is moulded like a ‘desert Bedouin’s tent’. 

Rawal Lake

If you need a decent time with family or your adored one, Rawal lake is the ideal spot to visit. Albeit a counterfeit repository, the view is excellent, and you can even lease paddle vessels or speedboats to investigate the lake and close by islands. 

Other than sailing and the view, the recreation centre close to the lake is ideal for picnics, fledgeling watching and long strolls with your friends and family. 

The ideal opportunity to go here would be an hour or so before dusk where you can appreciate a touch of the encompassing zone and afterwards have the option to catch this! 

Margalla Hills

The Margalla slopes or mountain range is essential for the lesser Himalayas and is an ideal objective for swashbucklers, voyagers and local people. There are a lot of cafés, perspectives and nature trails to stimulate everybody’s fancy. You can drive or climb up to Daman-e-Koh, which is found merely most of the way up the mountain for a pleasant, all-encompassing perspective on Islamabad. This is a mainstream site for the two travellers and locals. Be aware of monkeys that wander these zones, however. We saw bounty at the vehicle leave-taking individuals’ food! 

The view from base to top is dazzling, and the experience of going all over the mountain in itself is. 

Eating Out

The thing about eating out in Islamabad or even Pakistan is that in case you’re not from here, I suggest not eating street-side nourishments. Indeed, even I have become ill when I have had it, so I select to eat at great eateries or eat at my grandparent’s house. So should you! My family members are amiable, so in case you’re ever in Islamabad, told me, and I’ll attach you with them. 

In any case, in case you’re feeling audacious, there are road food sellers and side of the road cafés (Dhabas) all over Islamabad. 

Islamabad Club

The Islamabad Club is a selective club where the membership includes fundamentally of government authorities, negotiators and the tip-top of Islamabad. Presently that puts most, if not every one of you in a sticky situation, but rather in case you’re in Islamabad for quite a while, it’s beneficial to get participation here. 

The club is outfitted with pools, tennis courts, rec centre, library and much more. They have a stellar Sunday informal breakfast and week by week supper buffet arrangement serving tasty Pakistani and mainland food across live stations and pre-prepared dinners. 


Prior I referenced about Margala Hills. Well on the off chance that you drive/climb up further from Daman-e-Koh, you will reach Monal restaurant where you can enjoy some delicious kababs and other legitimate Pakistani dishes like Biryani and Handi. Monal is promoted as the #1 café in Islamabad on TripAdvisor. Apart from the excellent food, the view is shocking.


A hotspot is a hip; youthful group home base recognizes that serves stunning handcrafted frozen yoghurt, cakes and different flavorful sweets. Unexpected is the name since it generally serves cold dishes yet I get it is a hotspot since it is continually occurring and buzzing. Ahhh, I see what they did there. The hotspot has since extended from its unique area in F7, and you would now be able to discover more modest shops across Islamabad. We lean toward the first one as the shophouse has a very vintage look and feel to it. The dividers are secured with intriguing banners of old Bollywood and Lollywood (Pakistani film) motion pictures and even comic books. 

Jinnah Supermarket

My number one spot to go out on the town to shop in Islamabad is Jinnah market. It is situated in the F7 area of Islamabad and is formed like a doughnut with a wide range of shops in the outer circle, and the internal process has some adornments stores and Dhaba-style eateries. 

Jinnah is the place where everybody hangs out, other than Centaurus shopping centre yet I haven’t placed that in the rundown since 1) I don’t care for shopping centres, so a lot, 2) we have so numerous in Bangkok and 3) would you genuinely like to go to a shopping centre on your excursion here? 

In any case, Jinnah market is the place where you ought to be going because you will discover nearby brands and less expensive costs when contrasted with the shopping centre. 

Sunday Bazar

Although called Sunday (Itwar) Bazar, it is open on different days too. Now and again Tuesday or Wednesday and at times Friday also. This is a monstrous swap meet in G-11 area, which offers heaps of vintage, second hand and fascinating items, for example, dress, embellishments and contraptions. Here you will also discover blossoms, natural products, vegetables and meat. 

It would be best if you did a ton of investigating, looking and experience a touch of hustle and clamour to discover what you like yet costs here are genuinely modest, and quality is excellent.

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